Why Islamabad Pakistan Should Be On Your Travel List

June 1, 2019

by Kanra Khan

Being the capital of a country gives it some merit! Located at the base of the Margalla Mountains, Islamabad is scenically situated with greenery and clean air all around. Unlike the rest of the country, Islamabad doesn’t look like it is in a developing country like Pakistan. Here you can find several branded stores, malls and a variety of restaurants and eateries.

A lot of people might argue that Islamabad itself might not be so great a tourist attraction and I am inclined to agree. Islamabad is more like a rest area where you could take your time getting used to things and plan out the details of your next adventure. After all, Islamabad isn’t just scenically located, it’s strategically located too.

Just A Drive Away From Islamabad: Sights and Cities

Renting a car and heading out on a road trip is a fantastic idea. If you don’t want to stray too far away from the city, there’s a couple of options. Going up the mountains and visiting Daman-e-Koh is one (although it could be considered within the limits of Islamabad) and going past that up to Murree is another. Visiting in the right weather at the right time of the year can ensure a fun snow-filled day. Going down south towards the plains is an alternative route to take where you could explore the old Hindu ruins of Katas or delve inside the Salt Range and visit the Khewra Mines. Each of these can be done in a day!

Lahore and the Mughal Era Architecture

If you are interested in driving to another city entirely, starting from Islamabad is the best option. Centrally located, you could drive to Lahore and see all the architecture from the Mughal era as well as stroll the bazaars and visit the museums. After all, Lahore is a city of heavy history, so it’s a great place for architecture enthusiasts, history lovers, and enthusiastic photographers.

The Bustling City of Peshawar and Culture

Driving in the other direction leads towards Peshawar. A smaller city, but equally packed with history and architecture, some may suggest against visiting the area for safety reasons. Staying within the confines of the city, however, is safe. Enjoy the local culture and cuisine while delving into the unique atmosphere of the city.

Traveling up North From Islamabad

Trek to Gilgit Baltistan

For more daring adventurers, it is definitely worth mentioning that Islamabad is often the starting point for tours that head up north to remote areas like Chitral, Gilgit and Skardu. However, the journey may prove to be overwhelming, as land vehicles are often the only way to travel and the roads are usually not metalled. Bumpy rides over cliff edges constitute most of the journey but rest assured, the destination itself is also worth it.

Drive to Kashmir

If you would rather go for a more smoother alternative that is closer to Islamabad, heading over to Kashmir might be an agreeable option. Much more developed, the journey is relatively easier and the facilities available would be better since Kashmir isn’t as remote and secluded an area as Gilgit or Chitral.

Fly to Skardu

If land travel is something you’d like to avoid, flying to Skardu is also an option. However, it’s also a treacherous one as it depends heavily on the weather. Tourists have known to get stuck for a few days to a week thanks to unsafe flying conditions!

Kanra Khan

By Kanra Khan

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