Where to go in Bali for 16 days

I would like to introduce to you my holiday in Bali. I was there last year in August with my boyfriend. Bali has been for us a very strong experience. We felt like in paradise. We wanted to go to some special place which would give us memories until the end of our life. Bali was that place. I dreamed about it for around two years, but I didn’t know how to get there. I was looking for any information on the internet, in books, etc. First, we had to buy plane tickets. We found tickets with lower prices to Jakarta for 500 € (per person) and afterward we purchased tickets from Jakarta to Bali for 40 € (per person) via a low-cost flight company. Day after we booked our tickets we were so excited, that we have already started planning our trip. We were there for an amazing 16 days.

Day 1-3:


On the first day, we landed in Denpasar. We took a taxi and went to Ubud, which is located in the middle of the island. From Denpasar to Ubud it took approximately 1 hour by car, so while we came to Ubud, it was almost late evening. It wasn’t a problem to find a taxi, but I would recommend to use application GoJek or Grab. It’s very useful as it can save you a lot of money. After we arrived at our accommodation Narendra, we went out for dinner, and then we fell to bed exhausted after long flight-day. You can find some tips for accommodation here on the link. The next morning we woke up full of expectations and started exploring Ubud. Ubud is situated in the middle of the jungle. It was very hot but also really humid. There were many exotic plants such as orchids, palms, and Frangipani (a tree with nice white and yellow flowers). You could see behind every corner at least one saint altar with daily “offerings”, interesting sculptures and incense. Balinese “offerings” are created from palm or banana leaves commonly filled with fresh flowers, money, a small bit of food and a burning incense stick placed on top of the offering. You could find it everywhere — the sidewalks, streets, stairwells, ledges, and temples were patterned with them. The surroundings were very colorful. We felt like in a chaotic but at the same time a beautiful garden.
The daily offerings of elegant woven palm leaves with incense

Balinese “offerings”

Saint altar near house

Saint altar near a house

In Ubud was a big market with different fine products. You had to be a good trader if you don’t want to lose a lot of money. They don’t use any fixed prices. Native people are very good sellers with a lot of experience. In Ubud, they also had some temples with free entrance. We stopped in a restaurant near the temple with many lotus flowers among us. It was a beautiful place.
Temple with lotus lake

Temple with lotus lake

Then we rent a motorbike and went to the Bali bird park. It was near Ubud, the entrance fee was 385 000 IDR per person.
Bali bird park

Bali bird park

On the third day, we went on a trip to the Tegalalang rice terrace. It’s also included in UNESCO World Heritage List. It is one of the most famous attractions thanks to beautiful sceneries from above. There was no entrance fee only free donation, but everybody left there some money. We gave them 10 000 IDR and it was worth it. Our next stop was the Tirta Empul. It was a saint temple with a healing spring. The place was very peaceful. Everyone has been waiting in queue to take a chance for a little ritual in the fountain among fishes. We could borrow or buy a special dress called Sarong. Both women and men had to cover their legs when they enter the temple. The entrance fee was 15000 IDR. Then we went to the Gunung Kawi Temple. It is an ancient rock with shrine reliefs carved into the rock cliff. You have to take approximately 300 steps up and down if you want to see these historical memorials of the Balinese King Udayana, his concubines and family.

Day 4-6:


The next day we took a taxi via GoJek and moved to Padangbai. After we arrived at our apartment, we finally went to the beach called “Bloo lagoon”. We bought an umbrella with lounger and fresh coconut for a few IDR. In the morning our adventure continued and our next stop was in the Tirta Ganga. The entrance fee was 50 000 IDR. Tirta Ganga was a very nice water palace with many fountains, sculptures, and flowers.
Tirta Ganga

Tirta Ganga

In the afternoon we went to relax on the beach. We liked Tirta Ganga so much that we decided to visit another one at Ujung Water Palace. This one was bigger than the Tirta Ganga, but both had their charm. It felt like a blessing to walk among those beautiful flowers, sculptures, and fountains. In the afternoon we went to find “Secret beach” called Bias Tugal.
Ujung Water Palace

Ujung Water Palace

Day 7-11:

Nusa Lembongan

On the 7th day, we took a boat and went to nearby island Nusa Lembongan. It was a beautiful place. The funny thing was that after landing on the island we had to jump into the water with our luggage and wade approximately 5m to the coast. Then Boat company took us also to our accommodation Jinga Villas. We can only recommend this place due to amazing people, services and nice accommodation, it has been just around 20 minutes on foot to sea from our apartment.
Mushroom bay

Mushroom bay

The 8th day was very relaxing. Besides enjoying the beach, we rented a bike and went for a tour across the island. There was a possibility to look into the Mangroove forest. We paid for it 100 000 IDR per person. We were on the island for the next three days. Also, we recommend scuba diving in the Crystal bay and Manta point, it was breathtaking. This was our first experience with diving, and we are looking forward to the next one.

Day 12-15:

Balangan, Uluwatu Temple

On the 12th day, we left the island and went back to Bali. We spent our last 3 days enjoying beaches on the south-west side of the island. We made a trip to Uluwatu Temple, the temple was located on a cliff with a nice view. It was a nice place, even though there were many tourists and cheeky monkeys. We would like to change only one thing in Bali, Sun has been setting down too early for us. At 7 p.m. was already dark, so we had to have good time management if we wanted to catch at least half of our plans. If I can describe our holiday in Bali, it was the time which we won’t forget until the end of our life. We are planning to come back once, to see Gili Islands too. Everyone tells that this place looks like paradise. We will do everything to make our dreams come true, and you? #bali #travel #adventure #travelblogger #Nusa Lembongan #temple #beach #paradise    


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