Where to Eat in Portugal's Vibrant Capital Lisbon

January 1, 1970

by Anna Svedberg

She’s perfect in so many ways; loving, kind, and warm yet energetic with a mysterious touch. She’s composed and relaxed during the daytime, but at night her free-spirited wildness comes out. You just have to love her.

It’s 6am in the morning and I’ve just had some hot lemon water to kick start the day. I’m grabbing my yoga mat to head off to my yoga practice. I love this time of the day as Lisbon is just so peaceful. The coffee shops are just waking up, the supermarkets are receiving their daily deliveries and some other fellow early birds are starting their mornings as well.

Portugal is such a beautiful country and it was love at first sight with its capital Lisbon. Before moving here a bit over 2 years ago now I hadn’t heard much about the city at all. I think it’s one of those forgotten and underrated cities, which is such a shame as she has so much to offer. It’s such a vibrant, beautiful and passionate city. Once you get to know her, you’ll most likely get hooked. At least I did.

There’s pretty much something for everyone here. If you’re a fashionista looking to expand that wardrobe of yours, just have a stroll on the high end Avenida de Liberdade for some great shopping; if you’re looking to party you have an amazing and exciting nightlife that goes until 8am in the morning (or even 2pm the day after if you wish); if you’re running away from the cold you can visit some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe; and if you’re looking to satisfy your taste buds you can find delicious food pretty much everywhere.

Speaking of food, I wanted to focus this post on sharing some of my favorite spots to eat in Lisbon. There’s pretty much something for every budget and taste in this city.


I recently started to transition into a more vegan and plant-based diet and this place was recommended to me by a fellow yogi who basically said this is the go to place for vegans and I just couldn’t agree more. And even if you’re not a vegan, they make some super yummy dishes that I think anyone can enjoy. One of my favorite things to eat here (it’s a side dish but I order it every time regardless of the main course;)) is sweet potato fries with a homemade vegan mayonnaise (it’s to die for). They also have the most delicious vegan and raw desserts so make sure to save some room for that. My personal favorite is a snickers cake. But pretty much everything here tastes like heaven and regardless if you’re a vegan or not I would highly recommend this place.

Clube de Jornalistas

One of the things I love about Clube de Jornalistas is the cozy, out of the ordinary and almost vintage like environment. It almost feels as if you’re invited to someone’s home, which to me makes the best restaurants. I’m not a fan of super fancy and modern restaurants, but I do like quality food and Clube de Jornalistas definitely offers that without the formal and posh interior where everything for some reason has to be all white. The staff is also superb and I can guarantee you’ll want to come back.

The Food Temple

This is another vegan restaurant that ranks high on my list. Again, I absolutely love when you feel like you’re invited to someone’s house for dinner and The Food Temple is just that. It’s a very small restaurant with a cozy and loving environment that offers that pure hippie vibe. And I absolutely love the open kitchen they have as you can watch the passion and love that’s put into the food. My favorite dish here is…well, pretty much everything on the menu.


After shifting to a more vegan diet I rarely go here since the only thing I would be able to eat is the patatas bravas, and regardless of how fabulous they are, I tend to choose other spots nowadays. Either way, I still wanted to share it as they serve some of the most amazing tapas for a great price and the staff is just amazing. The place is located a few steps underground and has a very local feel to it. A must visit if you’re in Lisbon.


I’ve only had the brunch here, but just that one makes me put this place on top of my list. This is a relatively new place in the heart of Lisbon but has already become one of the hot spots to go to (so if you’re planning on going on the weekend make sure to be there around opening time to avoid a long queue). They just have the most fabulous pancakes, granola, coffee (I’m in love with their coconut milk mocha latte) you name it and the interior is very artsy and chic.

Foodprintz Café

Another super yummy vegan place where the food is just fabulous and you can tell there’s a lot of passion and love put into it. I’m such a sweet tooth and could probably live off raw cakes and healthy treats and so my favorite thing here is an avocado chocolate cake, which literally takes you to heaven. And not to forget, one of the owners makes the best vegan cheese that you can also purchase and bring home (my personal favorite is the fruit loop one).

Copenhagen Coffee Lab

Okay, so this is probably the best coffee I’ve ever had without a doubt. And on top of that, they also serve some super yummy breakfast and brunch items. The place has a very Scandinavian vibe to it (no surprise since the owners are Danish); minimalistic, clean and bright. The place is right next to my old apartment so sometimes I would just run by before work to grab a coffee on the go or I would go on the weekends for a longer brunch, and it’s perfect for both.

Anna Svedberg

By Anna Svedberg

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