What you can do/see in Csíkszereda, a small Romanian city?

  This is the city where Hungarian and Romanian people live together, that’s why you find out when you arrive here find out that, this small town has two names. The Romanian name of the town  is Miercurea- Ciuc ,  this is how you find it on Google Maps,   people and tourist usually know it on this name, but Hungarian people use the name: Csíkszereda. You can find this duality everywhere,  if you go around and  you will recognize that, every name and information  is written both Romanian and Hungarian. There is no need to worry about – there are some common and popular places, and English instruction too. If you are wondering if they speak English?Most of the young people speak English, if you need information or you are lost, you can ask them, but the elder ones rarely speak this language.

What you can visit in Csíkszereda?

 Mikó Fortress

A historical place, which also functional  as a museum. It’s easy to reach from any  part of the town. In this place, you can find out more about the town and the fortress. The museum has exhibitions about the history of the fortress and the people's life all around here.  Summer time mostly they have other exhibitions and different events, you can check out on their website in English too. The museum is closed on Monday. In June you visit the  museum for free, during the Museum’s Nights. They organize many programs and you have a chance to join free trips with the museums see outside, check it out  the archaeologist work and their new projects. You can find out more about the people's life and the past of the region.

 Church of Csíksomlyó

The church is very important to Hungarian people. It’s a historical church related to Hungarian history. The church is beautiful outside and inside too. Inside you can find a statue of Virgin Mary with  the little Jesus. People believe the statue has healing power, so  many of them often visit the place. Especially, at the event of pilgrimage of Csíksomlyó organized on Pentecost. Many Hungarians come from Hungary and other countries. This is a big event in the town’s life and for the Hungarians. Many Hungarian dreams who live all around the worlds to come attend the pilgrimage .This event has historical and also religious background, but most people know just the religious one and they don’t know much about the historical background. If you visit the church, you can go and climb up to the hill of Csíksomlyó, where the event organized every year. On the way, you can find two chapels. Saint Antal Chapel and the Salvador Chapel. The Saint Antal chapel  is only open during the event of pilgrimage, but you can see the chapel inside through the  lattice door. The Salvador chapel also opens on pilgrimage or special occasions or for tourist groups, but you can go and visit around. Csíksomlyó have a different name, but it’s part of the town. You can reach it by bus( only works on weekdays) by cab( which expansive) or you can take a nice walk to there. It isn’t far from the town. On winter time you can ski, in the ski field of Csíksomlyó which is the closest field nearby.


Petőfi street

The most famous street in Csíkszereda. You can find old buildings, restaurants, cafes, and shops around. You can take walk along the street. The town Mall lies on here. Which is pretty small and the only Mall in the town.It is easy to reach every part of the town. If you looking for a good restaurant here you will find it.

Where you can stay? Hotels, Guest houses, restaurants.

The best hotel in the town is the Hunguest Hotel Fenyő, from this Hotel easy to go and see every sight in the town. The hotel’s restaurant is good too. You can eat here traditional foods as well. I suggest the guest houses there are more friendly and the people are nicer. The best places, however, outside the town, but easy to access the town by car.

The hotels you can find in the town:

  • Hotel Merkur
  • Csíki Hotel
  • Hotel Park
    There are many places to stay. If you adventurous you can try couch surfing. The best restaurant in the town where you can taste traditional food and the staff are nice the Gambrinus Pub and Guesthouse. Located in a quiet part of the town, easy to find. Both outside and inside part too. Most of the local suggest to you. As I said above there are restaurants in Petőfi Streets too. One of that call Tosca easy to find and the terrace part nice and quite.

 Other restaurants:

Ristorante Italiano San Gennaro (an Italian restaurant, pizza is the best in the town, but if you read reviews, you find out  from them the staff isn't nice and that is my personal experience) Várdomb – also a restaurant and the guest house with beautiful view. You can find traditional foods here too. Their food is good. The negative point is: it isn’t in the center or the of town, but easy to access by car or by bus. Gösser Pub and Pizza –It isn't in the center, but easy to find.

See more and discover the nature around.

You can see more if you leave  the town.  You can find around lots of hiking trails and nature activity. The most beautiful I think the Egyeskő-Nagy Hagymás trail ( these are the mountains name). It's an easy trail. It's bus service, which takes you below the mountain where the trail begins. You can spend there one or two days. If you want two days you can sleep in the house on the mountain, rooms are available. Tents are not allowed, because it’s a National Park. Don’t forget to pack your own food. You can’t make fire anywhere. You can climb the top of the Egyes kő (Lone Stone), to see the beautiful view. From the town you go by bus or car, about 45 minutes, then by bus might be longer. The other place you can go to the Hargitha Mountain, there are two of them, the first one called Madarsi Hargita( it’s farther) both are beautiful you can  hike, climb and ski in the winter. Actually it’s a little village, based on winter tourism, there are ski fields, and many other opportunities, options of making sports or just to relax, however people live and you can go summer two to enjoy the nature. The second one both summer and winter enjoyable. Unfortunately,  you can  access only by car.If you are afraid of being lost, there are tour-guides available, however all trail are easy to follow there are signs and explanation beginning of the trail.The information are available in English too. And maybe you can see bears, most of the people come here to see one.