What you can do in Guadalajara

January 1, 1970

by Aag-ivonne


You probably wonder what you can do in Guadalajara in a short time, and I´m here to try to help you with some places that you need to know when you go to one part of the country of Mexico

Guadalajara is a big city known for the tequila, mariachis and squares and colonial monuments and you will be fascinated.

I´ve been in Guadalajara for a short time (only 5 days) for my birthday but I think I need more days for know more about this city because is to big, that in 5 days you will miss places to know.

I´m excited to share my little experience, the places you need to see and what you can do in 5 days.

Places to visit in Guadalajara:

El centro de Guadalajara.

For nothing in the world you can miss this place, because is the most popular and all the tourist are there, taking photos, watching the sculptures, museums, the squares and colonial monuments that actually the people of Guadalajara use for work, I love the places that have green (like trees, plants, flowers etc) and you can find that in the center of the city.

Mercado San Juan de Dios.

The market biggest and cheap that I know where you can find whatever since bag, shoes, clothes, food, movies, handcrafts, souvenirs, technology, etc. You need to be patient and take care of your personal stuff because there are some many people and the hallways are smalls.

Centro Magno Joyero.

Here you can find jewelry, in Mercado San Juan de Dios you can find too but I don´t think is real but here in the Centro Magno Joyero I´m sure that yes it is and like the people say ¨In Guadalajara you can buy jewelry cheaper¨ I can say it´s true. This place is big too but they only sales jewelry and the people help you to find what you looking for because if they don´t have it they say you where you can find.

Lago Chapala

In the ¨Lago de Chapala¨ you can find craft fair with people that made a lot of stuff with his hands also you can watch how they do and buy, you can go in a bus or your car, can take pictures and eat there it´s a colorful place. In that place, you can see a ¨Isla de los alacranes¨ and you can go in a boat when I go they said that they are not working so I can go. Also, they have like shows with clowns, magic, singers, dances, etc.

Bosque Colomos.

I recommended ¨Bosque Colomos¨ because is big and green they have squirrels but fat and bigger and they are looking for food but they don´t let you feet them because they don´t leave you and sometimes the squirrels are scary, believe me, I don´t give them food but one of them run behind me and I was so scared because in my country the squirrels have scare of you they don´t come for food if they see people and don´t run behind you ¡that surprise me! In that forest you can find a Japanese park, is relaxing, is different from another park that place really has the took Japanese and for my first time that saw a Japanese park, I fall in love whit that place. Oh, you can do exercise in that forest because is to big and they have two areas, in one you can just walk and take pictures but in the other one you can run, jump etc. But you can use both sides of the forest.

Also, they have a mini castle inside of the forest and you can in sometimes they have a guided tour and he tells you the stories of that castle.

Zoologico de Guadalajara.

You need to go to the zoo in my personal opinion it was cheap I bought a ticket for all the park (they have different tickets) it took me all day to see all the zoo, but I was fascinated with all the animal, they have an aquarium, penguins, birds, monkeys, elephants, hippopotamuses, tigers, lions, etc. ¡OH! and a souvenirs store and they also have a mechanical playground.

Where can you stay?

I stay in a Hostel called The Roof Backpackers (here is the link to the place if you are interested http://theroof.mex.tl/inicio.html) is a nice and cheap place and also they give you a breakfast and the employees are very nice people ¡oh! I almost forget is very close to the center of the city you can go walking in less of 10 min. That was my first-time stay in a Hostel and it was a very good experience.

Places to eat (Recommended)

  • Birria las 9 esquinas
  • Restaurante la chata
  • Palreal
  • Chai
  • Mcdonald

The food and the drinks in Guadalajara for me it was good (cheap) and the food is delicious, on my birthday I go to a restaurant and I asked for a Pozole and it was so big that I don´t finish, the ¨birria and enchiladas¨ are the best more the birria (I love it). There is a coffee place called ¨Palreal¨ you need to go there and try the expresso, I eat (i don´t remember the name of the food) but is my first time trying some different that food it was of color purple but I like it.

There are some many places to go in Guadalajara but I don´t plan the travel correctly so I think I need to go again and explore all that Guadalajara has to offer. But I enjoy my stay in Guadalajara even if it was short because to be the first trip I was excited about everything I could discover being alone away from home for the first-time and yeah I was a little bit scared because I´m  so distracted person that I don´t know what could happen to me but with that trip I take the courage to continue traveling alone and sometimes accompanied.

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