What to see in the city of Granada?

January 1, 1970


Granada is the capital of the province that has its same name, within the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. Yes, you guessed it, in the country of Spain.

Granada is a great city, perfect for those weekends where you do not know what to do, perfect for those weekends where you know what to do, for a party with friends, to visit the city with the family, children, grandparents… To go to a macro concert, a cultural and historical or gastronomic visit.
Everything is worth in Granada. You can find everything in the city of the Nasrids. But best of all, with good prices, good weather and without spending a lot of money on public transport, because the vast majority of places to visit are near the center of the city.

Alhambra of Granada

Trending topics in the city.

In Granada, it is easy to get around, either by walking or by public transport (accounts with bus and metro lines), but then I mention everything you should see.


The Alhambra is the first essential place, both in Andalusia and the country, Spain, a fortress where you can find many palaces and gardens inside. It served as accommodation for the monarch of the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada. The trending topics are: Palace of Carlos V, Palace of the Nasrids, Generalife, Patio de Los Leones or Torre del Homenaje are some of the incredible places you will visit. Be careful and buy tickets with time because they run out in a short time and the waiting lists are long.

Royal Chapel and Cathedral.

The Royal Chapel and the Cathedral are the second tourist destination of our city, both are Catholic temples, and the Royal Chapel is behind the Cathedral, where the coffins of Isabel I of Castile, Fernando II of Aragon (known as Catholic Monarchs of this country, Spain), the daughter of both, Juana la Loca, her husband, Felipe el Hermoso, and their son (grandson of the Catholic Monarchs) Miguel de la Paz of Portugal are buried here. You can also see the great legacy of the Kings, from pictorial works of great painters of the time as their crowns or costumes. On the other hand, the Cathedral is a very important Renaissance building, considered the second largest cathedral in Spain.


The neighborhood of Albaicín, Realejo, and Paseo de Los Tristes is the third destination to enjoy the city of Granada. You will find historical houses such as Casa de Zafra, Casa del Chapiz or Casa de Los Tiros, which you can not miss. Calle Elvira is another essential place, especially Calderería Nueva Street, where you can find a lot of teahouses that will transport you to the most authentic Morocco. As for the Paseo de Los Tristes, it is important to walk along it, along the Darro River, beyond Plaza Nueva, you will find tapas bars and spectacular views of the Alhambra. Another place with great views towards the Alhambra is the Mirador de San Nicolás (Albaicín neighborhood), a very picturesque place with a lot of atmospheres.

Science Park.

The Science Park is our fourth destination, a place that you have to visit especially if you travel with children, they will have a lot of fun. It is a very interactive science museum where you can see from live sharks and lemurs in your Biodome, to know more about physics or astronomy with its planetarium. It is really funny.

Trips from Granada.

Granada is an inland city, but beaches like Motril, Salobreña, Calahonda and La Rijana (these last two are the best) are just over half an hour away by car. But in addition, Sierra Nevada is at that distance, and if you want to go to Pradollano to ski you will arrive in less than an hour. Although the rest of the Sierra Nevada towns (such as Beas de Granada, Benalúa, Diezma…) are also a good option. You can also make a route by car through the Alpujarra Granadina, a region where you can find towns such as Alpujarra de la Sierra, Lajarón or Trevélez.

The city in a weekend.

If you only have one weekend, I recommend that you focus on visiting the Royal Chapel, the Cathedral and take a walk through the different neighborhoods. This is a morning you do it without a problem. Then, stay for tapas in the center of Granada or in those same neighborhoods, a must if you come to the city, something obligatory. I recommend the Los Diamantes bar (in Plaza Nueva and Navas Street), but it arrives on time, around 1:00 pm local time, later you will not have a place to sit, it is full for the moment. In the afternoon (from 2:00 p.m.), you can visit the Alhambra and watch the sunset from there, with its views of the Albaicín and the rest of Granada. At night enjoy the Granada atmosphere, with its bars and pubs. The next day you have several options: you can continue walking through the city, go to the Science Park or make a break the beach or the mountain, you decide, everything you choose will be a great option.

My recommendations.

I recommend that you do not go in the summer months, a lot of tourists, the city is more uninhabited because its students and the people of Granada do not go out or are in other cities or on the beach due to the great suffocating heat that it can get to do. Better to visit it in spring and autumn. Another activity (which is trending topic) to do is to attend a flamenco show, for this, the best option that I recommend is that you go to the Tourist Office to ask, you have several offices spread around the city, one in the Town Hall in Plaza del Carmen.

Walking around Granada is the best option to discover the city, where you will find places that will make you fall in love, because yes, this city falls in love.


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