What to see in Coron: secret paradises

June 12, 2019

by Franca Levin

Over the last few years, visiting the Philippines became quite popular. As a consequence, those hidden paradises in Palawan, like Coron or El Nido, are now full of tourists. Going for an Island Hopping there is really good, but you’ll be sharing the day with hundreds of other people. If you want to find an amazing place away from the crowd, this article is all you need!

Ocam Ocam

About 70 km north of Coron City, in the main island of Busuanga, there’s a hidden beach called Ocam Ocam. To get there, the best option is renting a motorcycle. I’d suggest you use Google Maps, as the road that goes to the beach is not very visible. Once you passed New Busuanga, keep an eye on the opposite side of the highway. There’s a small and white sign where the dirt road begins.

Very peaceful and relaxed beach.

There are a few options for accommodation. From the simple and cheap $500 (Philippine currency) for two people to a resort with more luxury and comfort. Anyway, everything is pretty basic there. It’s a good idea to bring with you some food, especially if you’re in a short budget. You’ll find a restaurant and a small kiosk for groceries, but the prices are a bit inflated.

The best thing about Ocam Ocam is the relaxed and peaceful atmosphere that reigns there. Some kids playing in the sand, a fisherman preparing everything to go find some food, and not much else. The beach is nice when there’s a high tie, but not so much on the low tie because of seaweed.

Black Island

But definitely, the best part of being in Ocam Ocam is the possibility to visit this amazing island. About half an hour boat ride will lead you to paradise itself. The name is due to the black limestone that covers absolutely everything. Amazing coral under the turquoise water, white and soft sand and some incredible -and bit scary- caves are waiting for you there.

Black island is just perfect

The island is full of caves, but only two are accessible to the public. The first one is like an amphitheater: wide open, full of light and with a small natural pool at the back. Is salty water that comes from the sea by an underground tunnel. Just relax and leave your mind think you’re in the paleolithic.

The biggest cave is not scary at all.

The second cave is not appropriate for claustrophobic people. You’ll need a light to enter, as is completely dark at the beginning. Fortunately, I was with other four guys. I would be really scared to go there by myself. At some point, you’ll spot the beam of light from the outside. Just follow it to find the exit.

Bonus track: Debutonay

If you have time and want to discover another island, a good option is Debutonay. It’s pretty close to Black Island and the atmosphere is amazing. Even quieter than the previous island. Just relax in one the hammocks at the beach and go for a swim with hundreds of colorful fishes that surround the island.

You’ll have the beach all for yourself.


Keep in mind that both Black Island and Deboutonay charge an entrance fee of $200 each. The cost of the boat trip will depend on how big the group is. In my case, we were 5 people and paid $500 each. But that’s something you’ll need to arrange with the boatman.

The entrance fee is nothing compared to what the island can give you back.

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