What To See In Budapest, Hungary

With so many wonderful destinations to visit I wanted to help you narrow down your list by recommending Budapest, Hungary as your next destination. Living in Budapest, Hungary completely transformed me as a human being and opened my eyes to more than I could ever imagine. It was much more than just tasting delicious foods, a fascinating history, and beautiful architecture. I learned so much by visiting all of the hot spots tourists love to visit, as well as the places loved by all of the locals. I fell in love with the food the instant my taste buds tasted the Hungarian cuisine. The architecture took my breath away and learning about the history of Hungary piqued my interest more than ever. This beautiful little country Hungary has been through quite a bit so I highly recommend that you read about its history before visiting. The yearly festivals, markets selling fresh foods and goods, the incredible food, and gorgeous architecture should place Budapest on the top of your list of destinations to visit around the world.

Fountain of King Matthias

One of the first places that you should visit should be Buda Castle. You will see many beautiful attractions including the Fountain of King Matthias. This Neo-Baroque bronze masterpiece will take your breath away. At the fountain, you see a hunting group led by King Matthias Corvinus standing on the top. Matthias Corvinus was the king of Hungary from 1458-1490. If you love photography as much as I do you will truly enjoy taking photographs of this fountain, as well as the other beautiful attractions at Buda Castle. If you visit Budapest make sure you stop by Buda Castle to see this masterpiece! Seeing the Fountain of King Matthias will make Budapest an unforgettable destination.

Fountain of King Matthias at Buda Castle

The Hungarian Parliament

Budapest has one of the most beautiful parliaments in the world, which is another reason why Budapest should be your next destination! The Hungarian Parliament is the third-largest parliament building and is situated in Kossuth Square on the Pest side of the city. Being the third-largest parliament building in the world and on the banks of the Danube makes the Hungarian Parliament stand out more than other parliaments I have seen. Made of Neo-Gothic architecture, the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest, Hungary is enchanting and photographs beautifully. The Hungarian Parliament opened in 1902 and is one of the most beautiful historical sites in Hungary. I suggest you take a tour during the day if you have the time, you won’t want to miss it! I enjoyed taking photographs of the Hungarian Parliament in the evening when all of the lights are on, which makes the parliament appear even more enchanting than before.

The Hungarian Parliament in Budapest, Hungary

Hungarian State Opera House

The Hungarian State Opera House is a site you will not want to miss if you visit Budapest, Hungary. This beautiful Neo-Renaissance opera house in Budapest, Hungary was founded in 1875. I highly recommend that you take a guided tour of the Hungarian State Opera House so you can learn more about its history and see how beautiful it is on the inside. The Hungarian State Opera House is a popular destination for locals and tourists from all over the world. You can view plays, operas, film screenings, dance performances, and much more! I have watched several plays and operas, which were beautifully performed by local and guest performers.  If you have the time be sure to check out one of their incredible performances!

The Hungarian State Opera House in Budapest, Hungary

Great Market Hall

The Great Market Hall also called the Central Market Hall is one of my favorite places to visit in Budapest, Hungary. It was built in 1897 and is the largest market in Budapest. The market is three floors and offers guided tours, fresh produce, fish, meat, Hungarian paprika, pickled food, salami, cheese, wine, clothes, and more. Every weekend I would stroll with my baby to the Great Market Hall for fresh produce, meat, and fish. You will not believe how many options you will have! You can even purchase milk, juice, cookies, bread, and other pastries. There is no need to go to a grocery store when you can shop at the market, and since it is all fresh foods it is so much healthier for you! Be sure to buy souvenirs for yourself and for your loved ones on your way out!

Great Market Hall in Budapest, Hungary


According to the Hungarian Embassy Budapest, Hungary is visited by approximately 30 million tourists each year. One of the reasons why Budapest is one of the most visited cities in Europe and such a popular destination is because Hungary is known for organizing some of the best festivals and fairs in the world. The festivals are world-famous and tourists travel to Hungary just to visit these festivals. Most of the festivals in Budapest are held in the city center and include local food, liquor, music, dance performances, pottery, jewelry, embroidered clothing, wooden toys, arts, crafts, and activities for kids. I lived in the city center so most of the festivals were a five-minute walk for me, so I never missed out! If possible, try to book tickets to Budapest, Hungary when there are festivals. A trip to Budapest, Hungary without visiting a festival or two just wouldn’t be the same!

A festival in the city center of Budapest, Hungary

Langos and Palacsinta

If you visit Budapest, Hungary make sure to buy langos, a delicious dish which is considered a street food so it is cheap to buy. Great for budget traveling! Langos is served warm and topped with sour cream, grated cheese, and garlic. Palacsinta is similar to crepes and is also another favorite of mine, which is made with eggs, wheat flour, milk, and salt. You will see these two dishes all over Hungary. You can stuff them with sweet cottage cheese, Nutella, jam, or poppy seed, and sprinkle them with cocoa powder or powdered sugar. If you don’t have much of a sweet tooth and prefer the salty version, palacsinta can also be stuffed with salty fillings such as meats and sauces. The Hungarians cook excellent, know how to eat well, and have incredible taste in food! The local cuisine will make Budapest, Hungary one of your favorite destinations you’ve ever visited.

Two of my favorites in Budapest, Hungary are langos and palacsinta



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