What to do on a stopping by in Peru: Lima and Miraflores

Hello, travelers! My name is Claudia and this is my very first post as a writer ever! I am very excited! Most of my posts will be about Peru (South America). But I am going to post about other countries eventually. I really hope this post means a bit of help for you in your travel planning and on elections on what to do. So when I go to another country, a lot of people ask me what to do in Peru. Since I have been living in Lima the past 8 years and generally you have to stop by in Lima (the main city) because it has the main international airport. I will talk about this city is this very first blog. I actually was born here and I love this city although the traffic and other things, it is great, and I would never get tired of exploring it.

Where should I start?

Yes, what to do first? This post is especially for the summer season but non-exclusive to. Lima is a big city, the beach is right next to. There are so many activities to do as in all big cities. There are lots of sports to practice, people can do surfing, paddle, biking, etc. And don’t forget to eat, having some drinks, enjoying the beach. So for today let’s concentrate on what to do if you have half-day or half-night and in Miraflores! It is the perfect spot to walk around, going to the beach is just 15 minutes walking away. You could eat some Ceviche too. Lots of things just in this zone. So are you coming to Peru and just making a flashlight stopping by in Lima because you are going to get some Machu Picchu afterward? Go to Miraflores. Are you staying overnight on the way back to your home country and you are stopping by in Lima? Go to Miraflores. Are you going to stay in Lima for few months and you are bored and don’t know what to do today? Go to Miraflores! Yes! That is the answer!

What if I get to Lima during the day?

miraflores Right in the center of Miraflores is the Kennedy’s Park. It is well-known because it has cats all over the park. Besides that, it is the principal reference in Miraflores.

Breakfast time

So if you are feeling like for a snack or a delicious breakfast, the required stop are La Lucha or (and) La República. They both are right across the park on Diagonal Avenue. They both are pretty similar, they have delicious fresh fruit juices, chicha morada (some sort of juice of purple corn, sweet, incredible), extremely delicious sandwiches (made of turkey, roast pig, roast beef) and some french fries with special sauces. Want to eat some Peruvian quick snack? Definitely, make a stop on these places. Prices are very low and let me say, there is nothing more Peruvian than those sandwiches. In the other hand, if you are feeling like some American/Peruvian breakfast. There is a place really close to Kennedy’s park called Homemade. It has different things like sandwichess and juices but some waffles and pancakes too. You can enjoy scrambled eggs, for example, in this especial and home-feeling place with gigantic portions too, for real. Homemade is 10 minutes walking away from Kennedy’s park, though. But it is delicious, big time! It is worth every penny!!!

Beach and tan time

So, after that (or before) Do you feel like going to the beach and enjoy some sun? Or maybe get some tan before your pictures in Cusco? You can go straight to the beach (literally) from Kennedy’s park. You will find a car-way and a walkway with a perfect view of the Pacific Ocean on the way through. Make sure you stay on Waikiki, Makaha or Redondo II beaches (those are just the names of the beaches but they are right next to each other) where there are fewer surfers and usually that part of the sea is better.

Ceviche time!!

Do you still have some time to enjoy? You can go grab some ceviche (fresh fish most important Peruvian dish). My favorite: Punto Azul. Like we said in Peru: BBB (Bueno, Bonito, Barato) Good, Nice and Cheap for the words in Spanish. There is Veridico de Fidel too, two blocks away and El Pez On, although I recommend the first two ones. That is THE perfect morning in Miraflores. Or my perfect morning! I extremely recommend those places. I have had the best time living in Miraflores and spending the majority of my summers over there.

What to do in a night-out????

IMG03013-20131022-1933 So, if your stop by is at night. What to do? Straight to Miraflores too! There are some bars and clubs right one block away from Kennedy’s park. Whenever is Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday!

Best Bar Spots!

Do you want a place to talk, enjoy some drinks and good music: Bazar, Open, La Destileria. This last one has some live music on Wednesdays and Thursdays generally. Excellent drinks all made with tropical fruits from Peru, the classic ones and of course traditional beer and craft beer.

Best Club Spot!

Do you want some place to dance? Bizarro is a very good option. With two areas, Rock and classics, and Latin & Salsa. For all kind of tastes. This is like a very classic club in Peru. A lot of people but you will have a great time! Perfect night out with some friends or your significant one.

Best Combination!

And my very very favorite! Cachina Bar. It is a great place. Live music sometimes. It has the feeling of a club but the benefits from a bar. It is lighted on so you can actually see your friends but music is great, drinks are awesome and the feeling is just right. My favorite place to hang out BY FAR.

How to get to Miraflores?

You can do Uber. It is the easiest and safest way to get from the airport. UberPool feature is available too. It should cost you around USD 15. And it is around 1 hour away from the airport so plan your way back to not to lose your plane. I promise I will leave more details about Miraflores because this is just the beginning. And of course, I will keep writing about Peru. I hope you guys like this post! If so, please share it!  


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