What to do in Lahore - the City of Food and History

July 14, 2019

by Ahmed-haroon

Pakistan is the 33rd largest country situated in South Asia. Popularly known to be the neighbor of India, this country is packed with a lot of surprises. All the cities extend multiple things for the travelers to experience but Lahore stands out for its diversity and rich heritage.

Lahore, a city of dreams – it is deemed to be the ‘heart’ of Pakistan and a place that never sleeps. The city is filled with the most lively and welcoming people, this city makes you feel alive. The whole atmosphere of this city is electrifying. From exquisite food to the astonishingly picturesque locations, Lahore has a lot to offer.

Here are a few things that you must explore during the stay in this wondrous city.

The Green Areas

The ‘greener’ side of Lahore is particularly impressive. There are three major parks that you must visit, Lawrence park, Jillani park, and Model town park.

Lahore is endowed with the loveliest horticultural designing and landscaping. If you are visiting during the springtime, you’d enjoy many flowers exhibitions and displays throughout the city. You’ll find the finest pictures for your travel journal from the parks.

Historical Places

The history of Lahore goes back to centuries and therefore, this city has an incredible tale to share through the diverse historical sites. You have to visit Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort, Wazir Khan mosque, Jahangir’s tomb, and Lahore Museum. These marvelous sites only proffer a small reflection of the tremendous beauty of the city, nevertheless, there’s much more to see and enjoy in Lahore.

Constructed by emperor Aurangzeb in 1671, Badshahi Mosque is a beautiful example of the excellent Mughal architecture. It is one of the most iconic places located in the outskirts of the city.

On the other hand, Wazir Khan was raised in the 17th century during the era of emperor Shah Jahan.

Jahangir’s tomb enriched the city of Lahore in 1637. Famous for its outstanding interior, it is ornamented with frescoes and carvings.

Lahore Fort dates back to Emperor Akbar’s reign. It was reconstructed in the 17th-century and serves as a remembrance of the height of the Mughal era.

The Lahore Museum was found in the British colonial period. There is a thorough compilation of Buddhist art from the ancient kingdoms and this place got famous from the book written by one of its oldest curator, Rudyard Kipling, named Kim.

Street Food Joints

It is popularly kenned that Lahore never sleeps. You’d see the street joints opening up around 4 a.m in the morning for breakfast.

Incredibly fulfilling yet absolutely delicious Siri Paye from Mozang is a must-try if you are a genuine foodie. Served with naan bread, this amazing stew will blow your mind.

Halwa puri is also a favorite among the locals. It is the most widely devoured and relished breakfast meal. Freshly fried puris and the perfect halwa is highly recommended to have a taste of true Lahori flavors.

MM Alam Road

There is another side of the city that can be encountered on this distinct road, the posh Lahore. It is the hub of world cuisines and fine dining. From sushi to steak, you’d enjoy the best quality of food and the most astounding ambiances. This place is known for its elite restaurants and cafes, you’d find some familiar franchises and local eateries all in the same place. The buzz is worth experiencing.

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