What to do in Buenos Aires: 7 places that will make you return

Buenos Aires is a great multicultural metropolis located in Argentina. Here you would find many things to do and many places to visit. It is the city that never sleeps, which always offers lots of flavours and colours. To begin with, of course, I recommend you to visit the typical and traditional places such as Recoleta Cemetery, Colón Theatre, Barolo Palace, El Ateneo Grand Splendid library, etc. But I will not write about them, as you should easily find all the information you need in other articles. For this reason, in this post, I will focus on some of my favourite cultural places in the city, which I personally find interesting and attractive. I hope you have time to visit them and have a great time there!

Eterna Cadencia: great place for readers and writers

The slogan of the place is “house taken over by writers”. It is a beautiful publishing house, a book store and also a cafe, located in Palermo Hollywood. If you are a book fan, this place is a must! You can find exclusive rare books, some of them written by excellent contemporary Argentinian writers, which you will not regret buying. The building is an old house restored to be a nice, calm and cosy bookstore with an inner courtyard where you can sit down and enjoy a good cup of coffee while you read. They also have a nice webpage that you may like to visit here.

Notorious Jazz Club

This is definitely a perfect site to visit if you are interested in cultural tourism. Notorious is an intimate jazz club, where you can listen to live music while tasting a good national wine from Mendoza or San Juan, and having excellent gourmet food. Although it is mainly a jazz club, the place is usually open in early hours because it is also a record shop, where you may buy specialized albums if you like to. Very talented musicians from the national and international scene have played in Notorious. As if it was not enough, the prestigious American magazine Downbeat has recognized it as one of the best places in the world for listening to jazz music. Despite it is specialized in the jazz music genre, you could listen to blues, soul and bossa nova bands, too.

Gaumont Cinema: national films for a very low price

A historical Buenos Aires cinema, which was restored a few years ago. It depends on the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (known as INCAA) and it is located in the centre of the city, very close to the National Congress. Here you are able to enjoy specialized programming with exclusive films made in Argentina, some of them very difficult to find in other countries (or even in other cinemas!). To sum up, I would like to emphasize that ticket prices are very low and if you decide to watch a national film, you will also be helping and contributing to the national film industry, which has a very low budget nowadays as a result of the financial crisis.

Paseo La Plaza: great food, theatres and more

Located near San Martín Theatre in Corrientes Avenue, this open-air centre replaced what once was the Mercado Modelo. At this moment, it represents the heart of standup comedy in Buenos Aires. That being said, the place also has different theatre options, with a wide range of prices and styles. Its five principal theatre rooms are called Pablo Picasso, Pablo Neruda, Alfonsina Storni, Julio Cortázar y Pablo Casals, honouring great cultural figures from Argentina. There are also various shops, restaurants and bars that you could visit in this very nice centre, including an important Beatle museum, which is the only one in Latin America and recognized worldwide. You can explore the theatre billboard and buy your tickets here.

El gato negro / Don Victoriano Coffee House

A spice store and coffee house founded in 1927 by a Spanish man named Victoriano López Robredo. This unique person had lived for forty years in Ceylon, in Singapore and the Philippines. During one of his trips, it occurred to him to keep the symbol of the cat with a red bow that was printed on a menu and take it as the symbol of this new place he would open in Argentina. In addition to its great quality products, what distinguishes this bar from others is the traditional style of an elegant warehouse with its remarkable display and variety of spices, aromas, flavours and mystique. The coffee is still roasted by hand in the same place and with the same toaster of the beginning times. Crossing the vestibule feels a bit like a time travel experience. Furthermore, El gato negro was declared a Notable bar and a place of cultural interest by the Legislature of Buenos Aires City.

Alma Zen: special vintage clothing store

This one is a special place for freaks and geeks. It looks like a normal vintage clothing store but it is not. Of course, you can try and buy the vintage outfit of your choice, but there is a lot more than that. The owners are really special people with very good vibes. The amazing thing is that they offer a small space for bands from the under music scene, poets and all kind of artists to express themselves and play. In addition, people can have a drink and taste some homemade empanadas made by the owners themselves. We could call it a hidden mini cultural centre in Abasto neighbourhood.

Simik Photographic Museum

Located in Chacarita neighbourhood, inside Palacio Bar, which was also declared a Notable bar and a place of cultural interest by the Legislature of Buenos Aires City. This uncommon place was founded by Alejandro Simik, a firefighter who started to get interested in photography when he used to accompany the photographer who made the expertise of the fires. As a result, he became a camera collector and in 2002 opened the museum inside a bar he already owned. The collection of cameras is really vast and amazing, as it goes through the entire analogue photography history. There is no fee to enter the museum but you may sit and buy something to eat or drink. Not only does it works as a bar and museum, but it also has a photography lab on the ground floor. Amazing as it may sound, you can schedule an hour and use the lab for free to reveal your photos! Additionally, you can have a photography course or enjoy a Friday live music show.

Valeria Curcio

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