What makes Nairobi the perfect travel destination

Kenya is a country bubbling with life and vibrancy. Nairobi is the epicenter of this, the heartbeat of all this, where it all starts. Nairobi has managed to walk the thin line between urbanization and retaining the color of days gone. While the vibe of modernity echoes from the new, gleaming, world-class skyscrapers and restaurants and highways, you can feel the not forgotten ways of the past. You can sense a people who’ve managed to clutch on to their culture. In this article, I’ll tell on how to travel in Nairobi, the place of cool waters.

Public transport is too rowdy in Nairobi

While it can be a good opportunity to use public transport as a way of interacting with the locals, it is too rowdy and noisy. You can easily get lost if you’re not sure where to alight. And also, Nairobi buses are driven at high speed, full of blaring music. In Nairobi, it’s advisable to use taxi-hailing apps. I have used these apps myself and the service is top-notch. The drivers are courteous and engaging. Furthermore, you will be dropped right where you want. Avoiding cases of getting lost.

Make sure to visit the Nairobi national parkAnimals

There’s a reason why Kenya leaves a mark in the heart of many visitors, the Nairobi national park. Nairobi is the only city in the world with a national park within. Meaning you can get off a meeting in the CBD and visit the park within minutes. Get an opportunity to see all the beautiful wild animals. From the mightiest of all, the lion king to giraffes and rhinos and many more.

To witness the culture, Check out the Bomas of Kenya

This is where most of Kenya’s wonderful culture has been curated. Kenya has forty-two communities, all of them living in harmony. At Bomas of Kenya, these forty-two cultures have been made available. Through dances, stories, and music. You may not get a chance to visit all of Kenya and witness all the different cultures. This is why Bomas should be on your Kenyan bucket list. The experience you will get here will remain etched in your traveler’s heart forever. Actually, you might not get enough of it. Bomas of Kenya is 10 km from the city center along Magadi road.

There are Expatriate Communities in Nairobi

Traveling and touring is fun. But somewhere along the journey, homesickness might kick in. You may feel distant and lost, which isn’t good. Nairobi doesn’t allow this to happen. This city being a major commercial hub in east and central Africa, there are a lot of expatriates living and working here. Through social media, you can get in touch with the available expatriate communities. Chances are you will easily meet someone from your home country. Thus, breaking the monotony of travel. You can connect with expatriates who’ve been in Nairobi and know the ways of the city. It can be an easy way to blend into the Kenyan culture.

Accommodation and dining are easily available in Nairobi

Nairobi restaurants have been continuously voted as the best in the region. Offering exemplary service and meals covering all cuisines you can think of. In a way, this is what sets Nairobi apart from other African cities. Here you can explore a very wide variety of menus depending on what you want. Nairobi offers you the best of hotels, ranging from three-star to five stars. All of this offering world-class service depending on your various needs. There are also roadside eateries depending on which side of the city you’re visiting. You can also sample such to get the taste of very traditional Kenyan meals. If you want to stay for a considerable amount of time, you can also get the available cheaply serviced apartments. All you have to do is look them up on google and you’re set to go.

What of the security situation in Nairobi?

In recent years, security has been upped in all of Nairobi. There are private companies providing security and the national police can always be spotted doing rounds in the city. There’s not a chance that you will be mugged or robbed. The city is also well lit, with clean streets. Night or day, Nairobi is always there for you to explore.

The nightlife in Nairobi: a party is always on

I have had the opportunity to travel around East Africa. And while each country prides itself for the most vibrant nightlife, I dare say that none beats Nairobi. Kenya as a country is always in a party mood, Nairobi is soaked in all this. Night clubs such as Kiza, B club and many more scattered across the city provide the ultimate entertainment for you at low prices. It’s world-class entertainment for throwaway prices. If you happen to visit Nairobi, look up on google maps for the best fun spots. You’ll be spoilt for choice. If you’re into concerts, Nairobi got you covered. Some of Africa’s most storied musicians come from here. And almost every weekend, there’s a concert going down. You can access information about concerts through the daily newspapers and posters. The party will find you.

How to best witness Nairobi?

True Nairobi

Traffic is crazy

Nairobi is a bustling metropolis. Humanity is always moving in Nairobi. This has led to bursts of traffic snarl-ups. To avoid being caught up in a traffic jam, hail a motorcycle. Which is also the best way to witness Nairobi. Motorcycle hailing apps are easily available on the Appstore. This way you get a rider, who can take you around the city, beating the traffic jams. The motorcycles are extremely cheap, they won’t leave a dent in your pocket. On a motorcycle is the best way to view Nairobi. Because there are no limitations to where you can go and traffic jams won’t drag you back.

The landmarks in Nairobi

Over the years lots of skyscrapers have come up, dotting the Nairobi skyline. But then, there are buildings which have always stood out, true and timeless. Such buildings are KICC (Kenya international conventional center) and Times tower. All of them are government parastatals. On top of KICC is a revolving restaurant. You can have spectacular views of the city while you wine and dine. These can serve as markers, should you ever get lost, you can easily retrace your way. Nairobi is a beautiful place to visit. Personally, I am a Nairobi resident, but it keeps mesmerizing me each day, with its vibrancy and vibe. You should not miss out on this. Kenya should be on your dream destinations and Nairobi, a city on your travel bucket list.

Osoch Ogun

I am a creative writer currently working on my debut novel. In between, I write lifestyle pieces revolving around my life. I have written on youth and drug abuse. Though I tend to gravitate more towards travel, society, and people. My work has been published by The Daily Nation in Kenya. Another of my pieces has been published in Hashtag magazine, which is a youth publication.