What is really worth doing in Cancun?

June 22, 2019

by Thanara Zancanaro

Cancun is a well-known destination in Mexico, famous for the white sand, blue ocean beaches, and big resorts. The city by the Caribbean Sea has so much entertainment that you can stay there for a very long time and don’t get bored.

But if you don’t have that much time, what is really worth doing in Cancun? That really depends on your way of traveling, independently if you are a night or day person, if you like history or if you want to spend all day at the beach you will find plenty of things to do, here is my opinion of what should be on your itinerary:

Visit one of the Mayan ruins – Chichén Itzá

The Yucatan Peninsula is marked by the Mayan culture and there are a few archaeological sites that you can visit on your trip to Cancun. The most famous ones are: Cobá, that is the only one that you can go up the stairs in the pyramid; Archaeological Zone of Tulum, that has a very cool story since it was the port of the Mayan civilization and it’s on the beach, so it has its own unique view of the ocean; and my favorite Chichén Itzá, that was the capital of the Mayan people and is where the Kukulcán pyramid is,  one of the new 7 wonders of the world. Besides from being far from Cancun, about 2h each way, for me if you are choosing just one archeological site, Chichén Itzá is the one to go, is the most interesting one.

Visit a different city or Island – Isla Mujeres

If you get bored of the beach in front of your resort, there are a few other options that you can choose to spend your day: Tulum, not just the ruins Tulum has also a beautiful beach; Playa del Carmen, it’s not a large resort kind of city but it has all the same attractions as Cancun but attracts younger tourists; Cozumel, is an Island closer to Playa del Carmen and is more peaceful than Cancun or Playa del Carmen, and it is one of the top places to do scuba diving; and Isla Mujeres, which I think is the easiest one to go to from Cancun, you can go by ferry, rent a golf cart and you can get to know the entire island in one afternoon.

Choose one of the parks of the Xcaret Experiencias – Xcaret

The Xcaret Experiencias is a tourist company that has a lot of different services in Cancun, but the most famous ones are the Parks: Xcaret, Xel-Há, Xplor, Xavage, and Xeses. Each one is unique and has its own proposal. Adventure, culture, and contact with nature you just need to choose. For me, the best one was Xcaret because it combines everything, and if you go don’t miss the night show that presents in a beautiful way the whole history and Mexican culture.

Nightlife – Sr Frogs and Coco Bongo

The main street in Cancun is full of night clubs and restaurants, my favorites: Sr Frogs and Coco Bongo. Sr Frog is a great place to have dinner with some entertainment and Coco Bongo is a must. If you are not a night person you can go just for the show, which is amazing and very different from everything I’ve ever seen.

Thanara Zancanaro

By Thanara Zancanaro

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