What can you visit in Targu Jiu, the city of Brancusi

January 1, 1970

by Daniela Adriana Bojincă

I was born in a beautiful city, near the mountains, in Targu Jiu, or The city of Brancusi, in Romania. Targu Jiu is a small city. A very small one actually. It only has 80.000 residents and 161 km². But, even if it`s a small city, you can visit a lot of beautiful things and I want to share with you the most beautiful ones. The ones that I think every tourist will love it and will make a good impression of this beautiful country and city.

Why The City of Brancusi

Constantin Brancusi is one of the most famous European sculptors, who was born near the Targu Jiu city, in 1876, in a village called Hobita and who left in Targu Jiu four beautiful sculptures that are the main attractions in this town: The Endless Column, The Gate of the Kiss, The Chairs Alley and The Table of Silence. So, because Targu Jiu city is recognized by Constantin Brancusi sculptures, the city is also known as The city of Brancusi.

The sculptures of Brancusi

The four sculptures of Brancusi are a tribute to the fallen heroes of World War I. These sculptures are arranged on the same line, oriented from the west (sunrise) to east (sunset) and it has a length of 1753 m. This axis is representing the funeral ritual. But I will explain this when I will present the sculptures.

1. The Table of Silence

The Table of Silence represents the last meal of the soldiers before war. The Table of Silence has 12 chairs (the 12 apostles) around it in shape of an hourglass which represents the passing of time. What it`s awesome here is that this table with the chairs is in shape of a perfect circle (equal distances between chairs and between every chair and the table).

The Table of Silence

2. The Chairs Alley

The Chairs Alley (total of 30) is between The Table of Silence and The gate of Kiss and it represents the actual road of war to death. It is very touching every time you walk in the park, between the table and the gate, on the chairs alley. And it is a good time to take this walk whatever the season. These chairs have the same shape like those from the table: an hourglass. Personally, I love to walk on this alley. It has something that I can not describe in words.

The chairs alley

3. The Gate of Kiss

The Gate of Kiss represents the gate between life and death and your road after life it continues until The Endless Column.  But it has a beautiful tradition for couples The Gate of Kiss. If you guys are a couple and you walk under the gate, you have to kiss your boyfriend or girlfriend if you don`t want to turn into a stone. So, if your mad at each other, you must make peace. And I like this tradition. It is a very beautiful one.

The Gate of Kiss

4. The Endless Column

The Endless Column represents the eternity – everything that is beyond life. It is your ascension to the sky, to the untouchable limit of perfection. It is a form of contemplation. Something sacred and full of emotions. Personally, I love the column. It is very beautiful and it is actually relaxing to look at it like it really touches the sky and the perfection of the Universe.

If you ever want to visit Romania, I really recommend you to visit this city too. You will be very touched when you will walk on this axis, from The Table of Silence to The Endless Column. You will feel all those emotions that are in this place. It is really amazing.

But we have other things too. And I want to write about them too because those places are very beautiful and full of history.

The Endless Column

The History Museum

The History Museum is in the center of the city. It is not only the history of Targu-Jiu, it is the history of the entire region. But, if you visit something, I think you should find out about the history of that place too. Maybe you will fin something interesting in how that region was built and popularized, or maybe you will find interesting the history of the traditional clothing, food and habits.

The Museum of Art

This is my favorite building in the city. It is in the Central Park and is the ex-protocol house in the city of the president that Romania had during communism, Nicolae Ceausescu (maybe you heard about him and if you did, you can learn something about this family by visiting The Museum of Art). In the past, it was their protocol house with beds and all those stuff. Now you can only see the architecture of the house (which is what I love the most)  and paintings sculptures from local painters sculptors, or some paintings that they had in the house during communism.

The Island

The name of this city it comes from the river that passes through the city, The River Jiu (Targ means market and Jiu is the name of the river). On that river is a little island which serves as a part of the Central Park. Because this city is near the mountains, you can have an amazing view of the mountain from this island. It is very beautiful and relaxing. I am pretty sure that you will like it.

Thank you for reading my article!

I want to thank you for reading my article and, in the end, I have one more recommendation for you: try the local food. Not only here, but everywhere, I think your experience as a traveler can not be complete if you do not try the local food. I encourage an authentic experience so you can feel that place like a local. In Romania for example, you can try sarmale with mamaliga, baked beans, baked potatoes, or traditional soups that they have in the restaurants, desserts like cozonac or cheese pie. Or, the best thing that you can do: you can ask in the restaurants for recommendations about traditional food.


Daniela Adriana Bojincă

By Daniela Adriana Bojincă

I am a Romanian traveler. I am 22 and I am a student. I like to travel around the world and discover new places, new cultures and, of course, new people because everytime you have something to learn from them. When I go in a foreign country, I like to taste and eat their traditional food. I think it`s a must so you can have an authentic experience. Of course, I love to take a lot of pictures. It`s amazing to capture a unique moment forever. And of course, I love to take a lot of pictures with my iPhone and test a lot of apps. Hope you like what I share with you guys.

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