What can you do in Romania

I would really love to present you my gorgeous country. Why doing this and not talking about international travelling? Because before starting to travel abroad and see the world, we all belong to a specific country, the one we grew up in. Maybe for you is just a foreign country, maybe just a name on the list or not even, maybe you have some plans to visit it, or none at all. Even if you belong to the first or the second group, I would love to show you some places that will hopefully help you write its name on your list. If you wonder what exactly can you do while visiting this country, my answer is: nothing more than anything, and trust me, it is not a joke. It has the mountains, the sea, the cities and the old castles, it has hiking places and sand beaches. You can go on a city break or enjoy the nature. If you love any extreme sport, once again, you are in the right place. Whatever you choose for your holiday, there must be something there that can suit you. Now, let me present you my top places in my country, having to add that I am a nature lover and I added such places on the list, but I will come back with some cities too.

1. Transfagarasan Road

When I first saw it, I was a small girl and I was amazed, when I saw it again, I had the same reaction, and guess what happened the following times…And I understand my reaction because it is the most beautiful road in Romania, and maybe not only. It is a road of 90 km, passing from north to south the “Fagaras” Mountains, that you can spend admiring spectacular views. Of you get here, there is a must for you to stop by the Lake “Balea”, a glacier lake situated at 2034 m. You can get there mostly during warm seasons, by car and enjoy the whole view or even get out and take pictures. Once I even took a picture with a donkey and the view, but with the cameras in my childhood, it got lost somewhere.  

2. The rock statue of Decebal

The king’s face is 55 m high and is located in the south of the country, on a rocky shove of the Danube, near Orsova, being the highest of this kind in Europe. It was built between 1994 and 2004 and it represents the face of the last king of the Dacian Nation. Why is it worth seeing? Not only for the rock itself, but also for the fact that it stands right near the Danube River and the view is extraordinary. You can hire a boat and paddle under it. If you go back a little, you will get right inside the Danube Canyon, a beautiful and relaxing place, perfect for those who love spending time in the nature, enjoying the silence, watching how the Danube passes through the rocky walls. I know that I would always come back to this place and never get tired of the feeling of being there, of seeing the big rock and all the forest and the water, such an amazing view.

3. The Bran Castle

Before continuing to read this, I would like you to think of the answer for the next question: Do you know Dracula? I have to say that every time I met some foreigner, they told me his name. But if you do not know who he is, well, the legend says he was a vampire and he lived..well, you guessed, right inside this castle. The Bran castle is located between “Bucegi” and “Piatra Craiului” Mountains, at only 30 km from the Brasov city, one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Apart from the mystery that floats through the air, the castle has a very beautiful architecture. This way, the place is suitable for those who are in search of mystery and legends and also those who appreciate medieval architecture.  

4. Bigar Water Fall

It is one of the most beautiful in the world, but certainly the most in my country (this is only my own opinion). What is interesting about it, is the fact that the “Bigar” Waterfall is halfway between the North Pole and the Equator, right on the north 45th parallel, being located in southwest of Romania. The water comes out of a cliff that has a height of over 50 meters. The waterfall is formed by “Bigar” burst, a strong underground spring.but no matter how geologists would describe this phenomenon, I only know that is a great pleasure to sit by it and watch how the water is falling faster and faster.

5. The Red lake

Red Lake is situated on the valley of the “Bicaz” River, near the “Bicaz” Mountain. It is a natural dam located at an altitude of 983 meters. People say that it was formed in 1837, when storms and earthquakes led to a landslide from mountain and the waters got into a valley and made the lake on top of a forest. That is why you can still see parts of trees coming out the water. The name comes from the iron-rich clay and the rocks of the mountain, which reflect in the lake water and gives it the red effect. What can you perfectly do here? Enjoy the nature and the silence, the paradise around you, breathing fresh air and not thinking of anything else.

6. Vama Veche

And now I am going to tell you a secret. If you feel like enjoying the sun, the beach and the water, but also spend you best nights dancing and feeling good, this is the place for you. Vama Veche is the last stop before you get in Bulgaria from the Romanian beach. There, you have everything you need, places to relax and enjoy the sun, places to eat and drink very cheap and also places to have fun. At night, every bar on the beach has its own party and there are plenty to choose from. Is the perfect place for young people in search of having fun.

Oana Penciu

Just a young and cheerful spirit in search of new destinations. I have always believed that we have this one life to live it to the fullest and this means travelling for me.