What are Eight Tourist Places Near Varanasi?

Varanasi and Banaras are known as Kashi. This city is the world’s oldest and keep growing city. It is the city of Lord Shiva who is the main God of Hindus and is a sign of Destroyer and Birth. Varanasi is the holiest city of the Hindu religion. Do you know what are tourist places in near Varanasi? Wait I will burst the Bubble! ? This city hides a lot of facts and one fact is very popular that If anyone dies in Varanasi then He will get heaven It means people will get rid off from the matter of Birth and Death. Therefore this city is also called MUKTI place. People have very much faith about Varanasi, If you will get a dip into the Ganga River So their sins will be removed, It’s all about faith and religion. Travelers always try to dive in the river at the time of sunset and sunrise, It’s a memorable moment for them. An evening of Varanasi is an attractive portfolio for everyone, People organize activities like Diving in the river, Playing Games, Seeing sun from the corner and the last one is world famous Ganga Aarti(Worshiping of Mother Ganga). The interesting thing about this city is Wharf, there are many wharves in Varanasi, To reach Ganga River through wharves, people have to cross stairs. Varanasi is the only city in the world where people can enjoy “death tourism”. Believe me, if you will not visit such places then I bet your journey will be incomplete. Here is the complete List of Eight Tourist Places in Near Varanasi that everyone should be visited at least once.  

1.Sarnath Museum

This is the famous place of Buddha religion, It is located 10 away from the main city Varanasi. This is a very attractive place people of whole worlds visit this place Archaeological Survey of India made a museum of old Ancient Residues which includes old Statues and Artifacts of Lord Buddha. This museum works seven days in a week and opens in morning 10:00 AM and shuts at 05:00 PM evening.

2.Ashoka Pillar

Ashoka Pillar is also located in Sarnath Museum which is called as Lion Pillar too. It is the National Symbol of India. There is a message of Ashok has written on this pillar which is dedicated to Buddha Community to maintain peace between them. A lotus has printed along with Horse, Elephant, Lion and OX icon on this pillar. The Great Ashoka Chakra has also pasted on this pillar which is as seen on Indian Flag. This place is always open for seven days of the week and anyone can visit it between  Morning 04:00 AM to evening 11:00 PM

3.Ramnagar Fort

Ramnagar fort has seen in many Indian Movies, You can have the glimpse of it from Assi Wharf. It is very big and Grand and located 14 KM far from Varanasi.  King of Varanasi Maharaja Balwant Singh made this fort as a residence in 18th Century. Old Cars, Royal palanquin, Sword and old guns can be seen in the museum of Ramnagar Fort. There is a very big and old watch which tells Date, Month and Year and also explains the Astronomical Information about Sun, Moon, and Starts, It’s a truly unique asset. It’s always open for the peoples and anyone can walk between 10:00 AM morning to 05:30 PM evening.

4.Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar was established by King of Jaipur in 1737, he had a special interest in Science and Technology. He sent their experts to foreign to learn new technologies.JANTAR-MANTAR has branches in Mathura, Ujjain, Jaipur, and Delhi.

5.BHU-Banaras Hindu University

BHU was established by Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya and is located in the main city of Varanasi. It is a very grand University where the student can study multiple courses at one place.BHU has museums and Observatories and World famous New Kashi Vishwanath Temple is also part of the glorious BHU family.The IIT-BHU campus is too situated in Varanasi who is very famous for their peaceful environment. BHU is known as the old Oxford University.It is always open for everyone

6.Kashi Vishwanath Temple

The attraction of Varanasi is Kashi Vishwanath temple, This temple has rebuilt many times but it is still unique. The roof of the temple was covered by Gold plates. It is not just a temple but a Historic Place too. The radical Islamic emperors have destroyed this temple many times. Kashi Vishwanath temple is nearest Tourist Places in Near Varanasi. There could be some more crowd in the festive seasons but on regular days It is normal to visit.

 7.The Ganga River

The Ganga River is a natural beauty in itself, It is a clear picture of simplicity and calm. It flows South to North Direction in Varanasi while on other places It flows palindrome. All popular wharves are part of the river. The Ganga is not just a river it plays a pivotal role in Hindu religion, Every Hindu respect this river.you can also enjoy the Boat Riding.

8.Assi Ghat

Assi Ghat is the soul of Varanasi, It is the favorite place of  Travellers and Students. It is situated on the South side of Ganga River. There are Temple and Food Stalls, Restaurants and Hotels. It is very famous in Varanasi. The famous Kashi Vishwanath Temple that is dedicated to Lord Shiva is located in Varanasi. Street food of Varanasi is famous for its varieties and taste, you are in Varanasi and didn’t taste the street food, It means you have missed everything. Do check and eat the local street food of Varanasi such as BANARASI CHAAT, BANARASI PAAN, BANARASI LASSI, the famous and Natural Malaiyo sweet dish which is made by  Dew Drops. The demand for food items is not less, these are the special food items of Varanasi which everyone must check it out. The best and suitable time to roam  Varanasi is December to February. Reaching Varanasi is very easy, If you are in India so you have multiple options to reach Varanasi like Trains, Aeroplanes, Buses or by Road. Every Place in the world can give you something, You can learn from the Past and How to use and apply previous knowledge of history to not commit the same mistake again. Please Be safe, and If you feel anything suspicious at anywhere in the world please do inform Police.  


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