What and where to go in New York: part 1

The Big Apple, the City that Never Sleeps, the Melting Pot, or however you wanna call it, New York is always a good idea.

Views of New York New York it is by far one of the most amazing cities I've ever been to, there's not a single thing I didn't love about this place, well probably the traffic, but there are so many ways to avoid it. New York has a lot of things to do, places to go for any mood you are at the moment, are you in the mood for museums? you got it; in the mood for Indian food? the city has your back, and so on. There are so many things to do that one can become really overwhelmed, so what are some of the things that you should definitely try and do once you're there

Rent a bike

Renting bikes in NY To be honest it is a little bit scary to just get in a bike in a city you don't know, but it is also really fun and besides you get a better sense of location and save a lot on transport. It just so happens that NY has a bike rental service called “Citi Bike” they provide you with a bike and they have several plans depending on how long you are gonna be in the city or how many days you wanna use the bike, but it basically works like this, first you gotta get to a Citi Bike station, which are almost in every corner, you can download the app to look for the closest station near you or do like I did, just google it. Anyhow, once you're at the station you can either pay for one trip of 30 minutes or to pay for a “day pass”, my recommendation is to go for a day pass, it will save you time each time you're gonna grab a bike and you can use the bike as many times as you want, of course all your trips must be of 30 minutes each, meaning that every 30 minutes you have to go to the nearest Citi Bike station and request a new trip, I know it sounds a little exhausting but it is definitely worth it. You can get anywhere on a bike and you get a freedom that you wouldn't get using a taxi, uber or the subway. So this is definitely a must do to get to know the city. For more information about prices you can go to: https://www.citibikenyc.com

Top of the Rock

Top of the Rock Who hasn't heard of the Empire State? Well, Top of the Rock has a better view of the city and it's way more beautiful than the Empire State, of course this is one girl's opinion. Top of the Rock is located in the Rockefeller Center and from here you have views of the city as well of central park, I guess this is why I loved it so much, because you have the perfect view of central park. It is also because of this that if you decide that you are gonna do the Top of the Rock, you have to do it during the day or at least a little before sunset so you can truly appreciate the views. The prices vary but it is about $35 USD (United States dollar) and there's also a really cool option in which you buy a ticket for Top of the Rock and you can also use it for the MoMa museum (The Museum of Modern Art) and this is about $50 USD per person, so if you're planning on also going to the MoMa this option can save you a few bucks; make sure to buy your tickets online, it will save you time. Top of the Rock is a really nice experience and besides the view, their elevator is pretty cool. 4

See a Broadway play

Broadway is famous for their plays and shows and there is of course a wide variety to choose from, so if you are a fan of musicals and good histories you have to go and see one. My pick was Chicago, because I feel it is a classic and because I love the history of course, the experience was amazing, the theater beautiful, and aside from the fact that when we arrive there were people sitting in our seats, I wouldn't change a thing from the whole experience. The actors were amazing, and well the male lead character is played by a Mexican actor that is really handsome, so that was a plus. It is a fantastic feeling to be in the theater and to hear the amazing voices of the actors, and I mean is Broadway, if you're a theater nerd like me you're gonna definitely love the whole experience, regardless of what show you see. As everything I recommend to get your tickets online and before time so they don't sold out, Broadway shows are very popular, you can see the shows that are going to be performing at the same time you are in the city and purchase your tickets here: http://www.broadway.com

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Statue of LibertyView of Manhattan This is perhaps the most famous landmark of NY and is definitely a must do to when you're visiting this great city. After getting your tickets online, and for this one definitely buy them online because they sold out pretty fast, you are gonna have to grab a ferry in Battery park, from there they take you to the Statue of Liberty and to Ellis Island. Be prepared to be around tons of people and wear comfortable shoes, because you are up to go up a lot of stairs, they do have elevators, but when I was there the elevators failed so we had to go up the staircase, so just in case this happens to you where you are there, wear comfortable shoes. Also, try to buy your tickets at an early hour so you have enough time to enjoy both attractions, I bought them at 1pm and even though it was enough time to visit the two places, I would've definitely love to have more time to see everything more in detail of Ellis Island. A fun fact about the Ellis Island, if you're into ghosts and abandon places they have a ghost tour on the island, this you would have to purchase it aside and it has an extra cost, sadly the date I went they weren't available so if one of you gets to go, hit me up and tell me all about it!


Let's not forget the amazing street that is Timesquare, full of lights and life, day and night. This is the first thing I did as soon as I arrive to NY and it was overwhelming but in a good. Timesquare is beautiful in its own way, my favorite part was the street artists, there are a lot and of different kinds, with some you can interact and it is amazing and really fun as well as a unique experience because you kind of literally become art. There are tons of stores, restaurants and a lot of cool advertising, going here became a regular thing during my time in NY and somehow each time was different. Timesquare at night So, there's 5 things you have and can do when you're in this amazing city, since there are a lot I am gonna write a second part of it, so wait for it. New York is truly full of life experiences and cool and stylish people, it is impossible to ever get bored here.

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