Wellington, New Zealand. Things to do that are free

It’s been almost three months that one day, I decide to give a spin to my life and travel from Buenos Aires, Argentina (Place where I was born) To Wellington, New Zealand. “The World Coolest Little Capital”, as everyone like to call this city, and that phrase fits really well with this city. I remember, the first time that I arrive here with my girlfriend, we decide to take a taxi to go to the hotel. And one of the things that the driver told us were words that never get out of my mind: “Wellington is a city to WALK”. And it’s true, trust me. And walking, you find out that are many things to do in Wellington, that will cost you NO money.

Enjoy the museums

Wellington has different museums that you can enjoy for free. One is “Te Papa Tongarewa” the national museum of New Zealand. You can have different attractions because the galleries change. Right now “Toi Art” is an exhibition and it’s a good thing to watch, enjoy and participate, because is an interactive exhibition (One thing very important to note, the WiFi is free and works really well!). But not only that museum is free. You can enjoy “The Cable Car Museum” at the end of the Cable Car, and the “Wellington Museum” too!

Te Papa Tongarewa

Wellington Botanic Garden

Once you end up visiting “The Cable Car Museum”, right at the exit begins the “Wellington Botanic Garden”. One really cool place to walk and see all the nature that Wellington has to offer. And if you go in a sunny day, trust me, you’ll love it! You can have amazing views of the city while walking surrounded by nature. And at the end of the walk, you’ll find out that you’re in the city again! So it isn’t hard to find.

We even got the chance to see a Tui!

Mount Victoria Lookout

This one is hard to find especially if you are new to this city. But actually… it isn’t. Because the centre of the city guides you with letters that tell you where to find the Mount Victoria Lookout. A really stunning lookout where you can watch the whole city on it’s most high point. And the walk you have to do to reach to the lookout, you’ll enjoy just like you’ll enjoy the Botanic Garden because you’ll be surrounded by nature too, a few meters from the city! Also if you like movies and, especially, “Lord Of The Rings” (Like I do!) This was a location of the first movie. Actually, you can find locations of these movies in all Wellington!

Weta Cave

And keeping up with the “Lord Of The Rings” movies, one place you CANNOT skip, is the Weta Cave. This place is in Miramar and it has all the things that every fan of “Lord Of The Rings” would love. You have figures of the character in real size!. But “Lord Of The Rings” and “The Hobbit” are not the only movies that Weta has worked on. You can find things from movies like “Ghost In The Shell”, “Warcraft”, “The Chronicles Of Narnia”, “District 9” and some more. Another place where you can watch the stunning work of Weta is at the Wellington Airport. You can see Gandalf, the head of Smug and Gollum too decorating all over the Airport.

This Gollum in Weta Cave is awesome

The Beaches

This is one thing that I really enjoy. And here in Wellington, not only is not an exception but also has amazing beaches.

1. Oriental Bay:

This is my favourite beach in the world. The amazing views embrace you while you’re swimming in the beautiful water, and suddenly you can see the cruises pass that goes to Picton (Another place in New Zealand, on the South Island) Did I need to tell you anything else?

2. Lyall Bay:

If you love to surf, you’ll love this beach. This is the place where the surfers come to practice. But if you don’t like to surf, you’ll enjoy it too. While you’re walking in the sand, reflexing about your life, or just escaping from the routine, you’ll watch the planes take off because this place is really close to the airport. And if you go a little far away, you’ll find “Dorrie Leslie Park”. In that park, you’ll have much green and you can take a picture with the Easter Head that is in the park (Like, obviously, I did!)

3. Island Bay:

This one has something that surprises me a lot. From this beach, you can see an island! Yes! An island! Now, speaking the truth, here is a Marine Reserve (Teputeranga Marine Reserve, has this name because the island that you see is called by the same name) and a coastal walk that is really worth to take. Because if you keep walking you find out with Owhiro Bay, a place that has little beaches but most important, you’ll be close to a place that you don’t wanna miss. And this, lead us to the next thing to see…

Once you reach the end of Owhiro Bay, the way to Red Rocks looks like this

Red Rocks

A beautiful place where (As the name says it) Has literally Red Rocks on it. It takes a long walk to reach them but is an awesome walk surrounded by sea in one side and mountains on the other. And if you got lucky (We didn’t have it sadly) You can see seals resting on the Red Rocks.

Wellington Waterfront

I couldn’t count the many times a take walk all over the waterfront. This is the place where Wellington shows his finest side. You got bars and cafes close to the waterfront. You got parks, if you wanna sit a while and rest your feet. Also mostly every weekend there’s some kind of festival or something to do on the Waterfront. I could definitely say that is my favourite place to walk in Wellington. Because it’s a long walk that starts from the city and ends up in Oriental Bay. So if you decide to enjoy the city and then later take a rest on the beach, is the perfect walk you can do. Maybe you get the chance to see some Kayak’s race, or people training to use it. No matter what. Always got something to do on the waterfront.

Gustavo Pinto

I’m Gustavo, I’m 27 years old, and I was born in Argentina. I’m a musician, a songwriter and a composer too. I love to write a lot, about anything that I have in my mind. The words and their meaning is something that is so important to me. I’m living in Wellington, New Zealand at the moment with my girlfriend, and we’re both in a beautiful adventure knowing a new country and exploring the world together.