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January 1, 1970

by BeyondTheSelf

Start with nothing; you’ll finish up with everything. My journey with nature had started with nothing. I first had nothing on my back or beliefs. I didn’t believe that I could do it. I didn’t think that I’ll have the courage to  look for myself in all the corners that nature gave birth to. So, all I had to do is pack my bag and step up from my fears towards my dreams. It may sound simple to you, but it wasn’t.  It was a great journey, the one that you should take no matter what.

I’ve got to discover both the world and myself. The journey has not yet finished, there is so much to come, there is so much yet to be seen. Al I wish for is having the time to experience it all.

Now I’ll love to talk about my journey towards the Moroccan most beautiful beaches, going from Tetouen city to Al Hoceima. This trip I didn’t take it alone, I had the company of three beautiful souls, the journey wouldn’t be the same without them.

Therefore, we packed up the courage needed and went on the journey of discovering the ten lost heavens. Those who have said that heaven is not a place we go to but a moment we had the chance to experience, couldn’t be more right. Heaven is actually the moment when you get to enjoy your being as human without having to worry about anything.  I’m describing you my journey towards discovering heaven in the most special places on earth.

Heaven n°1 : Oued Laou

I’ll start with Oued Laou, one of the most beautiful beaches in Morocco, it is 48 km away from Tetouen city. It will surprise you with its golden sand and glowing water. Oued Laou is a small village located in the Mediterranean coast, it is reachable by a taxi, bus or foot, make your pick. It is known by its big beach, in which you can’t help but enjoy a good day swim.


While being there, we didn’t want to get out of the water, we played all sort of games and got in touch with our nature self. There we found our heaven for the first time during our trip.  A heaven where you encounter nature and your inner self, away from all the worries and insecurities.

Heaven n° 2 : Kaa Asrasse

From Oued Laou, we hitchhiked to Targha. On the way, we passed by a beach called Kaa Asrasse, a forgotten place, and the perfect spot for meditation and yoga. It will calm your spirit. It will tell you that everything will be okay, that you’re enough no matter who you are.


Heaven n° 3 : Targha

On the other hand, Targha beach is something else; it is 16 km away from Oued Laou. It was previously used as a defense base by militants; it has a guard tower that was destroyed during the war.


This guard tower is now like a big set of rocks coming together there on the sand. I couldn’t keep myself from thinking about how sad the towel looks, left hanging there on the beach.

We spent one night camping on the beach, which gave us the opportunity to enjoy  the different star constellation on the beautiful sky.

Heaven n° 4 : Chmaala

From Targha, we walked towards a small village called chmaala. There we had the immense pleasure to come across some amazing people. They were our host family. They will always stay in our hearts. They are the strangers that instantly became family.


A big beautiful family, whose members are taking it day by day and always embracing everyone. They are the people you would want to keep company with, always laughing and enjoying life as it comes.  In chmaala village, we were lucky coming across those people and getting to experience the true meaning of family.

From Chmaala, we took the bus towards El Jebha, that is 46 km away from Chmaala. In El Jebha we got the chance to discover the Moroccan most beautiful treasures.

Heaven n° 6 : Marsdar

MarsDar Beach is one of them, it is one hour hike from El Jebha, it is hidden between mountains and few are the people who get to it.


Heaven n° 7 : El Houad beach, Monica 1 and Monica 2

El Houad beach, Monica 1 and Monica 2 are reachable by boat, their beauty will make you feel like dreaming. During this naval round, we were like “Wow “, we couldn’t believe that nature gave birth to this beauty, it was like magic. It is there where I started to believe that beauty is really around us, all we have to do is go and discover it.


There is surely so much to be discovered on this earth. Unfortunately, After one night sleep in the camp, we had to leave El Jebha behind and hit the road again towards :

Heaven n° 8 : Cala Iris

Cala Iris known by its fishing port, beautiful beach and the amazing island.


Heaven n° 9: Tores de Alcala

Tores de Alcala is located 5 km east. It has some of the perfect views over the Mediterranean coast.


Heaven n° 10 : Badis

Badis  is also called Penon de Velez de la Gomera, it is a small island considered as spanish territory and most occupied by a small population of Spanish militants. It is connected to 2 Moroccan mesmerizing beaches.


Badis was our last destination. From there, we headed to El Hoceima City and took the bus back home.

This trip was rich on every level. We’ve got to do all the things that we love. We hiked for miles, hitchhiked several times, used transportation means, swum in beautiful beaches, climbed mountains, met beautiful people, slept in the forest/ beaches/hosting homes, and the most important thing is that we grew old learning about nature and ourselves.

It was an experience like no other. It had showed us that life is simple, that there are good people and beautiful spots out there. We should just have the courage to give up our ordinary life and embrace our curious self. We shouldn’t be afraid of beauty, I ensure you that it will embrace you no matter who you are or where you come from. Nothing matters in the hands of nature but your good and pleasant self.


By BeyondTheSelf

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