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Sarajevo is the largest and in the same time capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this city you feel that connection like when you first meet that person you fall in love with, it's full of energy and it's active 247. Rich culture and long history are just few of things that you need a long time to learn about, but when you do, than you discover the true beauty of this city. Sarajevo is located almost in the center of country, it has 270.000 residents and it's divided in three city municipalities. sarajevo-5-1

1.Old city

Old city or in Bosnian 'Stari grad' is the most and oldest part of the city. Here you can find several historical monuments. The most beautiful symbol of Sarajevo and this municipality is Bascarsija. Once, this was the old market sector who was founded in 15 century by Ottoman Empire. You will find many old and religious buildings, made by the unique architecture. In this part of Sarajevo there are about 50.000 residents. Old city is known by numerous hotels and tourist attractions. Some places that you can visit are: –Gazi Husrev-beg's Mosque. It was built in 16th century, and it's the largest mosque in the country. It's opened for turism and you can visit it but you can't if you're inappropriately dressed, so be careful. –Emperor's mosque. It was built in 15th century in the classical Ottoman style. It's also considered one of the most beautiful mosques in the country. This monument was destroyed several times. –Sacred Heart Cathedral is the largest Christian church in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was built in 19th century, it was also damaged once, but not completly destroyed. It's full of old and unique details who are breath taking. You can visit this church as turist or if you want you can also prayer in it, but only if you're properly dressed. –Bascarsija, the most amazing monument and place to visit is Bascarsija. This is the old Sarajevo's bazzar and historical place. It was built in the 15th century when the Sarajevo was founded by Isa-Beg Isakovic. The symbol of Bascarsija is fountain called 'sebilj' who is known for unique build style. Pigeon-square-Bascarsija-Sarajevo_Quim-Roser_Cultura-Travel_Getty_csIn the Old city of Sarajevo there are also many gift shops, coffe shops, markets.. You should definitly visit The Yellow Fortress. From this location you can see the whole town, and it's not that far from the Bascarsija and that area.

2.Center of Sarajevo

is the bussines and market place, here you can find hotels , markets and malls. One big mall called Sarajevo City Center is the one of the most known malls in the city.

3.New city

is the municipality sometimes also called New Sarajevo. Place 12_sarajevo_city_center_20.mart.2014.openingwhere are found factories, markets and ho mes of 124.000 residents. consumer-temples-in-sarajevo-1397560564   download (4)     Some of traditional dishes and drinks that you must try are: –Cevapi, this dish is not only found in Sarajevo, but in the whole country and region. It's a dish of obelisk-shaped minced meat, and it's prepared on a wooden charcoal grill. This dish is is broguht in the period of Ottoman Empire (15th century) and the recipe is the same as the first. It's served in portion of five, seven or ten pieces on plate in flatbread 'somun'. You can also get sour cream, kajmak, ajvar or cheese with them. The price for portion of five is about 1.50 euro, middle portion of seven is 2 euro and big portion of ten is around 5 euro (the prices are not the same in Sarajevo, on Bascarsija is a little bit expensive because it's made with original and traditional recipe)cevapispoljnaBosnian pie, this dish is originally called Burek, and it's traditional recipe. This recipe you can also find in Croatia or Serbia. It's made with phyllo dough filled with meat and onions. Beside this type of pie there are sirnica (pie with fetah cheese), zeljanica (pie filled with spinach), and maslanica (pie with different type of fetah cheese). You can find this pies everywhere in country but mostly in every bakery in Sarajevo, I recommend that you buy it on Bascarsija, because it's made with traditional recipe and it's more delicious. The price it's not expensive, it's about 0.50-1.00 euro (small portion) 8e149b304e5512abc773c00687b79941Sarma is made of  grape, cabbage, monk's rhubarb or chard leaves and it's filled with differnet types of meat. This dish is brought to Bosnia and Herzegovina by the Ottoman Empire.   –Mead is an alcoholic drink made by fermenting honey with water. Sometimes it's also made with different types of fruit –Rakia is alcoholic drink made by different types of fruit. The normal alcohol content is 40% ABV Balkan-Rakia-Festival-2013Bosnian coffee is a part and symbol of Bosnia and Herzegovinian identity. It's also brought by the Ottoman Empire. This type of coffee is prepared with baked coffe beans who are ground in manual coffee grinder. It's made in 'dzezva' and served in 'fildzan'. There are also sweets that are used with it like rahat lokum and glass of cold water. bosanska-kafa 1-IMG_3470-e1340705101911-1024x606  


If you come to the Sarajevo in winter you can go skiing or snowboarding on beautiful mountains around Sarajevo. bjelasnica_visitmycountry If you love art and culture you should visit Sarajevo Musem– there are multiple musem types in it sevdah-art-house-1397323752 Olympics Museum– memories of XIV Winter Olympics in Sarajevo (year 1984) Gallery 11/07/1995– in the memory of genocide in Srebrenica Svrzo House– located at Sarajevo Musem's building Sevdah House Sarajevo– museum based on traditional Bosnian music download (2) One per year many cultural festivals are hosted in Sarajevo like Bascarsija Nights– biggest cultural festival in Sarajevo. It's happening in July every year bascarsijske_noci_sarajevo Sarajevo Winter Festival– cultural festival based on Winter Olympics in Sarajevo Sarajevo Jazz Festival– cultural music festival 19_jfs_day_6_by_vanja_cerimagic_10 Nearby of the centre of Sarajevo there is a spring of river Bosna, it's located at the foothillsof the Mount Igman on the outskirts of city download (3) More places you can visit are: Zoo center of Sarajevo Avaz Twist Tower– tallest building in the Sarajevo Vilsonovo setaliste– tree aley in the middle of the city   Cinema city– biggest cinema in the Sarajevo OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   I hope that you enjoy in the true beauty of Sarajevo and

remember, eat Burek with jogurt 🙂

Dani Buljetovic

Bosnian Soul and Norwegian heart filled with International love.