Welcome to Olomouc: the city of history, students and fun

Upper Square

I would like to introduce you to my beloved city of Olomouc. I am studying here for the second year, and every day I realize more and more that it was the best choice for me.


Olomouc is a kind of cradle of knowledge and entertainment, because more than a quarter of the population are students (the highest density of university students in Central Europe), who simply want to have fun. This Student city is exceptional because of its Palacky University, which is the second oldest in the country and where studied for example a founder of genetics Gregor Mendel. It was established in 1573 and in the beginning it taught only theology, but nowadays it has eight faculties and eight facilities.

Palacky University


It is the sixth largest city in the Czech Republic and has a very rich history, so at the first visit you'll be amazed by the number of various monuments, such as the Holy Trinity Column in the center of the Upper Square, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Also worth mentioning the Town Hall, which is the symbol of the city and the Astronomical Clock on the north wall of the hall, which, however, is less popular than the one in Prague.

Holy Trinity Column


But it is not only the sights, which the city can be proud of. It is mainly the warm and friendly atmosphere created mostly by people who live here. Moravians are generally very open and nice people who will surprise you with its hospitality and tolerance to sometimes sassy foreigners. People in the Czech Republic varies according to place of the country where they live. Country is divided into three parts – Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. Olomouc is part of Moravia, where residents speak various and usually archaic dialects of Czech and are known for their kindness and tolerance. There are also many jokes between people of Moravia and Prague (the capital city of the Czech Republic and the heart of Bohemia), because they don't really like each other, but only on the friendly way.


The most typical and most magical time here is during Christmas. The town is transformed into a place full of Christmas decorations and ornaments, wooden stalls with regional goods and excellent and traditional punch. But we must not miss the winter skating in the middle of the Lower Square, which the whole Christmas atmosphere even more emphasizes. It is the most important time, because people are connected more than ever. Both the Lower Square and the Upper Square are the center of entertainment, while there are many performances like the fire show or the live band performances.

Town Hall


People in Olomouc do love good food. The most important part of the day is usually lunch, so it is sometimes difficult at midday to find a table in Olomouc's renowned restaurants. One of the most famous is undoubtedly The Moravska Restaurant, The St. Wenceslas Brewery Restaurant or The Original Restaurant Drapal, which can offer a wide selection of traditional Czech cuisine and are also built in the Moravian spirit. Also worth mentioning The Black Stuff Irish Pub & Whisky Bar, which is built in an Irish style and where you can order a typical Irish beer Guinness.


Talking about the nightlife, it is really rich in Olomouc. You can choose from the many music clubs such as ArtUm Centrum, where are performed a various theater performances or Jazz Tibet Club, which is exceptional for its live jazz and contemporary atmosphere. Who wants to continue and enjoy a little dance, be sure to visit dance club U-Club, which is a part of the student dormitories (no coincidence), Club 15minutes, which is almost filled to bursting every day or Belmondo, where are planned activities for students of Program Erasmus.

Night At Olomouc


Olomouc can be also proud of its diverse nature and magnificent parks. It is especially Smetana's park, which boasts many rare species such as the one of the oldest tree in the world – Gingko biloba or music gazebo where sometimes hosts live performances. All the parks are also connected by bike and inline trails, so you can get from one to another very easily. They are usually full of studying students or whole families on a walk. They are an oasis of calm, especially after a long night spent dancing.

Music Gazebo


I am positive, friendly and easy-going person, who loves travelling, creative writing, animals and good food. I am very hard-working and purposeful and I would like to make this world a better place to live one day. I am really interested in this kind of job, because I have been to many places and each of them had a big influence on me in its best way. It helped me to know another cultures, to learn about another habits and to see the world with a different eyes. I am very grateful for every possibility I can learn something new.