welcome to Miyajima in Hiroshima of Japan

August 16, 2016

by Alli-alice-chang

→How to go Miyajima?←

Visit to Hiroshima of Japan,have to go Miyajima island on once.
Total Time :45mins (From Hiroshima Station JR Sanyo line*to Iwakuni way* to Miyajima Station)

miyajima 1

From Miyajima station will go though undergound and then will see like picture show that place.

This way is go take boat to Miyajima Island
If you use JR PASS can take for free.
JR PASS Ticket

If do not have JR PASS,could use cash or easy card (ICOCA,SUICA,PASPY..etc),too.

And then,just take 15mins arrive to Miyajima island.

miyajima 2

We will see that”welcome to Miyajima Island” of landmark,and turn right way ,straight ahead
On stone written”
The 3 most scenic places in Japan,Miyajima Island”

miyajima 3Here hvae a lot cuttie deers around,but can not feed them.

If in your bag have smell food else, these deer will like Robber take out and eat.
Also take guide pappers,them will eat.
This is not good for deers and tourism environment.

miyajima 4

miyajima 5

I recommend that can stay here 1 Day tour or 2 Days 1 Night.
Because here can see beautiful view on day and night.

Could see Itsukushima Shrine of different of view  when high tide and ebb and sunset.

⊗Why have to visit Miyajima on once?⊕

Because is called an Island where people and gods live together.

miyajima 6 miyajima 7 miyajima 8

This place where my favorite.
I visited here 3-4 times.
And these such beautiful of view that make me inspire and peace.

Here a number of  shrines and temples.
3.The five storied pagoda
4.The Daiganji temple

Miyajima Aquarium

Open time : 09:00-17:00

I very recommend this Aquarium,because can take time appreciate and space biggest,have not crowd of people,is really cozy.

on Friendship Square,most afternoon between 14:00-14:30 have fun time with penguin.
It is good that let us more closer than animals.

(correctly time can ask for sure with staff member)

miyajima 9

♦Backed Momiji Manjyu♦

There are many flavors like chocolate, custard, maccha, cheese, and also smooth red bean inside.
We can taste freshly baked Momiji Manjyu in Miyajima.
They are very delicious.
And also visit Miyajima that have to taste.
miyajima 10

miyajima 11

miyajima 12

 ⇒This below is Miyajima Island Facebook page⇐

Miyajima Facebook page

♠I hope you guys can visit Miyajima island and enjoy.♠


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