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9th of May in the hero city Volgograd

Volgograd- unique historical city of Russia

Today I want to tell you about an amazing city of Russia, called Volgograd. Volgograd  became famous and historical value because of the Battle of Stalingrad in Second World War. So it is one of the biggest historical city in Russia located in the South-East European part of Russia.  And now I want to show you this city with his spirit of patriotism. Read more about Volgograd history on Wikipedia

What  do you need to get where

First of all, Volgograd has international airport so you can get there easily from many countries. And you need just 30 minutes in taxi to reach the center of the city.   But if you have a long trip in Russia and want to visit Volgograd, you can choose train. It will be nice experience to travel like this and will help you to see lots of places during this pretty long trip. Second good thing that the rail station of Volgograd is in the center of the city so you can reach your hotel on foot. I strongly recommend you to book a hotel in the center of the city, because of it's beauty and the location convenience of the city sightseeing.


As the climate in Volgograd is characterized by severe temperature changes, with hot and long summers and mild but windy winters, you need to choose April or May to visit the city as i recommend.  I prefer May and especially the 9th of the May, the Victory Day in Russia so you can see the great and unique parade this day. But, as I spent there two years, I can guarantee that even your travel would be in winter you will find unforgettable views for your memory.

Mamaev Kurgan

Monument Motherland Calls                  My daughter and This is the main historical attraction of the city. This largest memorial complex was created in the memory of the battle of Stalingrad. In the center of the complex, you will see an outstanding, huge sculpture « Motherland calls» which height is 85 meters with a sword. There are many monuments around the complex dedicated to different and specific periods of the Stalingrad battle. Here you can enter to the Church of All Saints where Russian people put candles as an eternal memory of the heroes.

Central waterfront

This is Central waterfront in Volgograd         This is an Old Mill

This amazing, clean waterfront is very nice for your long evening walk with incredible view to the Volga river. Here you can have one hour boat trip and see all the city from the river. There are a lot of restaurants in the central waterfront so you can have diner with the unforgettable view. From the central waterfront you can see the longest bridge in Europe. One of the most popular place in the central waterfront among tourists is the state museum-panorama of Stalingrad. There are more than 120 thousand exhibits here, showing you about the heroic past of Volgograd. The largest Russian panorama of  Stalingrad battle, the immense painting,  is here.

There is truly unique memorial  “Old Mil” near the museum. This mill was built in the beginning of the 20thcentury. It functioned as a steam mill until the Second World War started. During the war, it was partly destroyed by bombs and was not reconstructed.

And don’t forget that during your leisurely stroll to mention the biggest in Russia and Europe River Station.

Alley of Heroes

From the central waterfront, you can continue your walk to Alley of Heroes, other historical and architectural ensemble of the Stalingrad Battle. It will be nice to walk there during the daytime to see historical monuments or at night to look up at the starry installation.  And don’t forget, it will be extremely crowded during the parade of  the Victory Day.

Volgograd Metro My daughter and Tram monument

Forget about taxi! It will be more interesting if you go down to the metro in Volgograd. You will see trams, not trains. Citizens calls their metro underground tram “Metrotram” and use it to cross the city. This metrotram is the first in the world and the journal “Forbs” put it on the 4th place of top 12 most interesting tram routes. There is a monument of Tram in Volgograd.

                                        This is the entrance of Volgograd puppet theatre

  Singing fontain  

For kids

As I always travel with my husband and two daughters, I need to mention some really nice places for child ren. First, the Museum of Russian fairy tales is the unique place with great traditional show and games for children and even for adults. Here you will dance and sing, have fun and eat.I strongly recommend “Singing Fountains” for hot summer days. Children run and jump there. This place is full of lough.

Volgograd “Fast Food”

Volgograd has it’s own sort of traditional fast food. There are a lot of small cafes where you will taste real Russian “kievski cutlet” or pancakes. You can buy Volgograd “Fast Food”  dinner just for 5-7 euros per person but it will be healthy and really tasty traditional food. And of course you need to eat Russian “bulochka” (pastry) with your espresso or cappuccino in different endless cookeries…taste, smell…yummy…unforgettable!!! Yeah, you will have some extra kilos but it’s worth it.


Volgograd is the city where live more than one million and it is full of cultural places like theatres and music Conservatories. Yeah, you can say now, that you don’t speak Russian but you don’t need it during the outstanding Russian ballet or incredible organ music. And one more place for your kid is the Volgograd Puppet theatre where starring handmade dolls. I am sure your child will be impressed.

To make some conclusion

I spent two years in Volgograd with my husband and my daughters and it was interesting time full of discoveries. I guarantee, everyone can find here some incredible moments to put on his travel album. You will find many activities to do even you don’t like historical aspects, night life in Volgograd is full of fun and places. This city has huge historical and cultural customs and plays an important role in development of Russia. This is my small advice, when you start your plan of exploring Russia, don’t forget about heroic Volgograd. And make your trip pretty soon if you don’t want to miss FIFA WORLD CUP 2018!      

Daria Velezesina

My name is Daria, I am Russian, was born in Cuba. I am wife and mom and also veterinary doctor. Speak English and Spanish, dance salsa and crazy of traveling. We love family travels and use each opportunity to put one more country or city to our memory baggage.