Weekend in Paris

January 1, 1970

by Krystsina Lukashevich

If you are sitting in your armchair and thinking where to go for a weekend – safely choose one of the most beautiful European cities – Paris.
Undoubtedly, 2 days is not enough for a weekend to fully enjoy the beauty and style of this city, but for Paris it’s enough to surprise you!
You have two ways how to explore the city.The first – take a map, noting on it the most popular attractions and go with the songs or the second one – trust intuition, come to the city center and go whenever your feet take you.Believe me, the second option is the most advantageous.
Paris is for everyone, that’s how it fascinates.

The 16 arrondissement

Do you want to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of a full serenity? Go to the 16th arrondissement. Features of construction don’t allow any sound to penetrate inside streets and light buildings have calming effect. It’s possible to meditate right on the street, but we’re in Paris, don’t close your eyes! It seems like time in that area doesn’t exist, 19th century is somewhere here and horse-drawn coaches will appear now.
To return yourself to reality after examining the distinguishing features of the architecture and obtaining aesthetic pleasure, it would be great to choose the best table on the terrace with a view on a beautiful pedestrian street, order a cup of coffee, freshly baked croissant and share this moment with your beloved. It’s worth it!

Lively Paris

On the contrary, If you want to see the Parisian life as it is with cultural mixture on the same street, the noise of the city and the merchants of souvenirs that won’t miss the moment to tell you that their towers are the best and u’ll have the most lucrative deal, then go to the area of the Gare du Nord or Tour Eiffel. Here, the flow of people will pick you up and carry through the streets of Paris.

The first place that you will see in your adventure – the Eiffel tower.
Oh, that symbol of Paris! We saw it in films and on postcards, all of us dreamed how will stand next to it. Therefore advice – don’t go upstairs. That place has an invisible aura, so elusive like a perfume of your couple. But if you go upstairs you will loose that magic.
You can find a lot of places around the Eiffel tower that cook one of the most famous dishes in Paris – crêpes, local pancakes. They are delicious and there is so much variety, that there is a pancake to suit everybody: sweet with Nutella, bananas, strawberries, nuts and even ice cream or savory with vegetables, meat or cheese. Moreover, vegans and vegetarians will find options for them.
Don’t miss the chance to try this delicious dish on the bank of the Seine, where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the city and feed the ducks.
After relaxing on the quay, you can continue your journey through the small streets of Paris in the direction of Place de la Concorde and the Louvre and don’t forget about the most famous avenue des Champs-Élysées.

Evening city gives us a unique atmosphere at that places! The best time for the Louvre – at sunset. At the same time, there are not so many tourists that allows you to make the perfect shot. Near with the exit try to find sellers of roasted chestnuts – the most popular kind of street food in Paris.

End your day in one of the local wine bars and also visit the Eiffel tower at night. Just want to remember one of the finest Woody Allen’s films “Midnight in Paris”, he knew what to tell the viewer.

Morning in Paris

The second day should begin with one of the most famous and luxuries bakeries in the world – Ladurée, where you can enjoy an unforgettable dessert macaron that will melt in your mouth.This is the only place where you will find the real taste of this dessert.

Notre Dame de Paris and Île de la Cité

Now you can continue to plunge into the history of the city and visit the Notre Dame de Paris, recollect the world famous story of Esmeralda and the hunchback. Not far away you will find a beautiful place that reminiscent of Cinderella’s Castle but with a sad story – La Conciergerie. It is a former palace and prison which is located to the west of Île de la Cité.

Latin Quarter

It is necessary to remember about the Latin Quarter.
The easiest way to get to this part of Paris through the Île de la Cité. Walking through any bridge from the famous island on the opposite shore, you will find yourself in the area, which will be discussed. The most convenient bridge for exploring the Latin Quarter – Pont Saint-Michel. It leads directly to the second significant boulevard in that part of of Paris – Boulevard Saint-Michel.
The Sorbonne, the Luxembourg Gardens, the Pantheon – everything is here.
This district – one of the oldest in the French capital, preserved narrow medieval streets that nobody even tried to rename in the last five hundred years.
It is well-known for for its variety of cafes and bistros. Ayn tourist can find a good lunch only for 10 euros. Latin Quarter will surprise you with a huge variety of souvenirs and beautiful things

About food

It is worth it to talk about food in Paris.
Traditional French foods rely on simple combinations that enhance the rich, natural flavors of French ingredients. Many French chefs have earned international acclaim for turning French food into haute cuisine and influencing the gastronomic scene worldwide. Food in France is an integral part of its culture and was added to UNESCO’s world list of intangible cultural heritage in 2010.
The most famous dishes are:

  • Soupe à l’oignon;
  • a traditional French soup made of onions and beef stock;
  • Ratatouille – a mix of sauteed vegetables, including eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, bell peppers and onions;
  • Mozzarella, tomato and basil quiche – a savoury, open-faced pastry crust with a filling of savory custard with one or more of cheese, meat, seafood or vegetables. Quiche can be served hot or cold;
  • Tarte tatin – a delicious caramelized upside-down apple pie that never, ever, disappoints;
  • Eclair au chocolat – a true classic like a small black dress that never lets you down;
  • Crème brûlée – is a classic French dessert consisting of a custard topped with caramelized sugar.

It is possible to talk about food forever because each country and even city has its own cuisine!
Summing up, I want to give just a few tips: walk, explore, not necessarily follow the tourist guide, turn on your imagination. Paris – a city of contradictions. In one part you can plunge into the story, and in another one find modern high-rise buildings. Be sure to bring a map with you, good mood and comfortable shoes.

And, perhaps, the main rule of Paris – don’t hurry. Paris likes quality instead of quantity.

Krystsina Lukashevich

By Krystsina Lukashevich

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