Weekend in Paris- 6 top places worth to see

Surely, most of you had a list of places you planned to see in your life and at least one place you had dreamed to go. Definitely, such a place for me was Paris. Watching fashion magazines or movies I admired the style and architecture of this city. It was something that impressed me every time I see it. A visit to Paris did not let down my expectations and this is something I will always come back to in my mind. I want to share with you my point of view, give you some advice, help you better organize and maybe encourage some of you. So, let’s bump into Paris! Short trips have it to itself that you need to carefully plan what you want to see the most. You must see as much as possible, having not much time. How to do this? Just follow a few rules.

  1. Good location of accommodation:
If you decide to spend the night in Paris it is important to choose a place near the center. Having little time, it’s a pity to waste it on getting into your own room.
  1. Metro ticket:
Metro is a great opportunity to move quickly from one place to another. Metro maps can be purchased at any kiosk or at the train station. If you do not want to waste too much time, the metro will be the perfect solution for you.
  1. Attractions:
Having shortened time, you should think about which places you want to visit first of all. A good solution is to mark all the places that you want to visit on the map, then check which famous and interesting places are on your way to this marked places.
  1. Tickets:
You can buy tickets for the majority of attractions but you should calculate if you have time and money to enter each of them. It’s time to present to you top places worth to see being in Paris:

Montparnasse Tower

It was my starting point for visiting Paris. I won’t forget the view in the morning. I recommend it to everyone. The trip itself by the lift is impressive. The tower has 59 floors, including 54 for offices, and 59th floor is available to visitors. It is one of the favorite viewing points of many tourists. The panorama from the Montparnasse Tower impresses even more than from the Eiffel Tower –  being on Eiffel Tower we cannot see it. Ticket price:
  • Adults- 22€
  • Youth (16-20 y.o) and students- 20€
  • Children (4-11 y.o)- 14,50€, under 4 y.o – free admission

Notre Dame Cathedral

The cathedral is one of the most popular attractions of the city, thanks to the book The Hunchback from Notre Dame written by Victor Hugo. Admission to the Cathedral is free but the queue is usually very long. You can not enter the temple with luggage. People with a small backpack or purse should be able to enter the church, but it is worth remembering to check the contents of your bags. The entrance to the tower is payable.
  • The price of a normal admission ticket is 10 €,
  • a concession ticket will be purchased at the price of 8 €,
  • persons under the age of 18 and EU citizens up to the age of 25 can enter the tower free of charge.

The Louvre

Among the many places worth visiting during your trip to Paris, there is one which is the most valued places in the world – the Louvre Museum. It is the most famous museum in Europe and one of the most popular in the world, with around 10,000 visitors daily. The museum houses an archive, library, scientific institutions and workshops for conservation and restoration of works of art. There are over 350,000 of various works of art. The Louvre collections are divided into eight sections, in which we can find exhibitions of sculptures, paintings, drawings, sketches, graphics, furniture and other items of handicraft. The famous pyramid consists of 603 elements in the shape of a diamond and 70 in the shape of triangles, giving a total value of 673 glass elements. This amazing design measures over 21 meters and weighs over 180 tons. The monumentality of the museum makes a huge impression and it is for sure one of the crowded places. I am telling you, this is something that should be on your list of MUST TO SEE even if you do not an entry, the entire property makes a big impression. The Louvre Museum tickets:
  • normal ticket 15 €
  • people under the age of 18 are free of charge,
  • people between 18 and 25 years of age from EU countries and people with disabilities – free admission

Eiffel Tower

Everyone who plans to go to Paris usually goes there because of the Eiffel Tower. Each of us knows how the Eiffel Tower looks like. This is a symbol not only of Paris but also of all of France and became widespread throughout the world. The monument is entirely made of iron and that is why people called it “The iron lady”. The tower was built especially for the Parisian world exhibition in 1889. It was to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. Thanks to various additions, the flag or antenna on the top of the tower, its height changed from 312cm in 1889 to 324cm at present. Until 1930 it was the highest building in the world. The monument weighs about 10,000 tons. The Eiffel Tower has terraces and viewpoints of varying heights, with a beautiful panorama of Paris. I recommend buying a ticket and entering the Eiffel Tower. It is an amazing experience and at the same time amazing views. If you decide to enter the towers, be sure to buy a ticket online because the queues are incredibly long and take away most of your precious time.

Moulin Rouge

Maybe one of you saw a movie called “Moulin Rouge” from 2001. Then you probably will want to see this famous place. I’m not surprised, I also wanted to, although I didn’t see the movie. Since the very beginning, the cabaret has been presenting dance performances in which dancers were dressed in colorful, elaborate costumes while their performing on stage. Dancers often were topless, decorated with jewelry or colorful feathers. Over the years, Moulin Rouge has become famous for the cancan. If you find the time it is a good way to see this place but you should do not go there alone, especially on weekends, because it is a dangerous neighborhood. So, watch yourself.

LaFayette gallery

Lafayette gallery is one of the most famous shopping centers in the world. This shopping center can easily be included in the mandatory attractions of Paris! Top brands – clothing, perfumes, jewelry, etc. The richly decorated interior of the building and the dome itself leave an unforgettable impression on the visitors. In addition, there is an observation deck on the roof of the gallery. You can admire the nearby Opera Garnier, and of course the Eiffel Tower, which can be seen from every place in Paris. I ensure you, this gallery will change your perspective on shopping centers.  Get ready to search your bags before the entrance.   After a long tour, it’s time to eat something. The food you should try: Visiting Paris would not be complete if you had not tasted French delicacies. There is nothing better than to starts day with a good breakfast in the beautiful city. Who hasn’t heard about famous croissants? Imagine a crunchy croissant with delicious coffee and orange juice and it’s all in two versions, sweet or dry. Already hungry? So why stop only at a delicious breakfast? France is famous for its crispy baguettes, quiche lorraine or crepes. The quiche itself is a type of baking based on a salt shortcrust pastry and persevered baked filling. The most famous is quiche lorraine, cake based on bacon, ham, grated cheese, cream, and eggs. Almost everywhere you will find stands with crepes. You can choose which filling you only want. nutella, chestnut jam etc.   If you still hesitate to visit Paris. Please stop. Just find the opportunity, buy a ticket and enjoy life and leave your fear behind. ?  

Kasia Szema

I am a student who likes traveling, trying new things and good food. Since I got my first travel book I has been curious about the world and from that moment I dreamed about discovering new places and learning about new cultures and traditions. After the first trip I was overjoyed and I wanted more and more, because I realized that traveling is like an interesting book, if you read a few pages and you could not tear yourself away, you wanted to read as much as possible. Traveling is some kind of looking for freedom and for yourself. It taught to NOT LET YOUR DREAMS BE ONLY DREAMS.