Warsaw Top 10 Places You Need To See.

January 1, 1970

by Julia Arendt

Warsaw, the capital city of Poland has been on fire for several last years! You can see a lot of modern buildings and skyscrapers under construction; many restaurants and cafeterias full of people; citizens jogging and riding a bike. Come and see for yourself!


When to come?

The best moment to visit Warsaw is (not surprisingly) spring and summer. The beginning of the spring may be still a bit cold, thus I recommend you to come between May and September. May is the month of student’s festivals, so all the nightlife is going out to the riverside, parks and open pubs. The temperature during the day usually exceeds 20 Celsius degrees, whereas during the night it shouldn’t go lower than 12. You need to be aware of the rain possibility. Just check the weather a few days before arrival.

Where to stay?

Warsaw is full of students and young, open-minded people. You can easily find a host in here, e.g. through Couchsurfing. Also, it is one of the European countries, thus Airbnb.com, Booking.com, and all related websites work perfectly here. For backpackers, there are a lot of cheap hostels located in the city center, as well as apartments and more expensive hotels. If you are looking just for a place to sleep you can have a bed in a shared room for a price starting from 7-10 USD per person per night.

What to eat?

You have probably heard of the most famous polish dish: pierogi. Everyone loves pierogi. You can have them sweet (e.g. with cottage cheese or seasonal fruits served with cream and sugar) or salty (e.g. with meat, mushrooms and cabbage, and many more). Typical for polish cuisine is a variety of soups. They are always warm, except for the summer soup “Chłodnik”, which you may find interesting. Homemade polish food you can usually find at so-called “milk bars”. The food there is simple and cheap. Do not expect any kind of fancy restaurant or an elegant interior. The menu is changing quite often due to the availability of the products. You should look for those milk bar is the university area or in the city center. You will be surprised how different are the people, who eat there. Most importantly, do not eat in the old town! Restaurants there are just for tourist and are very expensive.


Public transport

In Warsaw, there are two metro lines, buses, trams, and local trains. One single ticket costs 4.40 PLN ( 1.1 – 1.2 USD). You can also get a 24h ticket or a weekend ticket. All the types of tickets with the prices are described here https://www.ztm.waw.pl/index.php?c=110&l=2. The whole city is included in the first zone, and the second zone is the suburbs. If you visit Warsaw during spring or summer there are many public bikes to rent. You just need to download the app and charge your account with minimum 10 PLN (2.6 USD). All information available here https://www.veturilo.waw.pl/en/. This year (2019) electric scooters conquered the city. There is more than one company renting them, but the first one was Lime, and it’s still the most common.


What to see

I am going to present a list of the top 10 places, that you cannot miss while being in Warsaw!

Palace of Culture and Science.

Located in the most central part of Warsaw. You can go to the view terrace on the 30th floor and see the view over the whole of Warsaw. This is the most characteristic building in the city.

The old town with Royal Castle.

Start the walking trip from the roundabout with a palm and go along Nowy Świat street. You will see a lot of cafeterias, restaurants, and shops. Then you will pass the main campus of the University of Warsaw and the University of Fine Arts. Next, you will see the President Palace and after a while, you will reach the Royal square with the Royal Palace. And this is the place that the Old Town starts. Let yourself get lost among the little streets.

Museum of Warsaw Rising.

A bit of history. This is a very modern and interesting museum focused on the II World War and the Warsaw Rising. The entrance on Sundays free. You can take the audio guide, which is only 10PLN (2.6 USD) and the tour takes approximately 2 – 2.5 hours.

The Royal Bath park.

This is one of the nices place for having a walk and chill. In the middle of the park, there is a Palace on the water. Lots of people visiting the park during sunny days, also locals. From May to September there are weekly Chopin’s concerts every Sunday located next to the Chopin’s monument. Check out the program available on the webpage. http://koncerty-chopinowskie.pl/en/

Copernicus Science Center.

I am sure you will have a lot of fun there. It is a science center, which explains the world around us in a very funny and simple way. There are several exhibitions and topics for people of all ages.

Boulevard at the riverside.

Very nice and modern walking path. Order a cup of coffee or a pint of beer in one of the bars and just enjoy the moment.

University library with garden.

On the rooftop of the library, there is a garden overviewing the Vistula river. Really nice picture spot. The garden is accessible for everyone and the entrance is free.

Wilanów Palace.

Another park with a palace. It used to be a residence of the polish king Sobieski. You can visit the palace inside and rent a boat for a lovely cruise on the lake.

The Grand Theatre.

Here I need to share a fun fact: the stage in The Warsaw Grand Theatre used to be the biggest (in the sense of area) in the world. Now the stage in Pekin is known as the biggest, but our is still the biggest in Europe (1150 square meters).

Museum of polish vodka.

This is a pretty popular place not only among tourists but also among polish people. You will get to know a bit of history, the way the vodka is produced and finally you will be able to taste several types so that in the end you can purchase your favorite one.

I hope you enjoyed the text. Feel free to contact me for more details regarding stay in Warsaw. Do not hesitate to visit this wonderful city!

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