Walchensee: The hidden lake in Germany

  Walchensee or Lake Walchen is a beautiful lake nestled in between the peaks of the Heimgarten and the Herzogstand mountains and is one of the most underrated vacation spots in the world. This beautiful lake found in the middle of the Bavarian Alps is a relatively quiet and peaceful touristic attraction. As one of the deepest and largest lakes in Germany, Walchensee offers its' visitors a spectacular view along with fun activities to enjoy. Lake Walchen, with its picturesque view, is not only considered one of the most beautiful places in Bavaria but is also known for being a surfer's paradise. The reason why this breathtaking lake is still not known to many people is because its location made it hidden even from some neighboring citizens. However, now that it has been discovered by you through the internet, it is a place that I highly recommend you to visit and explore.  

Herzogstand, Lake view

How to get there

Once you are in Munich, it is easy to get to Walchensee. You can opt for a train or a bus, or you can even choose to drive to this beautiful location if you are renting a car or have access to your own personal vehicle. Those who are interested in making the journey by train can take the Regional Train Service which provides a direct connection for travelers from Munich to Kochel. This train ride takes approximately one hour and is followed by a short bus ride that takes you to Walchensee. Those who wish to take the scenic drive to Walchensee can do so by using the A95 Freeway. The drive from Munich to Walchensee is also about an hour long.  

 Things to do in Walchensee


1. Water sports – Swimming, windsurfing and more!


Lake Walchensee

  Walchensee offers many different activities for its visitors to enjoy and experience. Visiting this beautiful lake during the summer time allows you to maximize your experience of the lake by going for a swim in the crystal blue waters, going on the boat for a peaceful time of relaxation or simply breathing in the summer air while sipping on some Bavarian beer and enjoying the beautiful view. Walchensee also attracts many windsurfers and sailors as a result of the continuous thermal winds of the summer months. This lake is also of interest to scuba divers because of its crystal clear water that enables visibility up to 40 meters (130 feet).  

Windsurfing in Walchensee

2. Ride a bike or take a scenic walk

Walchensee is essentially located in a valley which protects this lake from northern and eastern winds. The low mountains on its south shore allow the sun to shine gloriously while giving it a very mild climate, thus making it ideal for tourists to enjoy so many outdoor activities. This pleasing weather makes it perfect for a bike ride by the lake or to take a peaceful walk by the shore.  

3. Visit the beautiful German Castles

Neuschwanstein Castle

There are day bus trips offered from Walchensee to various Castles like that of King Ludwig II, Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. Visiting the Neuschwanstein Castle by the bus or the train takes longer than the hour and a half drive to this historically rich location because of the varied routes. King Ludwig's Castle which is also known as the Linderhof Palace is only an hour away from Walchensee while the Hohenschwangau Castle is only an hour and a half drive from Walchensee. These castles offer a beautiful glimpse into Germany's glorious history.  

4. Hike or take cable-car rides

There is a bus ride available from Walchensee to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. This is a mountain resort town in Bavaria where you can either climb the highest mountain in Germany called The Zugspitze or take the cable car to the top.Hiking on the Herzogstand mountain can be another fun activity for the nature explorer. The mountain top can also be reached by a cable car. There is also a restaurant at the top where you can enjoy a nice lunch and a cold beer after your hike. Those who are more enthusiastic about hiking can also take the full circle around Walchensee which is about 27 km.

Lake Walchensee, Upper Bavaria


5. Visit the Power Station

The Walchensee Power Station is another place of attraction for people visiting the area for the first time because of its historic significance. The Lake Walchen Power Plant came into operation in 1924 and is still in use but only during the winter months. The Walchensee Power Plant is a storage power station that is fed water from the Walchensee Lake and is one of the largest in Germany.

6. Winter activities

Although it is recommended to visit Walchensee during the summer months to really enjoy all the activities this beautiful lake has to offer, there are still some fun things to do and experience when the temperature drops. Those who visit this lake during the winter months can go hiking and cross country skiing in the surrounding mountains.  

Where to stay

There has been such a vast improvement in technology that preparing for a vacation has become significantly easier. We now have access to all the available options for accommodation through the Internet and booking a room has never been easier because of these websites. There are many Bed and Breakfast kind of accommodations near this stunning lake that offer rooms at a reasonable price. There are also some nice hotels that offer exclusive indoor and outdoor spa facilities that are located by the lake. You could also rent private holiday homes in Walchensee if you are going with your family. All of these options can be tested for their legitimacy through plenty of reviews offered by real customers on various travel websites.    

Must taste food items in Walchensee

There are numerous cafes and restaurants in Walchensee that offer delicious and authentic German cuisine. Here is a list of some of the dishes that I tried on my visit there and recommend you to try too!

1. Flaedlesuppe

This is also known as the German Pancake soup and is a traditional southern German comfort food made of broth, vegetables, and noodles made from pancake-like crepes. This soup can be a delicious lunch option during your stay.  

2. Spätzle

This is a type of noodle or dumpling which is usually served with cheese and fried onions. They are also known as “Traditional German dumplings” and are very popular among locals as well as tourists.  

3. Prinzregententorte

This is a very rich, multilayered cake with chocolate buttercream and a chocolate glaze. It is an extremely popular Bavarian cake.  

4. Bratwurst

This one is a bit obvious, but if you're in Germany you have to absolutely try it. It is a sausage made from either beef, pork or veal and is one of the most well-known German dishes.  

Taste and see the beauty of Walchensee

The world we live in is beyond beautiful and has so many interesting places for us to travel and explore. The Lake Walchen provides one of the most breathtaking views that you will lay your eyes upon and if you get a chance to go see and experience this “German treasure” in person, you should definitely take it!    


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