Visit Santa Claus in Lapland

Christmas is coming and If you are fan of traveling during this lovely season, do not forget to visit Santa in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland. Close to the cute little airport you’ll find a magical place called Santa's Village. Though you might not believe in Santa Claus (Joulupukki in Finnish) anymore, especially as you’re that one that spends heaps of money at the end of every year on gifts, you'll find it hard not to enjoy all activities this place has to offer. And talk about that white haired and bearded man wearing a red costume for the next few months. It’s a place where dreams do come true!

Meet and speak with Santa Claus in Lapland.

This summer my fiancé took me to Lapland, in the northern part of Finland, and I was fortunate enough that I met Santa in the flesh. He’s very charming, huge, I mean tall (like all lumberjacks living here in Finland) and speaks several languages (French, English, Finnish, Swedish, German…). I was so amazed by his presence, that I talked about him more than our kids. He seemed to be very clever, friendly and approachable. Nothing quite like I was expecting. I guess this is why people queue for a while to have a chat with him and of course take a unique picture for the family album. Every time we pass our Santa family picture, that’s hanging in kid’s room, it brings back memories that makes us smile.

Santa Claus is very busy but there are several activities how to spend time:

  • You can send a postcard –  either immediately or get one from Santa himself, sent home for Christmas. I sent a few of them to ours and my sister’s kids. It will definitely be the best gift for them this year.
  • Or you can get many forms of ‘Rudolph’ the reindeer toys and another promotional items (Christmas themed of course).
739A5E2E-1575-4C9F-B0FA-D2E27CFA38A4 1D49E0DC-230D-494B-8658-43AC95F9CABA My daughter, who was only a few month old when we were there, got a cuddly little Petteri (Finnish for Rudolph) the reindeer toy and she loves him so much that sleeps with him every night.
  • Let your toddler to leave their dummy here for Santa's elves and baby reindeers!
  • Find out how many people daily writes a letter to the real Santa!

IMG_0376 dudl There are outdoor activities for whole family, too.
  • Spend some time in a Finnish Kota (similar to the American tipi) and find out where and how Finns spend their free time in winter when they want to be outside with friends.
My favourite one, aside from shopping, was feeding Santa's reindeers. Isn't it cool to feed Rudolph 🙂 …who cares that it costs 5 Euros.   Of course the kids also enjoyed feeding and petting the furry little friends. unnamed-8 unnamed-9 unnamed-10  

A Selfie with Santa, just like I have?

Don't expect it to be easy to take a similar selfie with Santa. Actually it is almost impossible. If you want a family photo with Santa, an Elf is there to take a picture of all of you. Basically you have to pay for everything here: entry, meeting Santa Claus, photo with Santa or feeding reindeers… but to visit village of Santa is the dream and I would be ready to pay even more to spend day here! I was pretty lucky and I took this picture and selfie with Santa Claus ?  

14095985_10210280133864198_8209417385721975824_n 14045653_10210280123503939_6269151428282360326_n When to go to Lapland?

If you are fan of skiing, choose winter season (December – March) there is one of the best skiing resort in Pyhä. Count with darkness and freezing weather, I mean from -10  to -30 Celsius degree. This place is lying on Arctic circle and you can really feel that.   Autumn season offers you amazing colourful Auroras (August – November) and definitely better weather (from +5C to +20C) then in winter. You can also visit more places like Pyhä-Luosto National Park or Amethyst Mine. The National park is super tourist friendly. Take water and snack with you because way has a few kilometres without possibility to buy something! unnamed-12 unnamed-14 unnamed-15     Summer season is about light… and mosquitoes. There's plenty of both, especially during midsummer (also known as a 2-day party time in Finland) and yes did I mention that its light outside all the time. This means that if you are fan of sleeping in the dark, don’t even think about Lapland in summer time as the sun literally shines for 24 hours a day.    unnamed-18 You can meet reindeers everywhere. They just walking through..slowly so you will take plenty pictures of them. Our visit was definitely not the last.  


Wife of amazing Finnish man and mother of two but just one I gave birth on February 2016.