Virginia Beach: An Adventurous Weekend Getaway

July 13, 2019

by Rachel Coston

Does the beach ever call your name when you are sitting in a long meeting or stuck in traffic? A relaxing beach trip might be just what you need. If you want to get away for a weekend trip while still avoiding the big crowds take a drive to Virginia Beach. East coast beaches in the United States are known for their quaint neighborhoods, calm waters, and delicious fresh seafood. At Virginia Beach, you can have it all for an unforgettable weekend. Virginia Beach is a lesser-known east coast destination to discover with loads of summer activities. Bring your loved one here for a warm and romantic trip, or plan a girl’s weekend with your best friends. Virginia Beach is perfect for an adventurous weekend getaway in the United States!

Virginia Beach Boardwalk

Virginia Beach is one of the only beaches on the east coast to have a 3-mile boardwalk along the ocean. Greeting you is the massive King Neptune Statue that you will have to get a picture with. King Neptune guards the sea at Virginia Beach with all of his sea friends carved along the bottom of the statue. You can ride a bike, take a run, or sit with your toes in the sand at this unique spot. The boardwalk gives you all of the freedom to explore the refreshing and serene beach while still being close to the action. Tasty restaurants and crafty stores are right at your fingertips along the boardwalk.

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Town Center

The heart of Virginia Beach is the vibrant town center, just one block away from the misty ocean. Here you can spend the evening shopping and seeing the sights. This area is really the center of shopping in Virginia Beach. Savor and have a blast at any of the local restaurants or bars in the town center where you can fill your stomach with a great view. Local lovers and tourists alike will find something to do for a weekend trip to the town center.

Virginia Beach Military Bases

If there is one thing this beach town is serious about it’s the armed forces. The United States Army, Coast Guard, and Navy all have bases in or near Virginia Beach. You can take a weekend to show your respects and learn more about the United States military in this patriotic town. It is always known when you have arrived in Virginia Beach by hearing and seeing the countless jets that fly by. You never know when the jets will soar by so when you hear them keep your eyes peeled.

Virginia Beach: An Adventurous Weekend Getaway


If you want to escape the sand and experience city life, take a short drive to Norfolk. Downtown is charming and modern with all kinds of events and activities throughout the year. During the summer enjoy the bay area at the Norfolk Harborfest and in the fall sip a selection of vino at the Wine Festival. If you want to see some incredible military ships head down to the harbor in downtown Norfolk. Families can find all kinds of interesting activities in downtown Norfolk and the surrounding areas for a fun weekend trip.


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