Villa Alberto Resort: A perfect family getaway in Cavite

January 1, 1970

by Madel Omandam

Located in the heart of Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines is a perfect family getaway for summer! This is best for families who want to skip the hassle of traveling for long hours just to have that awesome refreshing summer vacation.

Recently, my Tita Gina and her partner who resides in Cavite, where I am currently staying at for my summer vacation, decided to have an overnight stay at Villa Alberto Resort in the same city. We left the house at past 7 pm. We arrived at 8 pm and a few minutes which would take up to 30-35 minutes without traffic delay.

How to get there

It’s not actually hard to get there.

The landmark would be SM Molino. From the mall, just ride a jeepney passing along Lingas Road. In a few kilometers, you would be able to see a large-size tarpaulin labeled with ‘Villa Alberto Resort’ posted at the entrance of a small paved road that leads to the resort itself. You can also refer to google map for a better direction viewing. The jeepney ride is very affordable and would only cost you Php 8 to Php 10. It would take up to 10-15 minutes from the mall to get there.

What to bring

The resort is not just a family type, public and private resort, but also a hotel type resort with a restaurant and an amusement park. For customers who’d prefer to be budget wise and bring their own food, they actually have the choice to do so. This only means that a bigger vehicle space like a car is recommended to accommodate the family and everything they need to enjoy the stay including food. You can also bring entertainment kinds of stuff such as speakers, guitars or even inflated pool balloons. But actually, as for music, it is automatically free because they play nonstop loud music inside. Drinks are what you only need to pay as it has a corkage fee. My Tita’s boyfriend has a car so we definitely didn’t have to commute. Her place is at Cherry Homes Subdivision so we just took the Molino Road/Route.


Judge not by the cover

The outside appearance of the resort is quite deceiving. As the car turned to a small pavement road, I learned that we were already near the resort’s main gate. The gate, styled in simplicity, is led through a paved road which is the only way also to get through the resort. But when you get to explore inside, it is a fun-filled place with a touch of nature, Filipino and medieval theme.


Entrance admission fee

When we arrived at the main gate, the people inside the car were asked to go outside by the security personnel for entrance admission. Since we planned to have an overnight stay in the summer, entrance rate varies and is quite higher from the regular entrance admission. Their summer rates fall between the month of March and May. For adults, the admission in the day is Php 160 while the night entrance fee would take up to Php 180 but since we arrived past 6 pm, which is the shifting time for summer night entrance fee, my Tita paid Php 190 for each of the adults. We have kids with us but they are tall kids so they were counted as adults. The only little child with us is Jasmine. She measures below 2 ft so her admission is automatically free. If you plan to go in the day, it would be Php 10-40 less cheap.

And voila!

We’re all set! It’s time to enjoy the place!

When you enter the main gate, the parking area is what you’ll see first. Aside from that, they have cottages assigned in the right corner also, each is good for five to ten person. These semi-concrete cottages are aligned in one place. And from there, we start to choose our cottage. Cottages in the parking area costs for about Php 500 for the rental per stay.


Semi-concrete cottage

The image shown above is a photo of the semi-concrete cottage we have rented. As you can see from the number 15 cottage, some member of the family chose to sit outside. It’s small and is only good for 5-10 persons and we count more than ten. We don’t have a choice but to rent this one since the cottages nearby the pool are already full.

After we have settled everything in the cottage, the men started to grill the raw meats they have prepared for grilling and they will also use as pulutan for their hard drinks. It was not hard to find a place to grill. The resort has a designated place for grilling. They have three grillers to accommodate a number of people from each cottage and beside is an area to put the food. I’ve seen it and the place is clean and cemented. I didn’t have time to take a photo because I was there to help anyway, help in bringing the fire coals. Very helpful, right? Hahaha.

Since I was the nanny for my little cousin in the meantime, I was busy taking care of her and making sure she eats when it’s time to eat. Though I didn’t have much time taking photos, I made sure I get to have the best photos of the main fun place everyone is there for, the pool!

Well, not really that perfect, at least from my own best perspective.

The photo below is another gate that leads to the pool area, the function room and other cottages nearby.


What to expect

Before we end up in this place, Tita’s boyfriend and his adopted son have already told us how beautiful the place is and how it is the recommended by the locals. Indeed, I was not disappointed because it sufficed my expectation. The prices are reasonable, the amenities are just what we need, and the pools are great. There was no harm done during our stay.

What I also particularly like in this resort is the medieval feeling that I get from the architectural structures, especially the pool wall that separates the kiddies pool from the adult pool, as well as the gazebo. It’s like a designed for basic attraction, not really the main theme of the family resort. I am really fond of anything that involves art so this is something that interests me.



Take a lot of the photo I’ve taken from their gazebo. It costs up to Php 1000 and can accommodate up to 10-20 persons. Do you already feel what I feel?


Nipa hut cottage

They also have nipa-hut style cottages if you’d like to shift the mood into classic Filipino. The Filipino-style cottage is made out of bamboo woods. This type of cottage goes into different sizes so the rental price really varies. The biggest of this cottage type can accommodate up to 30-50 persons and that is Php 2500. A whole classroom can get in!


Loud party music

When we get to enter the pool area, the flashing lights illuminating under the pool, the kid’s playful voices of excitement and the loud party of modern music is what welcomed us. I got excited about the vibe. I got ignited not because of what I saw but because of the feeling that I will get to enjoy this moment and spend time with the family, and I’m looking forward to it. It has really been a long time that I didn’t get to spend summer vacation with them so something flashy, booming and alive in music place like this is making me feel like a kid again.


Public pools

The pools are the main attraction of a resort. It’s simply the area where the ‘summer getaway’ term is justified. Literally, for refreshing purposes. Their public pool levels are all in one place so it wouldn’t be hard to back and forth to try each of them.

I was with my little cousin the whole time, Jasmine, who is really excited to get inside and see what was going on the inner part of the resort where we constantly hear the music. Her excitement was overdue to the point that she refuses to get inside the cottage to eat first.


Quality wise

Most of the people nowadays fail to realize the value of happiness a child can get. Whether it be an expensive toy, beautiful dress, delicious food, or even a summer vacation, it really doesn’t matter. I think people should come up to a realization that a kid’s happiness doesn’t rely on what’s nice, what’s expensive, or what’s in. Their happiness is a by-product of their imagination and curiosity so it would naturally come out from them based on what they have learned to be exciting, fun and beautiful. As I what I have observed from being a nanny to my 2-year-old little cousin, purity and innocence are glowing inside her. Since the place is also a public family-designed resort, she gets to meet and play with kids around her age. Her joy and laughter along with the kids were priceless. What’s good is the resort is located and well accessible in the city, local people keep coming back to have a well-spent summer vacation saving their time and money from planning long trips.


Pool levels

Since it is a family-designed resort, they offer different levels and categories for the pools available for everyone.


Kiddie pool

For the toddlers, the kiddie pool is definitely designed for them. Each level goes below 2-ft long. Pretty cute and harmless, right? It is also a really fun place, just like any other kiddie pools! Even the adults get to enjoy seeing their little ones dipping into water surface and having fun, which includes me. Haha!

These are photos I’ve taken from the kiddie pool from different angles.


This is me looking after my little cousin, Jasmine. I am the eldest grandchild around so I am the best caretaker she should be with while the adults prepare the food. It was a stolen shot so I didn’t have a decent pose. Actually, almost all the pictures that my Lola has taken of us are stolen so they are all blurry. Haha!


Adult pool



They are not really strict with swimwear so as long as it’s a swimming outfit that you can easily move and swim around, then you can wear it on the pool.

This is the only proper picture of myself together with my cousins during our night swim. It’s taken by my Lola and (obviously) I am the tall girl in the center.



They also have two spiral slides built in the pool for an added fun experience. The yellow slide, which is shorter, is designed for kids between 5-11 years old. I think it goes up to 8-10 ft.


The 20-ft blue slide is for the adults. It’s quite high so I didn’t dare to try it. Haha!


Private pool

Aside from a public pool, they also offer a private pool for a more intimate family bonding. Rates vary for the time and length of use. Inclusive are private pool use, refrigerator, griller, and function area. Since we paid for a public pool, I didn’t get the chance to see and take a photo of it. What’s amazing is that you get to use the public pool for a private pool rental.



There are few lifeguards on standby in the pool area as well. They usually just sit on a monobloc chair at a corner and have everything on their watch. They don’t wear uniforms so sometimes it’s hard to recognize who’s who.



Overall, the experience was fun and fascinating! It’s absolutely a perfect place for families or even friends to get more intimate and have a quality time together while having that refreshing summer getaway without having to get away from the city. I would also recommend it to my friends living near the area if they happen to look for a place to enjoy and relax.



Tita n. Filipino word for auntie
Lola n. Filipino word for grandma or grandmother
Pulutan n. Filipino term for food or snacks provided as an accompaniment to alcoholic drinks.
Nipa n. A kind of palm-tree in the Philippine Islands; from the leaves thatches for roofs are made, and from the roots a spirituous drink.

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