Vietnam: Shopping in Nha Trang

January 1, 1970

by Iva.wanderer

Shopping the food

Let’s start with the most pleasant thing. When we are thinking about Vietnam, the first that we imagine is a white beach, warm sea, and seafood! There are many marine inhabitants: shrimps, mussels, octopuses, scallops. You can buy them on the street or try in your hotel, but relying on my experience and taste – Vietnamese are the bad cookers. My octopus, cooked in 5 stars hotel, tasted like a shale. Despite these troubles with seafood, Vietnam can boast of many other delicacies, and a lot of them you can bring home.


Vietnam – a paradise for coffee lovers

The first thing that I absolutely recommend to buy is coffee! Of course, for coffee-fans. Vietnamese coffee is famous all over the world and it is very right because it is really tasty. The coffee that you need to try is Luwak. Yes, this is coffee, which is extracted from the products of vital activity of very lovely animals – palm civets. Actually, these poor animals are carnivores, they have to eat coffee berries. This taste is always in my head, it seems like coffee plus chocolate and it is the best couple! Here you can buy it cheaper than in any place in the world. Also here you should try and buy a lot of Culi coffee – it is really hard to find anywhere else. “Culi” are called coffee beans from berries, that harvesting from the tops of bushes, in which the bean does not split into two halves, but stay almost round. It can be harvested from the arabica bush and from robusta bush, thus this coffee is called “Culi Arabica” or “Culi Robusta”. Because these berries are only from the tops of bushes, the quantity of grains is small and they are combined with ordinary grains from the same bush, but despite this, it’s delicious!

The most popular food in tropics is fruits

Everybody knows that in Asia you can try many exotic fruits. It is totally true, but you should know that each fruit has its own ripening time. Fortunately, in every season you can try something and bring a few kilograms home! You should find out how many kilograms you can take to the plane and run to the local market, buy a sturdy basket with holes for air, and then fruits! I know that mango, lychee, rambutans, and papaya are well tolerating the flight.
People at the market
Besides, there is tasty cocoa too. You can buy it in every supermarket. Also if you want to bring your home food a little exotic, you can buy a coconut milk powder. When you arrive home, you just mix it with warm water and add to dishes! If you care about health, buy artichoke extract, but I prefer tasty tea. By the way, if you like marmalade, find the cassava marmalades! It is healthier than usual marmalade because of cassava but tasty and good for joints.

Coconut milk powder

Cosmetics in Nha Trang

Vietnam is famous for its natural cosmetics. In the most tourist city Nha Trang you don’t need to go far – a lot of shops on every street! But I recommend going to the supermarket where prices are lower. The first thing that absolutely helps in the hot and wet weather is coconut oil! It helps for burned skin when you are on the trip and for dry skin when you arrived home. Also, it is the best thing for removing even the most persistent makeup! If you buy 100% coconut oil, you can use it for food! I always make amazing toasts with it. By the way, its super cool recover for hair! Well, the coconut oil is the most needed purchase, so you can buy a few liters!

Coconut oil

The second place in my top-list gets the Snail Shooting gel. All Vietnamese rulers used slime snails for rejuvenation and now you can use it too! The cool gel restores the water balance of the skin, smooths wrinkles and heals wounds. I bought it at the supermarket pharmacy.

Snail collagen shooting gel

Natural medicine

In addition to conventional cosmetics, in Vietnam, you can buy medicinal ointments, such as Kobrotox, and of course Zvezdochka, which the Vietnamese treat everything from headaches to muscle pain. And, probably, the most popular thing in Asian medicine – tinctures on all kinds of craps such as cobra, scolopendra and even bear paws!

Best souvenirs from Vietnam

When you are going to travel to the center of tourism – Nha Trang city, you should be prepared that around you will be a lot of shops and interesting things. Especially when you are here for the first time, shopping will be the most interesting part of the trip. You can bring home many interesting and unusual things, but I recommend you to buy things, which you will use after the trip. Here the list of such things:

Silver and gold jewelry with pearls and sapphires

Some of them are really cheap, but not all! And you must be attentive and buy only in shops with good reviews and with certificates.

Silver bracelet with pearls

Cotton and silk clothes

Many people just buy everything that they see in the supermarket or on the street and don’t care about everything just because it is cheap. If you are smart enough, you should know that really good things are not being sold too cheaply. Especially if you want 100% quality – be attentive!

Bags and wallets from crocodile and snakeskin

Here is the same situation that with clothes. There are many cheap and real ones, but made with not cool quality, so if you want beautiful and qualitative you should find such shop and be ready for higher prices.

Vietnamese hats

It is the most useless, but the funniest thing! I don’t know how you will deliver at home, but I wore it to the plane! It was funny. If you want to immerse in the atmosphere of Vietnam – walk the streets and find people who do these hats and ask them to teach you doing it! You will get a lot of emotions and learn about their life and culture a little more.

Smiling Vietnamese woman

Finally, I want to wish you a happy shopping and to be attentive to quality!


By Iva.wanderer

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