Verona - City of a love story

January 1, 1970

by Kancsár Péter

My first post is about a city, which is typically European, but a very unique place, what everyone needs to see once – or more, if that’s possible – in a lifetime.

When you walk around the city, you can find hidden treasures, like this tiny little, but perfect restaurant

When you walk around the city, you can find hidden treasures, like this tiny little, but perfect restaurant


As the 99 percent of the people of the world, I like Italy very much, because of the things, what everyone knows: the smiley people, the amazing foods, for the beautifully bluish sea, and the touch of the roman ages. Italy is an amazing place to live and to travel also, and it’s a nice place to finding new friends, sitting down to a table with a bottle of local wine – or if you don’t like wines, you can find many good beers also, or try the everywhere buyable Aperol spritz, which is a good refresher, and you’ll smile after the first glass of it – and have long and meaningful conversations about life, love and everything. Italy’s most characteristic city is Verona, a historically and literally important place for every traveller, lover and food lover, so please read my experiences of this place.

Many signatures of tourists on the wall of Juliet's House

Many signatures of tourists on the wall of Juliet’s House


This town-looked-city has beautiful small lanes, with tiny restaurants, cafés, workshops, and many small surprises. The city is well known in the world, because of a love story inspired by this place. Shakespeare’s most readied story about Romeo and Juliet play here, and you can find here Juliet’s balcony, and Juliet’s house, and no one cares about that story is only an imagination of the great writer Shakespeare, here year by year dozens of tourists are coming and make pictures with the statue of Juliet, or stepping up to the balcony to see down to the others, and everyone leave they signatures on the wall before the entrance of the building. You must see this place, when you’re here, but Verona isn’t only about this small – but important – thing. The best way to know this tiny and beautiful, more than two thousand years old village, that you throw away your travel book and start to walk around, and ask the very kindly and smiley people of Verona about his story, the life, the every days of this city, and about everything. If you do this, you can find every places, that you need to visit – of course, later I’ll give you some tips -, because the city is not so large, and if you’re listening to your legs and to the people, you can discover many hidden treasures of it. Walk through on every bridges, walk up on the hill, thereafter go straight to the cathedral, and sometimes during the walk, stop and taste good foods and wines, you can’t fail, because every places of this city are there for you, with amazing tastes from the simplest foods like a pizza slice to the fine dining also. And thereafter, you need some minutes or hours of calm, go to the place, where Goethe spent some summers, sit down in the beautiful Giusti Garden and breathe as deep as you can in the shadow of the five hundred years old trees, listen to the sound of the fountains, and calm your eyes on the typically roman styled statues.

Statues of Giusti Gardens

Statues of Giusti Gardens

Roman age

When your legs and your head are calmed enough, go for a middle long walk, to see the most mark able building of Verona, the 3rd largest amphitheater from the roman ages, called the Arena. This building send you back to the age of gladiators, and will amaze you absolutely. In this summer you can visit monumental performances here at the Opera Festival, when I was there, the setting of Aida was started, you can see some



pictures of it in the gallery. The set is already amazing, the piece is known by everyone, so I think, it will be a must-see program of the summer.


When you’re filled with roman age buildings, and – but it’s impossible – you get bored about the tiny lanes, try something easy but very entertaining program, go to the place called “Piazza delle Erbe”, which is a place for many good restaurants, and it have a small but very interesting market, to find some souvenirs to your friends or family members. On the market you can buy fresh fruits or vegetables also, which are good and important because of the high temperature in the summertime.

One of the tiny lanes, which makes Verona a perfect place

One of the tiny lanes, which makes Verona a perfect place

Churches and the Hill

After you bought everything you needed, you can start another walk, let’s go to the Cathedral called Duomo di Verona – La Cattedrale di Santa Maria Matricolare, and be amazed of it’s Renaissance artworks. Sit in the rows, and enjoy the cold temperature and the beauty of Christian art in this lovely building. You can find many other churches in this city, i have only experiences only with this one, but everyone said, that the others are also beautiful. So if you have a lot of time, try to go in every churches of Verona.

Everyday normal life in Verona looks like a Tornatore movie

Everyday normal life in Verona looks like a Tornatore movie


When you’re tired a bit after this long and eventful day, you don’t need to do anything else than to travel up to the hill, to check and see from the top of the city, where did you go on this day. You can go there with your car, or with a bus, or with a taxi, or you can find kindly people, who will bring you there, and can tell some stories on the way. The Castel San Pietro is waiting for you up on the hill, with his amazing panorama, and it’s a very calm place, which is good to close your Verona trip. Eat here your last delicates, sit down, make a discussion about your day with your travelpartners, and try to process your day in Verona.

The End

I think this city needs to come back sometimes, because the positive vibe of the colorful buildings, and the smile people gives you a lot of energy for the everydays in your life.

Please check the pictures of the article, to have some small taste of the city’s vibration, and please tell me, if you have any perception or questions about the article, or if I made some mistakes.

Kancsár Péter

By Kancsár Péter

Im a 33 years old guy, who lives in Hungary, and love travelling since when i was born. My parents are in love with traveling, so my childhood was about many travel experiences, and i saved this attitude to my "grown-up" life too. Im living with a beautiful girl in Budapest, and of course we're always on our way to somewhere, mostly planned, sometimes not really, the main point is to have as many experiences in our life, as possible.


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