Veracruz My Love

January 1, 1970

by Jorja

Visiting Jalcomulco & Veracruz


Do you like adventure? Do you enjoy feeling like a local? Would you like to meet warm real Mexicans? Then Jalcomulco is an awesome destination for you, like… FOR REAL!

Our Caribbean adventja3ure started on Jalcomulco,, you can imagine a small Mexican tropical town with delicious traditional food and amazing ecoadventures!

When we arrived to the town we walked through the streets visiting different home stores, they have amazing wood crafts, starting with little ornaments and musical instruments to very complex chairs and tables.



We ate in one of the different restaurants (tiny, warming restaurants <3) which offer the typical dishes such as Chileatole which is a thick soup made with chicken, corn and a not spicy chilli (Yes, that kind of chilli does exist!) Ufff…. Delicious! If Mexican traditional food is not your thing, you would also find beef with French fries (you coward!). You can trust your nose, if it smells delicious IT MUST BE! Especially if it’s “Café de Olla” a sweet Mexican coffee (remember that Veracruz produces one of the best coffee in the world) and if it’s a hot day you should try a “raspado” (crushed deliciously-flavoured ice). You’ll find “Micheladas” in every street, they are the gods’ present for Mexicans. Picture yourself on a hot day with a huge glass of cold beer, with hot sauces, lemon and tomato juice, OMG! If you’re brave enough and you want to feel as a local, I dare you to try them.



In the centre of the city you’ll find different adventure tours, you can do rafting, canyoneering, hiking, or you can rent ATVs ja2and take a tour to the mango fields (so romantic <3).


Edida and I chose canyoneering (we were too cowards for rafting), and they took us on SUVs to a river which we followed walking, swimming and jumping with our amazing skills ( >.< ) while the tour guide talked about the river, the city, local food and myths. We really enjoyed the experience, especially because we survived it! 😀


My recommendations:

  1. Rent shoes for canyoneering or rafting, and wear water proof mosquito repellent, it’s a mosquitoes’ city.
  2. Be prepared for sun and rain at the same day.
  3. We didn’t sleep there but we met a Canadian family who recommend us a “Tree Hotel” called La Aldea :O Yes… it has rooms up in the tree and it looks amazing in the photos!


Next stop was ver3the capital of Veracruz: Veracruz! (Yes, I can’t say we Mexicans are particularly original, sorry just love the way we are…)

I need to confess that I was quite impressed with the city, it has a “Europe meets Teotihuacán” look and when I think about the story of the city… I can’t keep myself from getting goose gumps!  It’s a city founded in 1518, known as the city that received the first Spanish conquerors, it played an important role in every attempt of invasion we had, that’s why it’s called the “four times heroic city”.




We stayed in the Hotel and suites Oriente, it’s not the greater or the fanciest hotel, (it’s a 3 stars’ hotel what did you expect?), but it has a great location and you can go walking to the port and to most of the historical places of the city, actually you’ll find the city’s market and the tour busses’ stop just at the corner.  It’s a safe option with great rates!




As we needed to shake the stress out, we went to Boca del Río, which is next to Veracruz and it gathers the main city’s nightlife. You can grab a taxi that will charge you like $200 Mexican pesos for taking you to the mall where you’ll find “Love” club, the most popular club among many more clubbing options. Wohoo!

There you’ll find several local people who would happily teach you how to move it Veracruz style at the rhythm of Daddy Yankee, Maluma or Romeo Santos. You’ll leave Boca del Río feeling as the best reggaeton dancer!



My recommendations:


  • La Parroquia: Definitely one the most traditional restaurants of Veracruz, where you can have a great Mexican breakfast. In the menu you’ll find picadas which are like huge open tacos, prepared with different dishes, such as mushrooms, shrimp, beans, nopal, chicken, beef or pork and if you get thirsty please try the “Café Lechero”, hot milk with coffee served in a very particular way, simply delicious!


  • Take a bus tour: Taking the bus tour will be the easiest way to get to know the most popular and historical places in the city, afterwards you can decide where to go explore further.
  • San Juan de Ulúa: You need to go to this prison, it has an amazingly dramatical story and is one of the most haunted places in México (Do you have the guts?)
  • Be prepared for the wind: This city is always windy, so be prepared to feel your hair blowing with the wind (even when sunny), so you can prepare your sunglasses and your red silk scarf to have your romantic Audrey Hepburn moment <3
  • Listen to Marimba music while enjoying a coffee at the Portales just in the center of the historical city.
  • Go to the City aquarium! It is the most important aquarium in México, it’s huge and impressive, actually it’s one of the few places in the world where you can observe manatees, the entrance is not expensive and there are some tour buses that include it!
  • Cancuncito: And last but not least, you can go to It is a beautiful almost transparent little beach, there’re boats right beside the aquarium that would charge approximately $100 mxn per person to take you there. If you go in spring break or in the middle of the summer, I recommend you better to go somewhere else cuz it will be full of people!



Well, those are the places I visited in Veracruz and I can say I left the state feeling in love with it!

I’m certain it has so much more experiences to offer… I hope you discover them sooner than me! Feel free to share them in here, mi casa, tu casa J .







By Jorja

who’s Jorja? Jorja is a proud Mexican girl who loves sushi, tacos, music and travelling. Jorja believes in people and the good in them. In breaking your frontiers and your own barriers. She believes that things made with passion will always have great results. Jorja doesn’t believe in black or white things, because she enjoys exploring and learning from all the layers in between.


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