Vacation on the Dalmatian Sea

October 28, 2018

by Mirela Exclamationpoint

Since Winter is coming now for 7th seasons, Dubrovnik aka “King´s Landing” on the Adriatic sea has become more and more famous. People from all over the world want to visit the city and follow Cercei on her walk of atonement. And yes, I do admit, that the city is beautiful, and it was one of my favorite cities in the Balkan area, long before I watched the Lanicsters ruling it. But it has caused a big shadow on other pearls of the Adriatic Sea. So, let me bring one of these pearls back into the sunshine.

Cavtat: Dubrovnik’s forgotten sister

Cavtat is a small town located near to the border of Montenegro. Now let me tell you! Having a Croatian background, my family and me traveled to Croatia every year. We almost covered the whole coast. So, when I decided to spend my holidays in Cavtat, I expected a tiny small town with some tourist shops but no special vibe. Our destination should have been Dubrovnik. But since the apartments in Cavtat are cheaper, we decided to stay there. This charming city surprised us with a beautiful old town, cute churches and monasteries, amazing mansions, fabulous yachts from all over the world right next to the sidewalks and an overall beautiful nature setting, I am talking about big ass pine trees and stunning stony beaches. You don´t believe me? Then check out these pictures!

Insane, right! Especially when you expect basically nothing. We went there on the end of August, so the busy season is almost over and it is not so crowded. However, that doesn’t mean that the city is dead. It has two bays so you can decide which side you want to discover. Though one side is a bit larger, the other side has also various restaurants where you can have dinner for a reasonable price. You can also find a small market for all the touristic stuff, and really amazing art and paintings of ocean views, Dubrovnik’s old town, Cavtat old town and a lot of cats (because there are really A LOT of cats in that area). Side note: One of the restaurants had the honor of being visited by a lot of famous football players as Modric and DeGea. Since the whole town has also an artsy touch, you will also come across street musicians and open festivals. It´s definitely not just a place for quiet and calm people. You can have the best of both sides. And in the end, you can spend the evening in Dubrovnik as well. If you want to know the best ways of getting there, continue reading.

Visit King´s Landing: The best ways to reach Dubrovnik

Cavtat is located 22 km from Dubrovnik, which allows you to check in on the Capital of Westeros whenever you feel like it. There are several ways to go back and forth. You can go by Car or Bus and get a road trip feeling while driving on the so-called “Magistrala”. The Croatian ocean view road that is located almost completely next to the Adriatic sea. It allows you to view beautiful old Dalmatian houses, raw nature and beaches and if you are lucky enough, stunning sunsets. The Bus Stop in Cavtat is easy to find since it is right next to the city center. The Bus to Dubrovnik is number 10 and in case of doubt, the name is written on the screen in all Caps. (Ticket: 25 Kuna/3,37 €/3,95 $; Tickets can be purchased from the driver. They accept only Kuna) After a 45-minute ride, you´ll reach a bus station right next to the old city. After a short walk, you will leave the 21st century and find yourself inside the historical old town of Dubrovnik. Another way to reach the city is by ship (approximately 100 Kuna p.p back and forth). Enjoy the salty breeze while crossing the Adriatic sea, enjoying the island view and reaching the bay of the old town directly.

Must see beaches in Cavtat

Cavtat has a various amount of beaches and the good thing is, there are almost all in walking distance. Google won´t really help you to find all of them and that´s why I have listed them below.

The City Beach

Right next to the old arch there are a lot of cement platoons, for a clean sunbathing. Stairs attached to the plateau will help you to get into the water. But be careful: there are a lot of sea urchins. It´s close to the city center and the Arch gives you a nostalgic feeling.

The Monastery Beach

Again there´s a cement platform and steps assist you to reach the water but, it has also a small beach section. A cafe is enabling you to enjoy your after-sunbath-Mojito or energizing cappuccino. You can also rent out beach lounges and parasols. You are basically surrounded by pine-trees and that smell is INCREDIBLE. This was my personal go-to-place!

The Cliff Beaches

Cavtat is a small peninsula, so the sidewalk goes completely through this outer part, with an old cemetery on top of the mountain. Everything is surrounded by pine trees, which gives the whole area a chilled out vibe. There are 3 different beaches, which are basically a cliff area. Next to one, there´s a cafe-on-the-cliffs, which gives you a GOA feeling while there is a restaurant (highly recommended) as well as a massage tent near the other one. Couples who want to enjoy romantic moments together will also find a lot of private areas.

Recommended Day trips

Kupari Beach

Kupari is a 20 Minutes’ drive from Cavtat. I would highly recommend visiting it because it probably won’t be there much longer. This place is special because it is abandoned! This area used to be really famous and consisted altogether 5 different hotels. Hotel Grand, Hotel Pelegrin, Hotel Kupari, Hotel Goricina I and II. The first one, Hotel Grand, was built in 1919! If these walls could speak, right? The Yugoslavian Army resided here and higher officials and their families used to stroll through the streets and enjoy their holidays. The president of Yugoslavia, “TITO” loved the area so much, he even built his own mansion there. Elizabeth Taylor was one of the famous visitors and people called it the “Hawaii” of Croatia. There is so much history in this area that it will never fit in this article. During the war, the Army plundered everything of worth and tried to burn the rest to the ground. Years after it was abandoned, people still came back to see what is left for them to take. They even took out pipes and tried to get to the marble on the floor. To this day, people are stapling the flooring tiles and marbles and are trying to transport it for reuse. The place is sad and stunning. You could spend hours there and would not get bored. Possibilities are high that you would even forget the beach activities, but in case you get exhausted, you can jump into the ocean and reenergize. Who knows, maybe you can find a hidden treasure!

 Pasjaca Beach

This beach is directed towards the Montenegro Border. It´s kind of a hidden beach. One of the reasons is the accessibility.You need a car to reach it. Once you arrived at the top cliffs, you have to go all the way down to reach this small diamond beach. But be aware, there is NOTHING OTHER THAN THE BEACH AND THE OCEAN. No toilet, cafe or snack bar. Nevertheless, you will be rewarded with the raw ocean. For those who are still skeptical, here are pictures.


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