Unmissable places to visit in rural areas of Colombia

I open the window to you, the window of a space which a lot of people have resided. A space I have lived and loved, a love that means try to be the best version of a Colombian woman, difficult. For that, this narrative keep printed a grade of hospitality; I am a person who usually does not invite everybody to its home. Then, on this love that I have for the country I born I would like that who come here could be charged with the necessary care that this home deserves. Taking care about the life that is configured in each place you visit. And that’s why I want to share my experiences in places I have visited, share my view and my since advises. Variety of pretty people living in beautiful places, I think that this has been the highest spot I have allowed me to arrive. People with richness in their heart and in their natural area, but also with basic needs to satisfy: “Although it is not a problem, it has a solution” Anonym. At the end of the day, Authenticity is that I most enjoy of every place. It is that reason which makes it unique such us I visit my grandmother in Huila region and we prepare “achiras”, a delicious cake done with a special flour, cheese and other ingredients which it is perfect to eat with coffee or chocolate (The most delicious achiras are made in “Altamira” town, let’s look for it). Well, I suppose it is a good beginning to start advising places to visit in my country, places awash of authenticity that in the first place is given through a strong relation with LOCAL TOURISM, especially in rural areas.

Huila Region

It was the time I went to “Tatacoa Desert” in the Huila region, my father’s land. We keep in touch with a local guide recommended by a lodge and we crossed the desert in “moto-taxi”. A natural pool was the natural beauty of this day; it did not have grids and it has been built little time ago due to the first built keeps full at every time, disproportionate tourism unable to measure the built capacity of a place (to visit let’s ask for local guides in Villavieja town).

Boyacá region

Walking in another direction, I went with my maternal grandparents to the place where the violence made they had gone to the city seventy years ago. The town is “El Cocuy” in the Boyacá region. There I walk steps of my previous generations, farms, lakes as the “Laguna Pintada” and of course a hiking excursion to the “El Nevado del Cocuy”. This last was a walk that started at 4 am with a big splash of stars agglomerated in the sky, it was as close as I have never seen up to know. At this time, the moon did not go down yet, a walk guided by the best companion: my cousin, who was quite incredible related my ability for a long way, it finished at 5 pm (For accommodation let’s look for “Casa Museo la Posada del Molino”).

Guajira region

Also, alone walks have taken place. To an endpoint of the country “Punta Gallinas”, walks with a lot of foreign people who maybe give a high value of the country more than other Colombians. Arrive until this place was the visit to the north tip of the country, leave fly the sand collected in my hands and sleep in a hammock named “chinchorro” while the wind flows heavy during the night. Something was missing on this trip, it was related to knowing about the real history of the Guajira region; however once you visit the place you have the chance to investigate about it later, it could be part of the trip: its memory (there is a local agency where you can hire a safe tour, it is “Cabo de la vela tours”).

Chocó region

Personal pursuits took place as well. Traveling alone to Chocó region. Finding at Nuquí (Chocó) a non-conventional landscape of sea and jungle was a complete amaze. But it was not only these, in addition, all dialogues with kind and smiley people who were always there to share, young people, active women, and older adults. Thinking on the entire walkthrough Colombia, my lovely home, this trip to Nuquí has been unequaled (Let’s visit Posada Turística Chachita and Termales and Arusí communities with the homegrown cabins).

A couple more in the Caribbean coast:

San Andrés Island

Trips with my family have not stopped, with my maternal grandmother, so pretty memories we have together. When she has 83 years old she traveled to San Andrés Islands with one purpose:  meet the see, one of the most beautiful waters I have seen. People say this sea has seven colors, I think it could be more. We visited some tourist attractions as the “Hoyo soplador”, a geyser; but that the tourist does not know is that there are a lot of them through the coast. You just need to walk for the beach. San Andrés Island was a place for trampolines to the sea, snorkeling and diving spots. It was my unique time diving through sixteen meters of depth, clear water, and sand, a submarine life of fishes, seaweed and statutes. Thanks to this trip I have a friend who I promised something that I do not do yet: Visit his Island, Providencia, another paradise, no doubt.

Baru, Santa Marta, and Cabo de la Vela beaches

And my grandmother and I continued traveling. When she has 85 years old we visited Baru beach, a pretty sea where the water comes just until your hips, and my grandma was there wearing its outfit. We visited Santa Marta, Buritaca and finally at Cabo de la Vela. Its sea is calm and blue and its sunsets could be more the second place in beauty. We stayed just one night and this time I found the orange juice with watermelon, thanks to this I try to prepare it at my home in Bogotá city. On balance, I feel that each travel transforms ourselves, we learn or unlearn, there is something that makes marks inside us. Maybe it makes us change our practices or behavior. Other trips also took place and there are too much for visit in my lovely Home, Colombia. It was just a part of rural life in my country. Let’s wait for more articles, some of them will detail information and experiences for places I covered here. It is just the window from my lovely home.


Somebody who travels for open the view and return at home with more sources to keep her strong, tranquil and ready for the next action. Home country, COLOMBIA, is her priority. Sometimes she decided to escape walking for close roads, clouds and waters in order to get chance with meet with colombian live. She pretend to have a crtiical eye about how to travel on a responsible way. It is not a rainbow, we are part of the chaos.