Unique places to visit for hiking & team building in Nairobi

Nairobi is one of the most beautiful cities in KENYA. Globally, it is ranked among the few cities that have a national park right next to it.

Is it safe to travel in Nairobi?

Amidst the 2017 political rows currently happening in Kenya, the most common question in everybody's mind right now is- is NAIROBI safe? Nairobi CBD is the opposite of a calm city under the sun; peaceful – or otherwise – demonstrations, heavy traffic, and street vendors populate the town. Of course, safety is influenced by many factors, but it is interesting to note, that Nairobi suburbs still enjoy the serenity and safety required to casually enjoy an outdoor adventure. Here we provide a list of some of the fun and unique sites to choose from if you are looking to travel or enjoy a team activity within or near Nairobi town.

Three unique sites for fun activities in Nairobi

Let us dive into details already! Here are some of the safe and amazing places to visit especially for hiking and team building purpose:

1. Kereita Forest

Just a 40 minutes' TRAVEL from Nairobi town, Kereita Forest is located in Lari, approximately 60km away. Kereita is by far my best place to visit away from the gruesome hassles of city life. The forest welcomes you to a clean atmosphere where you can take a deep fresh breath. With about 38 species of birds, the forest is also home to leopards, monkeys, and elephants. Besides wildlife, the forest offers great scenery for your new Instagram look. History has it that this forest was a mass grave site for over five thousand men during the Lari Massacre of 1953. As if not mystic enough, the forest has an interesting cave full of bat colonies, adding a little thrill for us mystery lovers. The forest is managed by Kijabe Environmental Volunteers http://www.kenvokenya.com/, a community project that has effectively conserved and sustained the Kereita ecosystem. Across a hilly landscape covered with forest and bush, Kereita forest offers the longest zip lines in Kenya. Six 3-kilometer zip lines are in place waiting for the adventurous nature-lovers but take note of the weather before you go there, zip lines cannot run during the wet season (explained to be due to heavy fog which hinders visibility). This you must try! You can also ride a bicycle over the undulating slopes and slippery soil terrains in the forest, but worry not; professional bike-riding safety gear and guide will be provided at only 8USD (800KES) for three hours. Other activities include paintball, archery, and hiking. One hiking trail you cannot miss is Carbacid trail. The walk is full of pleasant surprises such as an elephant water pool; a large pool of water where native elephants drink from. The six-hour trek leads to a breath-taking 60 feet waterfall found on the Gatamayu River and the Kereita cave of bats adjacent to it. There is a hotel within the reception area that offers a great view of the scenic landscape while you enjoy your rest. The hotel has a variety of food from French fries to healthy Kenyan cuisine. Beverage and alcoholic drinks are sold within too.I spent a total estimate of 40USD for this trip, which is quite affordable and discounts apply for team visits. Be sure to save up for this one!

Stuck near the end of a zip line adventure

2. Ngong Hills

If you are looking to travel specifically for hiking adventures, Ngong Hills is the right place for you. Southwest of Nairobi city lies Ngong urban forest, popular for local and international tourism. This is probably due to the close proximity to Nairobi town (about 22 kilometers) and amenities (such as restaurants and classy leisure bars within Karen). A hike to Ngong Hills can take close to five hours depending on your fitness level. The walk begins at the northern foot of the knuckle-shaped Ngong hill. The difference in height from the foot to the highest point at 2460m above sea level is about 500m, so be sure to carry your enthusiasm and motivation for the journey! It looks like an easy walk at first, but hours into it, I realized that effort and success go hand in hand. Ngong Hills is a key place for team-building because you realize the importance of motivating each other, and a sense of humor comes in handy! The weather conditions can be quite windy and in the evening very chilly, so be sure to wear appropriate clothing. Fortunately, the serene landscape enhances inner strength during water breaks, but maybe it's just me. I recommend that you go to Ngong forest as a team, and with two security guards from the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) at a fee of about 15 USD per person, depending on the season. This is because there are various accidents and/or incidences that can occur whilst hiking at Ngong Hills, and safety is key. The entry fee is 2USD for Kenya residents, and still affordable for non-residents.

3. GP Karting

They say never lose the inner child in you, well let me offer you a quick way to activate your inner child: Speed race Karting in Langata. This is a perfect pick for family outings, cooperate team building and hanging out with goofy friends. On arrival, you will be given race course gear and participate in a short training on how to race a kart. Thereafter, teams are formed and allocated different karts ready for speed chasing on the Carnivore road for ten minutes per round. GP Karting race track also has flood-lights for night racing. This a highly competitive sport that will surely raise your adrenaline up countless levels. May the fastest team win! Alternatively, there is a paintball battleground facility designed to give the losing team a second chance in life. It sounds fun yes? No. Scary is more like it. I barely recognized the child in me, sucking up every moment to hunt, but eventually, I succumbed to being the hunted. Fortunately, It's always a colorful death. With a bar and restaurant within the vicinity, Kenyan outgoing lifestyle is well mirrored. GP Karting offers various charge discounts based on preference: private or corporate packages. You can find information on costs and charges from the http://www.gpkarting.co.ke  website. If you are on a short visit to Nairobi, or you are a local, do not miss the chance to enjoy the intricacies and moments of life with your loved ones. Safe travels!


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