Underrated spots in Prague you should give a chance

After you finish the tour of the main tourist attractions of Prague – if you’re there for the first time, you should visit the popular places – give your attention to less popular ones because those are places you’re going to to go back to the next time you visit the city.

Vyšehrad castle

Vyšehrad fortress is one of the most beautiful, most peaceful and most underrated parts of Prague. The fact that there are almost no tourists there adds to its beauty. Don’t let your tour guides or other people convince you that this place is not worthy of your time. Just go there and enjoy the view of Prague on the other side of the river from this fortress from the 10th century, visit neo-Gothic Basilica of St. Peter and Paul and, if you want, leave a flower on the grave of one of the biggest composers, writers or painters of Czech Republic.  If you are there when the weather is nice, bring food and have a picnic.

Cable car

There is a free and fun activity that you can do in the capital of the Czech Republic, especially if the weather is nice. Even though the metro is the best way of transportation in Prague, take advantage of the tram ride during which you will take a look at the city and head to the part of the city called Prague 5, to the Mozart Street and the NH Hotel. It’s a luxury hotel you need to go in and to their elevator. Behind the elevator doors, there is a cable car that will take you up the hill to a luxury restaurant. If you’re not extra rich, you will pass through the doors that lead out of the restaurant’s lobby and walk through the beautiful huge park. The ride up the hill is an experience by itself and there’s beautiful nature at the end, waiting for you.

Havelska koruna

Not every food in Prague is worth your money and not everything is cheap, but you can find amazing food for cheap price – in the city centre! In the centre of Prague, there is a cantina-like restaurant called Havelska Koruna. At the entrance, you get peace of paper, then you take a tray and, like in cantina, choose what you want to eat, while the employees write down the order on that piece of paper that you got. The food choice is wide, with typical Czech foods – so there’s a lot of goulashes. I highly recommend them, but if you’re not a goulash type of person, you will surely find what you like.  For less than ten euros you can eat the main dish, have a drink and a dessert. At the exit of the restaurant, hand over the paper you received at the entrance and then pay the bill. This place is very underrated and you will not see it on Instagram posts posted by influencers. But don’t be fooled and prepare to encounter a lot of people in this place and the possible situation of you sharing a table with a stranger. But everyone is so kind and the food is amazing, so it’s worth it.

Go App Gallery

If you’re a fan of art, you should visit the Go App Gallery, which is situated a few metres from the Astronomical clock. For some reason, this gallery often not seen on the recommended sites about Prague. It spreads on three floors and each floor is an exhibition of another big artist – Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol and Alphons Mucha. You can buy a ticket for one, two or all three exhibitions. If you’re a student, don’t forget to bring your student ID because you can have a discount on it.  


Prague is made for book lovers. There are beautiful bookstores everywhere. Some of them even have cafes inside, so you can enjoy a cup of coffee while you read. Even one of the main tourist attractions is in the library. One of the places that would impress every book lover is a bookstore called Shakespeare a synove in the old town of Prague called Mala Strana. It has a tiny entrance so it feels surprising when you realise how big the store is. This bookstore has new as well as used books in both Czech and English. And even if you don’t want to buy a book, you should visit it just to feel its vibe. This is a two-story bookstore with shelves from floors to the ceiling and a polite owner. When you get down to the basement, you will enter the beautiful place for rest and reading, with the vintage decor and furniture, chess table and a typewriter. And there is even an old bicycle nex to the Shakespeare mural. The atmosphere of the place is calming and home alike.

Prague main postoffice

  Buy a postcard – because sending postcard is nice – and go to Prague main post office to get stamps because it’s a place worth seeing. The post office looks like it’s made in a space between buildings, it has a glass roof and beautiful murals all over the walls. It is breathtaking. You can just sit there and enjoy. If you need stamps, be careful because you need to get a number at the entrance and, while the people behind the counter know English, number machine and people at the entrance don’t. But it would be enough to show them the postcard and that you need a stamp and they will help you get your number. A little warning – don’t try to take a picture of the inside of the post office. No sign taking photos is prohibited, but if you try to do it, the security will approach you. Prague is the city made for exploring. Admire its architecture, take a photo of all the beautiful doors. When you see a passage, take a look in. You will maybe be surprised by what’s on the other side. And remember – you don’t need tourist attractions to be fascinated by this city.

Jelena Ostojić

A journalist in Serbian daily newspapers, but also on one youth portal. And yeah, rock journalist too. Writing, reading, radio, music, art, travelling and meeting new cultures are things that make me feel alive.