Ukraine: A city with the most beautiful view of the planet

                  I have visited many places in my life, (I think I visited enough for my age) and I have seen a lot of beautiful places in this world. But the most pleasant picture for my eyes in Ukraine is my hometown – Zalishchyky. This city is located on the left bank of the Dniester river at a distance of 125 km from the regional center Ternopil, in the south part of the region. Through the city is an international route E85 that connecting Ukraine with Romania. The history of this city began in the XIIIth century. By 1939, the city was the center of winemaking. Every year there was a traditional wine festival, which visitors were even from Poland. By the way, many inhabitants of the city till now are engaged in winemaking, only for own production. In addition, Zalishchyky was famous as a climate resort with the beautiful beaches on the Dnister River. There was a direct train to Zalishchyky from Warsaw, Poland. Zalischyky is the only place in Ukraine's Western regions with a mild Mediterranean climate.  In summer there are always early fruits and vegetables, and that's why there are so many vineyards for making wine. The first recorded memory of Zalischyky can be found in the chronicles of the XIIth century, during the more powerful Kyiv Empire and at the beginning of the growth of the Galician Principality. Old town old town

How to get there?

To get to this small town, first you need to go to Ukraine, then any transport to the regional center Ternopil, and from Ternopil, you can go by train or bus to the city, but with the bus, you will go there much faster.

What to see?

Churchs and parks

In this small town, you can spend your time pleasantly, the best to visit it in summer when everything is green, and nature is calling. Starting from the center of the city (you will find it fairly easy, so it's very small town) you can see the Church of St. Stanislaus, which was built in the XVIII century, which is considered to be the most sacred building in the city. It has a clock that every hour beat time a loud, so you can hear it practically from every part of the city.    If you want to have a snack somewhere, you can find something in the center of the city, as long as all the ?afes and restaurants are located there. Also in the center, you can see the old tree Turkish hazelnut tree – a botanical monument of local nature in Ukraine. This is a rare five barrels exotic tree which has an age of over 80 years. The city has not only a Catholic church, there is also the Church of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin, built in 1873, Church of the Sacred Heart of Christ and Orthodox church. The religious composition of the inhabitants of this town included even in the Jews until the Second World War Jews counted a large part of the city's population, so if you go from the city to the south, you can see the abandoned building of the Jewish synagogue. Then you can head to the park, which is located in the lower part of the city. In addition to the fact that the park offers a beautiful view of the Dnister River, on the way to the river you can see the remnants of the estate that reminds a small palace, which was built by the Polish nobleman in the XVIII century. Also, you can see another unique tree Styphnolobium japonicum, in the human language called the Japanese pagoda tree – this is a botanical monument of nature in this park. You can take a walk through the local Dendropark that is protected area of local importance in Ukraine. It is located within the estate of the local agrarian college. There you can see different kinds of rare trees and bushes.

The largest artificial waterfall in Nyrkiv near the castle

Also, if you have enough free time you can't lose a chance to see the largest artificial waterfall on the territory of Ukraine. You can go less than 30 km outside the city,  get to the village of Nyrkiv, where you can go to the waterfall by a local bus. Dzhuryn waterfall is 16 meters high. In the summer, people can swim there and get a natural hydromassage. There is also a place for a tent town on the territory of the settlement. Many people come here in the summer to relax and stay all alone with nature. Local people call this city “Red”, because of the color of red clay. Also, this place is considered to be one of the most romantic places in the region and often love couples come to take there their wedding photoshoot. Nearby are the remains of local Palace of Poninsky.  

Why should you go there in the summertime?

Another great reason to come here in the summer, particularly in July, is the opportunity to visit a local music festival called “Zalischyky fest”. This tradition was started only in 2016, in connection with the 250th anniversary of granting the city of Magdeburg law. However, this tradition will continue to be preserved. During the festival, you can have fun, tasting local cuisine, drinking home-made alcohol, and listening to high-quality live music. The largest beauty of the city is river Dnister – one of the largest rivers of Ukraine and Moldova. It begins on the northern slopes of the Ukrainian Carpathians near the Ukrainian-Polish border. One of the earliest written mentions about the Dnister River in sources dates belong to the 5th century AD. In the works of the ancient Greek historian Herodotus, the river Dnister is called “Tires”, and the geographer Strabo calls the river – “Tiras”. Charming world of the Dnister River is majestic and unique, and the nature of the river is peculiar and picturesque. The shores of this river are hiding full of wonderful castles, monasteries, churches, rocks, grottoes, and caves.    Therefore, if you like an active rest, you should try alloys on the Dniester, they are organized by the local tour agency, and the price is very affordable, they offer you the instructor, uniforms and everything you need for this adventure. This journey can continue for one day or within a few days, where you will visit many interesting places, stay in tents for the night and relax in the open air.

How to find a panorama view?

The panorama formed by the banks of the Dniester with through the Zalishchyky town is best captured and photographed from the Dniester cliff, over which is situated Khreschatyk village of Chernivtsi region. It will be also interesting to explore more and climb by mountain-cliffs because, in fact, they are a barrier reef from the time of the Sarmatian Sea. On the cliff, you can climb a fast hiking trail, which begins before entering the city, before the bridge. When you finally overcome this path, you will receive an extraordinary view that is worth to be seen. This is the main thing that is worth to visit this small town – it's their panorama view. Similar objects in the world, except for the Ukrainian town of Zalishchiki, there are only two – horseshoe Marmara Canyon in the USA and Mosel in France. Therefore, do not refuse to you in such a pleasure. I'm willing to bet that you will not see such a beautiful sunset anywhere.

Iren Lefroy

I’m an ordinary girl who likes to make my life to a real adventure. Every information that we have in this world we know and discover by images, by seeing. We can realize our worldview by traveling to know this life better and to open beauty in every little detail. So if you have such opportunity to explore something new every day, do it! ?