UAE, the shiniest jewel of the Middle East

January 1, 1970


Sheikh Zayed Mosque


Nowadays, everybody is going everywhere. People are migrating all over the world. Whether the reason is business or pleasure, or  sometimes  the only choice you have to survive,  the point is we are going everywhere. And the part that`s not pleasant is the part when you are leaving someone behind. Well, I was the one that got left behind, by my friend. She decided to accept a job offer  and move to Dubai. Ofcourse, we were happy for her, but the only thing that was on our mind was that we couldn`t wait for the first chance to go visit her.  It was the most amazing two weeks of vacation we`ve ever had.




We took a direct flight from Belgrade to Dubai. A 5-hour flight. I used to think that that is a lot, but when you have your best friend there with you, there is not enough time in the world to say everything you want to say. Little advice, always go with your best friends somewhere. There is nothing more  fun than taking some time for yourselves and having  the time of your lives.

Finally, we entered the country and the three musketeers were united. But, I couldn`t breathe! The hummidity there is so huge! And it was already September. A tip for everybody with long hair, prepare yourselves, it curls up immediately. Also, the best temperature here is definitely during the months of May and September, the season itself  is really hot and the climate  is more tropical dry.

The tallest man-made building in the world.

The tallest man-made building in the world.

The UAE coast actually stretches for more than 650km and they have lots of small islands and coral reef, which are mostly man-made. The men actually found a way how to make the desert more attractive for tourism by building the islands by themselves. Coming from the islands made into a palm tree, to the project that started but not yet finished of the geographical map of the world in islands, the United Arab Emirates are an amazing architectural achievement.






ABU DHABI, the capital

The first day of our visit, we decided to go to Abu Dhabi. Since we were settled in Dubai, the ride to the capital emirate is only two hours long, so you can visit a different emirate every day actually since they are all this close.


Visited by the three musketeers

Visited by the three musketeers

The name Abu Dhabi actually means  a place rich in gazelles.  The most famous place to visit here is definitely the Sheikh Zayed Mosque.  It is absolutely amazing. The richness of the building, the details on the stones, the feeling you get when you hear the call for prayers, it is unbelievable.  The entire atmosphere is really calm and the customs must be respected. The female tourist have to wear the traditional hijab, a veil that covers completely  the body and head ( hair should not be seen)  and before you enter the main area of the mosque, you have to take off your shoes, as a sign of respect and not to bring in the dirt from the outside .  It was built as a united world, using artisans and materials from all over the world and using only natural materials as gold, marble stones, crystals and ceramics.  The complete feeling you get when you see the building is breath-taking. Normally, there are tours you can take with a guide through the mosque. If not, you are free to have a look by yourselves.

The Etihad towers



We didn`t have enough time to visit every single place here, one day is not enough, but I do recommend to visit the Emirates palace and the beautiful fountain inside and Etihad towers which were both used as filming locations for the movie Furious 7 . Then, don`t forget  Corniche beach and the city skyline.




Dubai – the most modern emirate. You will see people from all over the world, a lot of different cultures and nations. Honestly, it was really hard to actually see an Arab person than anything.  But, that is what is amazing about this place. You can feel comfortable even if you aren`t home. We actually met a lot of people from our country in a lot of places.

The most beautiful places we visited were ofcourse, the Tower  Burj Khalifa and Burj al Arab Hotel, the Palm islands and the not yet finished World islands, the Marina, the various soaks and the Miracle garden.

The night view

The night view

The Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world is 828m high and looks incredible. There are tours that you can take to get to the upper floors so you can take some shots of the city from the above and you can actually see the Palm islands and the World islands, and it is not that expensive.


Inside one of the rooms

The Burj al Arab hotel is a luxury hotel, so not many people have the opportunity to stay here, but you can be on the public Jumeirah beach right next to it and  enjoy the view of the hotel shaped as a sail of a ship,  most famous as the  worlds` only seven star hotel, although it was never officially claimed to be.



While we were here, OFCOURSE  we went to some beaches. In our case, the ones we liked the most were the Jumeirah Beach park and the Umm Suqeim Park, which have much more green areas than the rest of Dubai and they have everything, from a café to umbrellas and sunbeds.

So, don`t hesitate to take your  vacation here. There is a lot you can do and a lot you can see. My feeling was that I will come back again for sure one day, just to experiense  the thrill of riding maybe someday a ferrari on the tracks, or drink some cocktails in the amazing restaurants in the marina, or even get some gold jewelry or spices at the soaks. Either way, it`s a must see destination for everybody.


My name is Marija and I am a tourism student. Traveling is something I have always loved and during my studies I came to realise that the part I love about it is the part where I write about it. Seeing the world and its` miracles has become my passion and so far I have seen just a small piece of it. So, it is my duty to try to visit as more as I can.


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