Turin, the city of remarkable architecture

January 1, 1970

by Тијана Цвијовић

Fall in love with Turin

Surrounded by the Alps, Turin, the first capital of modern Italy, is one of the most beautiful Italian cities. I spent 6 months in Turin while I was on Erasmus and when I saw Turin’s large squares and narrow streets I was impressed. Old but preserved baroque buildings, breathtaking palaces, interesting museums and beautiful parks make this city adorable. A little bit underrated but irresistibly charming, “Paris of Italy” should be your next destination.

From Porta Nouva to city center

First railway station in Italy, Porta Nuova is the most important station in Turin, which connects this city with other Italian cities. Porta Nuova station is the real example of the elegant architecture of Turin and its facade with the semicircular arc in the middle is quite impressive. Across Porta Nouva is a little park that leads to the most beautiful street in Turin – Via Roma.

Porta Nuova by night

Elegant street with arcades and San Carlo square

Via Roma, street of long arcades connects railway station and square Castello. It is a historical street and really good place for shopping where you can find luxury designer stores. Along Via Roma, there is two fountains and two churches that are located at the entrance of square San Carlo. The largest Turin square, piazza San Carlo is surrounded by beautiful baroque buildings. Under them, you can find a lot of old and historical cafes where you can enjoy your meal or coffee and where you can feel like time was stopped. This square splits Via Roma in two part, so when you walk straight you can find the second part of Via Roma street and San Federico gallery. It is not unusual to see a lot of artists and musicians in this gallery and along Via Roma street. They make Turin even more beautiful.  I spent weekends walking down Via Roma with my friends and taking pictures of beautiful squares of Turin.

Beautiful squares of Turin

Walking down Via Roma you can see the most beautiful Turin square – piazza Castello, which represents the heart of main Piedmont city. Madam Palace and Royal Palace are located on this square. I visited both of them, and I recommend it because there are a lot of artworks and furniture of Savoy royal family that ruled in Italy. When you buy a ticket for Royal palace you can also visit Royal Armoury museum and Royal library, where you can see “Self-portrait” of Leonardo da Vinci. Next to Royal Palace is Madam Palace which has the baroque facade on the front side and medieval facade on the back side. You can also access to one of the medieval towers of  Madam Palace from you can see the center of Turin. Across piazza Castello, you will find piazza Carignano, a small square where the theater and Palace Carignano are located. You will be impressed by the beauty of this palace. Behind piazza Carignano you will find piazza Carlo Alberto. This charming square hosted National Library and leads to gallery Subalpina, which is gorgeous. You can find here old bookshops, cute stores and restaurants where you can eat some national Italian dish.

Meet river Po

Walking down the piazza Castello, you will find a street that connects that square with Vittorio Veneto square and river Po. Via Po that has the same name as a river and it is also a street with arcades like Via Roma. Historical cafes and stores are located in Via Po. You can also find street sellers which mostly sell souvenirs. Down the street is piazza Vittorio Veneto, which is the largest square in Turin. It is a place where usually young people go so you will find a lot of students that enjoy in view of river Po, which is located down the Vittorio Veneto square. I recommend to make a break in one of the cafes and grab some Italian vine because you can also see the Church of Great Mother of God. According to legend, this is a place where Holy Grail is located. For the lovers of history and religion, this is a great place, and you will be there after 5 minutes walk from piazza Vitorio Veneto.

The Church of the Great Mother of God

Museums of Turin

There are a lot of museums in Turin, and some of one them are considered the best in whole Italy.  There is an opportunity to buy a different kind of cards, which are used for entrance in museums with discount. You can find all information on tourist information desks, which are set in different locations in the city. You will find one on piazza Castello. When I was on my student exchange I bought “abbonamento musei” card which is one year valid and with it you can enter in every museum in Turin and Piedmont region. As I mentioned there are a lot of museums with extraordinary exhibitions and everyone can find something interesting. The National Cinema Museum, Egyptian Museum and National Automobile Museum are my recommendation.

National Cinema Museum

Once Jewish temple, now the highest world museum, Mole Antonelliana is National Cinema Museum and the best-known landmark in Turin. It is located between piazza Castello and piazza Vitorio Veneto, and you can’t miss it because it is enormous huge and stunning. There are exhibitions that refer to the historical development of movie but you can also find exhibitions about modern movies and cult movies. You can also expand your knowledge using optical boxes and old cameras which are available to visitors. When you finish your tour you can go to the top of Mole Antoliana using an elevator that is set in the middle of the museum. You can see Turin from the top and the Alps on the west side of the city, and you will be absolutely amazed.

Egyptian Museum

This is the right place for everyone who loves Egypt culture and history. This museum is the second largest Egyptian museum in the world, and you will find amazing collection and exhibition there. You will find there their furniture, products for personal hygiene, wardrobe and many other details that can get you closer to their life and antique. There are also mummies, and I was really impressed when I saw it, so I recommend to everyone to visit this museum.

National Automobile Museum

As you know, Turin is also known for FIAT, world famous car factory, so it is not really strange that there is also one of the biggest automobile museums in Europe. You will find there an enormous exhibition which represents an evolution of different car models. You will see not only FIAT automobiles but world-famous marks like Rolls – Royce, Audi, Mercedes and many others. You will find beautiful old-timers and modern car of nowadays. There is also an exhibition that refers to the formula which is also really interesting.

National Automobile Museum

This is only one part of Turin, the elegant city under the Alps. I really hope that this article will help you to discover the beauty of Turin, culture and history of this city that saved royal spirit until now. Pack your bags and let yourself feel royal in this impressive city. Nietzsche and Alexandre Dumas loved Turin, so why won’t you?

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