Tulum: a rising paradise in Mexico

January 1, 1970

by Rosa.sch

¡Hi, there! 

One of my favorite places in México is Tulum. I’m used to spend my summer or winter vacations there and is perfect, sun, white sand and turquoise sea. Adventure and rest, fresh nights, and local food to enjoy.

Tulum is a small city one hour 45 minutes away from Cancún, is on the south of the Riviera Maya in the state of Quinta Roo and is surrounded by the wild jungle, is the perfect place for rest and get adventure. They have just one main street where almost all local stores are set, you can find traditional clothes, food, beautiful handicrafts, and some silver jewelry.

The beach is just 13 minutes away by a street called ‘Coba avenue’ and there’s not just one beach, you can choose between six different beaches along the Tulum coast. And there is more, if you love adventure there are some things you must do while you are visiting this amazing place ¡Let’s go! 

8 places to visit in Tulum 

1) Ruins of Maya City of Tulum

Tulum in maya means wall and is one of the most emblematic cities because her privileged place near the sea and their great conserved ruins. Inside the park you can see different buildings that composed the city in old times. 

This old city has own a beach just under one of the towers and between the rocks. The admission is about $35 Mexican pesos and you can visit it from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Is 15 minutes away from Tulum town or 1:45 hours from Cancún. 


Source: Google Images, Tulum ruins.

2) Sian kaan Reserve

Is a natural protected area 20 minutes away from Tulum, the largest in the Mexican caribbean and it works as a comercial crossing between Tulum and Muyil. In this place are located 23 archeological sites and cenotes. For those who looks for adventure Sian Kaan is perfect.

You can swim in the cenotes many of which are connected with underground rivers and mangroves. There is a tour that includes: transportation, boat price, one archeological place, lunch, visit two lagoons, entrance to the museum and the butterfly. This place enchanted me, totally. 

3) Dos ojos Cenote

Cenotes are magical places, there are many types of them and the Yucatán península is full of them. Dos ojos is one of the most spectacular not just because the natural formation of the cenote but in diving activities too. Is a safe place to practice this sport even if you’re not profesional, guides will accompany you along the route.

Interestingly, the underwater cave system have 61 kilometers long, one of the ten largest in the world. And it is 25 minutes away from Tulum. Swimming there is one of the most wonderful experiences in my life, being surrounded by rocks inside clear water is just amazing, and if you could dive ¡better! 

Dos ojos

Source: Google images, Dos ojos.

4) Punta Allen

Is two hours from Tulum and it a small village inside the Sian Kaan reserve. Is growing up in popularity and it’s recommended for backpackers. There you can host in an ecological hotel. Is a magical place because at night the sky is clean the moon and stars can be seen wonderfully.

The attractions here are the semi virgins beaches, to get there you must take a boat, the villagers offers their own boats, some of them already have tours with some routes. The sea is transparent in this place and diving is a perfect activity too.

You can eat local in some of the restaurants, like Muelle viejo, El Taco Loco or Lupita’s Garden, all of them offer traditional food and seafood cooking at the moment. One of the best plates in this place is lobster, one of the best I ever taste! 

Punta allen

Source: Google images, Punta Allen.

5) Aktunchen Cenote and caves

The name means cave with cenote, and to get there you must get out to the highway and enter in a road surrounded by the jungle. At the end you will be received in the entrance of this park. The complete tour take 1.45 hours, the park has 3 caves with cenotes, so you will see rock ancient formations, some of them formed by the water in a natural way and beautiful cenotes. Is stunning.  

At the you will visit the cave with the Aktunchen Cenote, the online one in the Riviera Maya where swimming is not allowed. Outside this cave you will found a place like a zoo, this is a project of reintegration and conservation of some species like de White tail Deer, Tucán, pheasant, and others is really cool and I love this project. 

In Tulum there are some places where you can eat and the food is delicious, all depends on what you want to try, here some of my favorites and when I visit Tulum I try to go eat there

6) Mateo’s Grill

Is a Bohoemian bech style restaurant, is one side on the road to Boca Paila, and 11 minutes away from Tulum by the Coba Ave. This place is a perfect mix between traditional food and a modern touch. Is constructed almost without walls, all made of wood and surrounded by other local stores, ecological hotels and jungle. One of the best plates they have are Burritos a big flour tortilla fill with beans, rice and chiken or beef. To drink they have delicious smoothies and recently I discovered artesanal Beer called “Akumal” a light delicious beer.

¡If you visit Tulum you need visit Mateo’s!


Source: Google Images. Mateo’s Grill.

But if you prefer seafood you must visit

7) El camello Jr.

Is on the main street with Avenue kukulkan in the corner and is not a stylish restaurant, but the way the cook their seafood is delicious. This place is local and the fish is fresh because all if it is the fishing of the day so you will eat healthy and delightful. One of their best plates are Guajillo octopus, and Shrimps, but all their food is recommended. This place is one of the best local restaurants in Tulum city.

And in my last trip to Tulum I have the chance to visit Vidanta, Cirque du Soleil Joya. This place is 45 minutes away from Tulum in the highway to Cancún.

8) Joya, Cirque Du Soleil.

Cirque du Soleil offer a dinner + show or just the show. I took the first one and I need to say that it was all an experience. The food is delicious and the presentation very pretty, is a three time dinner, with drinks and wine included. The best part of course was the dessert, four mini cakes of different flavours. The show is amazing, all about nature with a Mexican touch and very nice music.

For a semi casual time, Cirque Du Soleil offer a good show to enjoy, even if you’re not interesting in the dinner time but I really recommended.

If you had the chance of visit this small but amazing place I hope you spend a good time here as much as me


Source: Google images, Joya.


¡Good Luck and always have a good trip!


By Rosa.sch

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