Try to feel Lisbon

Have you ever been in Portugal? This summer i have luck and visit this fantastic country! dsc_0582Country, which situated in western part of Europe, was my little dream for a long time, but finally i found the way how to get there.

Firstly, let me told you a bit about myself. I'm a 24 years old young man, who living in Saint-Petersburg (Russia).  Portugal really far away but if you like so much as me Jazz and especially Bossanova, if you are listening “Garota de Ipanema” repeatly than you can understood me. Portwein, Trams, Algavres oranges, Atlantic ocean, Cabo da Roca, Fado and sea food just a small part of typicall things which you will find in every tourists guide.

One of the biggest problem for me was to find flight for good price, because all flights from Russia was really expensive and i start to planning my summer trip to Portugal and finally i found tickects from Helsinki (around 450 km from Saint-Petersburg) to Lisbon with one stop in Oslo. This stop takes 10 hours.

After i found the flights i start to planning my time in Portugal. I decide to spend one week of my twelve days in Albufeira (Algavre region) and five days in Lisbon.

So, my trip is starting!

When i just came in Lisbon's airport i thought how similar this country to Spain, but when you will get inside metro you will see the problems, which they have. The great civilization in middleage in our days have a big financial problems which you can seen in capital of Portugal. Old metro, old buldings and pure population will sawn by you everywhere.

The Metro in Lisbon is quite simple to understand because it's not so big. All public transport which are including buses, trams, metro, ferrys and elevators working with simple system: you buy just one ticket without opportunity to change or ticket for a 1h 30m with opportunity to change type of transport. However, it’s easy to walk in city centre and see a lot without using public transport. But find a time for small trip with old tram on route 28. Believe me, better start earlier morning when inside of them not so much tourists and use in this day daily ticket, which will give you opportunity leave the tram few times in main places of city.


One of most useful thing in Portugal is mobile network! You can get sim-card without any packages of minutes, SMS or Internet and use it as you need. Don't worry, sim-cards with packages they also have. Most popular mobile operator in Portugal is NOS, MEO and Vodafone. You can choose anyone of this.

Some of sightseeings

Torre de Belém

dsc_0328 dsc_0287

All that I remember from guide about Belem Tower that it was builted as a gateway to Lisbon, which are also defense against of entrance to the Targus river. It was just a part of defensive system, which start in Cascais and San Sebastiao. For ourdays its a UNESCO World Heritage.

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos


Great church which was builded in middle age and working in our days. Some people call this church “the pearl of Manueline style” because of the typical Portuguese late Gothic architecture style, which is connected with king Manuel I. The monastery itself was build for money of Vasco da Gama for his journey from Europe to India. This Monestery shows power and honor of Portugal in middle ages.

Padrão dos Descobrimentos

Right in front fo Monestery situated huge, white monument. From one side it is in shape of cross/sword, and from the other it looks like a ship. This is a monument for famous discovers such as Vasco da Gama, Bartolomeu Dias or Ferdinand Magellan. Unfortunetly in time of visit it was on reconstractuion.



Lisbon have a lot viewpoints which can give you the best impressions of your visit. One of the popular is a viewpoint on Elevador de Santa Justa. You can saw all Lisbon under your foots and find some new interesting places. For sure they have much more viewpoints, such as Miradouro da Senhora do Monte, Miradouro Castelo de São Jorge, Miradouro São Pedro de Alcântara, Miradouro de Santa Luzia, Miradouro das Portas do Sol. This viewpoints will change your opinion about Portugal and Lisbon. Here my opinion about this city became to converted because of the magics which i have seen under me.

Sintra and Cabo de Roca


When you will find a free day in your schedule, spend it in Sintra and Cabo da Roca. You can take a daily tickets in direction Sintra/Cascais on the Rossio train station. I'm absolutely sure, you will totally enjoy this places.

Peoples goes to Sintra because of the visiting Pena Palace and Park, which are the major sighseeings in Portugal. This palace not the oldest one or not the historically significant, but it's one of the unusual and most beautiful palace as i think. Pena is one of the most extraordinary palace in the world. Architect built was using completely different architectural styles and elements from various countries. Pena Palace have also a big park which are very interesting for your visit, terrace and inside Tours. All of them are very interesting and it should to visit.

In Sintra you can find not just Pena Palace, here is also The Palace of Sintra, The Palace of Queluz, The Castle of the Moors, Quinta da Regaleira, The Monserrate Palace which are also very interesting for visit! Don't forget, if you buy daily ticket for Sintra and Cascais it's also include public transport in Sintra like buses till all palaces and bus from Sintra to Cabo da Roca and from Cabo da Roca to Cascais, and regional trains of course (Lisbon-Sintra, Cascais-Lisbon).

Best way to combine this trips is give the first half of the day to Sintra and leave around 2 o'clock from Sintra to Cabo da Roca, spend a few hours on western point of Europe and visit in the evening beaches of Cascais. But you should be ready that water willn't be very hot and may be you can't find opportunity in this time.

Believe me you will enjoy your staying in Lisbon. I trully believe, once again I can came back here!


Portugal, Lisbon, 2016


Hello! My name is Alex, i’m 24 years old and i living in Saint-Petersburg. I love travel a lot and I try to do this 5-6 time per year. I would like to share my impressions and emotions which i get to other people and show everybody our planet. This time I will tell you about fantastic city – Lisbon!