Triton Island: Perfect for squad getaway in Zamboanga del Sur

January 1, 1970

by Shaima Gani

Are you planning with your squad to go somewhere that is refreshing here at Zamboanga del Sur? Visit Triton Island a well preserved Island that you will enjoy with your friends, families or even your special someone. If you are looking for a place where you can relax this Island is for you. Experience the fresh and clear sea water in this turtle-shaped Island, located at Vicenzo Sagun, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines.

How to get to Triton Island?

Not that hard loves ?

We got there using a motorcycle from Pagadian city to Vicenzo Sagun. We only spent 100 pesos for the fuel going to Brgy. Lumboy, Vicenzo, Sagun and from there we rode a boat going to the Island for only 70pesos back and forth. For those who don’t have a personal service, you can ride a van going to Vicenzo Sagun in Cerilles terminal at the back of People’s Plaza, once you got to Vicenzo Sagun you will ride a motorcycle going to Brgy. Waling-Waling or Brgy.Lumboy. Ride a boat and you will get to the Island. Don’t worry people there are very helpful.


What is the best way to get there?

The best way if you are using a motorcycle is to go through Brgy.Waling-Waling because the road going to Brgy. Lumboy is rocky. But if you are using four wheels that is capable of going through a rocky road you can go through Brgy.Lumboy. If you are too excited to go to the Island and can’t wait anymore I recommend you to go through Brgy. Lumboy since the Island is only 10 minutes away from the bay, while from the bay of  Brgy. Waling-Waling it will take more than 20 minutes going to the Island. The people of Brgy. Lumboy said that it is much safer to go to the Island from the bay of the Brgy. Lumboy because of ocean current issues. So the best way is the safest way.


What to bring?

First, I would recommend you to bring your own life vest so you can go to the deep part of the sea where you can see the beautiful coral reefs and also for safety purposes, there is also a life vest for rent if you forgot to bring yours. Since the Island don’t have a restaurant, of course, you need to bring your own food and water that is a must because you will surely get hungry after exploring the island. If you love taking pictures bring a waterproof camera or action camera because you will surely enjoy the crystal clear sea water of this island and not just its crystal clear sea water but also the beautiful scenery of the island. If you have a snorkeler you must bring it cause snorkeling is also a must thing to do.


Things to do in Triton Island

  1. Diving
  2. Snorkeling
  3. Tour the Island
  4. Exploring the cave
  5. Cliff Diving
  6. Mountain Climbing
  7. Photoshoot(You will surely love to take pictures of the beautiful scenery).
  8. Sunbathing

What are the Fees when you get to the island?

There is an environmental fee which is only 10 pesos when we got there but the girl who is assigned there last time said that it will be 50 pesos effective this month of June 2018. The money they collect from the tourist is used to improve the Island. The table is also for rent 150 each, they only have a table since the island doesn’t have cottages.


Rules and Regulations of the Island

First of all is the GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT which means do not leave any garbage in the Island and bring the garbage with you when you leave the island.No bringing of foods when swimming to avoid spilling of foods. There are also restricted areas like where the turtle put their eggs. There is a smoking area for smokers. Tourist can stay for overnight provided they ask permission from the government of Vicenzo Sagun. Tourist is not allowed to take anything like e.g. seashells, pebbles, sand or etc. take nothing but memories and leave nothing but footprints.


Here are some of the pictures of the Island:

This are pictures of the triton island, as you can see its shape like a turtle.

You can rent a boat so you can tour the island if you don’t want to go climbing to get to the back of the island. Don’t forget to wear a life vest for safety purposes.



Leave nothing but footprints, Kill nothing but time, Bring nothing but memories. I really love this welcoming message, don’t leave garbages instead leave footprints, don’t kill fish or any living creatures but kill time, don’t bring any island property but bring only memories.


No Smoking Area. It is better to follow the rules of the island to maintain its natural beauty.


The calm sea of Triton Island.


This is me enjoying the beautiful scenery.

This is the table we used since the Island don’t have a cottage yet.

This is me and my best friend playing with sea water like kids, this is our last summer getaway before we go back to our busy life again.

Some Tips and Advice

The best time to go the island is early in the morning so you can spend more time. If you want to enjoy swimming, wear something that is comfortable, I suggest you can wear a rash guard or a swimwear. Don’t forget to bring goggles you will surely love the view under the sea. If you are planning to go on a mountain climbing make sure you are wearing a proper attire and it is best to go on a mountain climbing with your friends don’t go alone. The island is safe as long as you follow the rules and do not go to the restricted areas. Bring a lot of drinking water because the island doesn’t have drinking water. The island is open until 5 pm so it is better to leave the island before 5 pm because they said that sea waves are bigger after 5 pm. Enjoy your stay on the island and seize every moment.

Overall review

Overall the experience is full of fun, captivating moments and adventurous. If you are the type of people who like to be far from a busy polluted city like me, then this place is worth visiting you will surely enjoy the Island breeze. The crystal clear sea water that will make you feel relax and safe while swimming is awesome. The beautiful scenery you can see while sitting on the shore is lovely, you can also see the sunset, can you imagine it? I mean can you feel it? How relaxing it is to breathe a fresh air and hear the sound of splashing small waves while sitting on the shore. You will be enchanted with this island and will keep coming back to visit it.

I am a nature lover and I really love this island, I love how the people take care of the Island, I love how they treat the tourist they are very approachable. I recommend my friends here in Zamboanga del Sur to visit this place anytime. You will never regret stepping your feet in this island.  So what are you waiting for? Explore Triton Island and experience an adventurous Island Hopping ?



Shaima Gani

By Shaima Gani

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