Tripping El Nido: A Paradise Within a Paradise

January 1, 1970

by Eunise Quintano

For two consecutive years now, Palawan is regarded as the world’s best island by Travel and Leisure magazine. Each year, the said magazine conducts a World’s Best Awards survey and its readers will vote for their choice. Upon ranking various islands from across the globe, Travel and Leisure tallies all the votes gathered. Hence, Palawan is still the number one island for this year.

Absolutely, this is a proud moment for all Filipinos out there. Having this kind of recognition makes the country an ideal travel destination, especially for those who love nature tripping. More so, this paradise in Southeast Asia takes pride of its crystal clear waters, stunning underwater river, and pristine beaches. Indeed, Palawan is the best island in the world today.

The Marvelous El Nido

Traveling to one of the spectacular municipalities of Palawan is a one-of-a-kind experience. Exploring the magical place of El Nido was an unforgettable moment for me. The moment I set my foot on this island, I was in awe. I was able to witness its true beauty and it’s totally amazing. People who have been here are right when they say that El Nido is a paradise. Having the chance to see it with my own eyes, I couldn’t agree more to all the good things they have to say about the island. You really have to see it for yourself because photographs alone cannot do justice to the real beauty of El Nido.


Tranquil Island

Those three days I’ve stayed in the island were memorable. If only I had more time to stay, I would have extended my vacation. Unfortunately, those were the only days I had to spend my time off from work. Nonetheless, I was able to maximize my time and do the things I need to do while here. I am glad that the locals are very accommodating and at the same time helpful. Since El Nido is one of the top travel destinations not only in the Philippines, but internationally, there were a lot of foreign travelers around the place. The locals manage to keep a peaceful surrounding at all times and there is really nothing to worry about even if you stay late outside.

Adventure of a Lifetime

Honestly, of all the places I’ve been to, I really had the best time in El Nido. Island hopping is the most popular tourist activity that you can enjoy while here. You can book an island tour package of your choice ahead of time or simply get one when you get there. But, keep in mind that you have to book at least a day before. In my case, my friend and I booked a package the night before the tour. Good thing, there were many locals who offer different island hopping packages. All you need is to choose one that meets your budget and preferences. After all, they can give you some discounts.

Each island tour is inclusive of boat rental, food for lunch, life jackets, and environmental fee. The boat wouldn’t be all yours, there will also be other travelers joining you throughout the tour. This is a great way to meet new people and befriend them. Make sure to eat your breakfast prior to the tour and bring only the essential things, like camera, sunblock, and own gears if you want to try snorkeling. This is a whole-day activity, so you really need to prepare yourself for it. Enjoy every picturesque view and appreciate how magnificent the world can be. 



Whenever you travel, you always become alive. There is this certain emotion that you feel once you go to different places and discover something new. Maybe, this is the reason why a lot of people, including me, love to travel these days. It is the experience that matters the most, no matter how much money you spend on it. Nothing beats an extraordinary experience with the people you love the most. It is just a matter of planning things out properly and ensuring that this particular trip is worth your money.

Furthermore, everyone needs to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life once in a while. We all deserve to relax and have fun sometimes. There is no need to work very hard every single day without treating oneself from time to time. Life is not all about earning money, you have to loosen up as well. That is why I booked a trip to Palawan, for I felt exhausted at work and I thought of having a short break. A little escapade away from your usual routine won’t hurt. Thus, it will help you regain energy once you get back to reality.


Preserving the Beauty of Nature

El Nido is one of the idyllic destinations in the Philippines that makes you feel closer to nature. With all its sandy shores, cliff-backed islands, and breathtaking scenery, you will surely be astounded. This scenic island also reminds you to take good care of mother earth. If you still want to see many splendid works of nature, then be the one to preserve it through your own little ways. By simply not throwing anything in the islands while having your tour is one small way to show your concern to the nature. Your acts do not need to be grand to say that you are of help in keeping the surrounding clean all the time.

Overall, my El Nido escapade is one for the books. It was a great experience to hop from one island to another, meet new faces, mingle with the locals, and most importantly, see the wonderful creations of God in the flesh. I never thought that a paradise like this exists in my own country. Palawan, being recognized as the world’s best island for second time in a row is truly a humbling achievement for the entire country. It is something that all Filipinos must be proud of. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of phenomenal destinations that you can visit in the Philippines apart from Palawan.

Eunise Quintano

By Eunise Quintano

Eunise is a writer from the Philippines. She loves writing and traveling the most. It is her passion to inspire people from across the globe through her own pieces of writing.


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