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January 1, 1970

by JQtheglobetrotter

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Excited about writing a blog for this amazing country. I’ve always seen Malaysia with glittering eyes since my childhood. The ad tagging it as ‘Truly Asia’ still plays very familiarly in my head and I got to experience the true essence behind it when landed for the first time in the country’s capital city ‘Kuala Lumpur’. Luckily, we saved at least couple of hours by avoiding long queues as there were not many international or local flights landing at that time. The immigration and clearance process was not very cumbersome and we were happily welcomed in the country. Weather outside was understandably humid as this part of world is tropical and doesn’t carry much of a weather variability in itself throughout the year.

Kuala Lumpur:

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

The city has two major airports named as KLIA1 and KLIA2. KL is full of life and home to some scenic sky-scrappers, fascinating markets, continuously improving infrastructures and toothsome food. Malaysia in general will really not come hard on your pocket. If you are tight on budget, getting around the city and your spots may not be a daunting task as the metro touches almost all the major towns.

It was 1am when we reached Kuala Lumpur so had no choice but to take a cab as the stations of other transport mediums like Trains and Buses were closed by 23:00 (Note it down). Let me tell you that my experience with cabs in Kuala Lumpur was a rip-off and I prefer you riding an Uber if you are looking for a more economical and faster portability. Also speaking from general experiences, rates are always on a higher side when driving midnight in any touristic place around the world.


Bukit Bintang lives in the heart of Kuala-Lumpur and is the most highlighted and famed place for accommodating tourists from all parts of the world. This is where you should be staying. I recommend using or for finding multiple range of available options. I found everything conveniently reachable from this area, happening super-marts and numerous restaurants. It is my hobby to borrow every city’s map in the first place to get an idea about the whereabouts and distances between places. Bukit Bintang gets an extra star in my rating as it also has stop-over for metro train, you can easily hop on, follow the map and check-in your desired spots. Since this town is mostly crowded with people all the time so you will find plethora of cabs and car rentals around.


Genting Highlands:

Genting Highlands are the main touristic attraction in KL. They stand at an elevation of almost 5500ft and offers some breath-taking views and greenery on its way. You can easily find buses that leave every 30mins in the morning from Bukit Bintang, KL to Awana, Genting highlands. The place has a state of the art shopping mall up above, a famous casino and some lavish resorts where you can choose to stay for a night or two (strongly recommended for couples). As we had time constraint, we decided to come back to KL city. This should be kept in mind that one should set aside almost 7-8 hours from the schedule to cover Genting highlands. You can visit the all-famous strawberry leisure farms and see china town on your way. The clouds were playing hide and seek with us, it was showering heavily one moment and a clean sky in the next. Such is the beauty of Malaysia’s weather.

Awestruck by the thickness of these forests

Batu caves:

Batu Caves is yet another iconic touristic attraction in KL. The place of course draws thousands of Hindus and other tourists’ every year from all parts of the globe. It has a whole chapter of interesting cave temples and historic statues. We saw the observance of different Hindu rituals all-along. Please remember that you need to have a water bottle handy and enough stamina to bear the toil of climbing 272 stairs one end. It was overwhelming to see large number of volunteers performing their rescue drills to tackle any accident or unfortunate event. Last but not the least, don’t forget clicking a selfie with the massive gold statue of Lord Murugan. Always a nice feeling marking off an exciting destination as good as Batu Caves. Isn’t it? ACCOMPLISHED!

Now Say cheeeese!

KL & Petronas Twin towers:

The ‘To-see’ list for Malaysia is incomplete until your eyes haven’t gone all wondrous and starry after seeing the famous ‘Petronas Twin Towers’ and ‘KL Tower’ located at Kuala Lumpur City Center (walking distance from Bukit Bintang). Soaring to the height of almost 1500mtrs, the tip of these twin towers is visible from all-over Kuala Lumpur. The spot is normally flooded with people, some of them relaxing and some choosing to capture their photos on this colossal landmark. Always wear a smile while travelling and specially coming across such heaving places no matter how tired you are, respect always begets respect (Healthy travel tip). People will co-operate with you and who knows? You might end up sending or getting a new ‘Add friend’ request in your social circle. I recommend going there in the evening or at night as the dazzling tip of this tower is not something that can be forgotten so easily. It will leave you absolutely startled seeing it up from the ground. You can accentuate your travel memories and opt for buying a ticket to these towers and experience a 360 degree view of the city from the top. We decided not to do that due to fatigue and lack of time. Both of these famous landmarks are not very far away from each other and can be achieved one after the other. The tower closes at 23:00.

Tower tips talking to the skies

Other notable places to see in Kuala Lumpur:

  • Aquaria KLCC

  • KLCC Bird park

  • Sunway Lagoon theme park

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