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April 7, 2019

by Alba Nasoni

Ah, Tuscany, sweet Tuscany! Maybe one of the most famous places on Earth and a true flagship of what Italy stands for.

If you’re planning to visit Italy and Tuscany is not on your list you might want to review your itinerary and avoid making the biggest mistake of your life. Ok, maybe I am being a bit dramatic, but hey, I am playing for my team after all!

I will use my expertise as a local who was born and raised in Tuscany in order to help you travel around this amazingly beautiful region and enjoy the best it has to offer. Let’s get started!


First things first. When planning any travel you should firstly have a clue where your headquarter should be. This might be easier when dealing with just one city, but when exploring a region you should consider moving every two or three days. Tuscany is not that big and you can reach most destinations easily, however you will find some true gems in small villages in the middle of nowhere and there is no way you can get there by taking a highway! Some say travelling is not just about the final stop, but it lies on the journey itself. Take your time to move from place to place and don’t be afraid to try different accommodations. You’ll be more likely to find hotels in the main towns, while definitely more B&Bs in the countryside. Whatever kind of accommodation you prefer, you will be able to find it here. Nowadays, any of these facilities have multilingual staff and you’re going to be just fine even if you don’t speak a word of Italian. That said, you shouldn’t really worry about accommodation in Tuscany, there really is truth in the words of people saying we’re great hosts.



By Plane

Once you draw your ideal itinerary, make sure you also get an idea of how you are going to arrive in Tuscany and how you are going to get around. If you are travelling to Tuscany by plane you will land at one of the below:

  • Florence-Peretola (Amerigo Vespucci) Airport
  • Pisa (Galileo Galilei) Airport

Consider that the airports of Pisa and Florence are quite close to each other and the main difference stands in what kind of company you want to fly with. You are more likely to find low-cost companies flying to and from Pisa, while more high-profile companies in Florence. My suggestion is to check them out both and decide what’s your best solution according to your plans. Although some other Italian International airports are not located in Tuscany, there are definitely some quick and smart solutions worth taking into consideration:

  • Rome Fiumicino (Leonardo Da Vinci) Airport
  • Rome Ciampino (G.B Pastine) Airport
  • Perugia (San Francesco D’Assisi) Airport

If you think Rome is too far away from Tuscany you could not be more wrong. With its five different train lines between high-speed trains Frecciarossa, Frecciargento and Italo (the only one which is owned by a private company) and regular trains as Intercities and local trains, there are endless possibilities to reach your Tuscan destination. Note that some Frecciarossa and Frecciargento can get directly into the Rome Fiumicino Airport making your journey extremely quick and easy. All the other trains heading north depart from Rome’s main train station Termini and most trains stop in Florence.

Differently from Fiumicino Airport, Ciampino Airport is closer to Rome city centre and it first existed as a military airport, where presidents and the Pope usually land and depart, so don’t be surprised if you see an incredible amount of policemen and military men around! Leaving useless pieces of information aside, you should know that there is no train line for this airport and don’t get confused if you hear there are trains leaving for Ciampino because that’s the town and not the actual airport. But do not worry, there are several coaches leaving from Rome Termini station at any hour of the day. For Rome means also getting stuck in traffic very easily, allow yourself some extra time so that you won’t miss your flight or your train.

Lastly, Perugia Airport is a very handy facility for those travelling to Tuscany. It is so tiny that you might think you’ve been the victim of a tasteless joke, but trust the signs, that really is an airport! Being so small though, it also means there are not many flights during the day and from there you can only reach 5 destinations: London Stansted, Bruxelles Charleroi, Malta, Tirana and Catania. Same as for Rome, you will be able to reach many Tuscan locations by train.

By Train

Indeed, trains can be the perfect fit to get around in Tuscany. As a local though, it is my duty to warn you and make you aware of the fact that almost any train I took in my life was delayed and it is not because I am not lucky. Service can be great on high-speed trains, but it can be pretty awful on Intercities and local trains with technical issues at all hours of the day, temperature that for some reason never seems to be right and of course,  people who can’t behave in public transportation. I don’t mean to scare you, but you deserve to know all of this can happen.

By Car

I know there is a superhero inside you. And that superhero will want to drive once your feet touch the ground. Driving in Tuscany can be exciting and you will have the chance to see breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. Just make sure you don’t drive right after a wine tasting as we have pretty strict rules about drunk-driving and you would get in big trouble. Also, if you see locals driving confidently around curvy roads and tiny countryside roads, please don’t wake up your inner Lewis Hamilton and just drive at your own pace. Driving as we do takes a lot of practice and it’s easy to screw up if you’re not used to it.

After my dose of grandma’s suggestions, it will be up to you to live your own Tuscan experience. And I am sure it’s going to be unforgettable.

Alba Nasoni

By Alba Nasoni

Travel geek, bassist & mess Mistress of a hard rock band. I love to live my life on the edge, always looking forward to the next adventure. My life is anything but boring!


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Durk Dunham

May 3, 2019

A wonderful essay offering some great information about Tuscany. Alba gives us a strong travelling insight that will surely help any lucky visitor.


May 3, 2019

You are so talented my dear!! I would love to visit your hometown.

Howard Johnson

May 10, 2019

Makes me want to go


May 10, 2019

I feel like I’m there already ( I wish ?)
Very well written and I like the humour , I will forward this to a friend who is travelling to Italy again in the new year .
Looking forward to your next article ?

Axl Louis Bach

May 10, 2019

Alba ofreces una excelente información de Toscana me parece que es un lugar muy hermoso que mucha gente quisiera conocer y disfrutar de esos paisajes y enamorarse de tu ciudad

Marty F.

May 17, 2019

Great article, makes me wanna visit Toscana again :)

Michael Barr

May 17, 2019

Great work I may look into this now


May 24, 2019

great read always wanted to see Tuscany stay rocking and hard Jim

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May 24, 2019

Nice article Alba... congrats


May 24, 2019

Very well done.

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June 7, 2019

A very well written article. Excellent work.?

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June 7, 2019

Awesome, I LOVE IT


June 14, 2019

Great article Alba, can’t wait for my visit in September ? keep ROCKIN girl ??


June 28, 2019

Nice work out of you !! ROCK N ROLL

David Wright

June 28, 2019

We did many of the same things when we toured Tuscany and Umbria a few years ago. We flew into Rome, took the train to Orvieto, then onto Siena, another train to Florence then a bus to Pisa before a flight home back to the U.K. A magical trip and trains are truly the best way to get around.

Owen Davidson

June 28, 2019

A well established presentation of a place only dreamed of . It gives one a sense familiarity before embarking on such a journey .
Well done .

Redwanul Hasan Rafa

August 9, 2019

Very well written, informative as well as humorous specially the one with the lewis hamilton! Your artical certainly makes me want to go there.


August 9, 2019

Excellent and informative article. I loved my time in Tuscany