Traveling To Singapore For The First Time

Traveling To Singapore For The First Time  

My 1st experience traveling to Singapore.

In February 2012, me and my friends had the opportunity to visit Singapore. We visited Little India, Bugis Street, Sentosa Island and China Town. We landed on Changi International Airport. After passing through the migration and take the suitcase the first time we did was buy some kind of e-money card to be used as payment cards. E-money can be purchased at MRT stations  also in the store like 7-eleven which is located around Singapore. Price card $ 12 and $ 7 and contain money. The use of this card is quite simple, after riding the bus or MRT station entrance gate, you can simply tap the card into the machine that has been provided. Do not forget when going down, you should tap again for travel expenses calculated. How to Top Up card is also easy, you can reload their balances at ticket machines, 7-Eleven and ATM. From Changi Airport, we use the Sky Train to get to the terminal 2 and continued with MRT towards  Litlle India. We've booked a single room at Footprints Hostel. One room fillable to 6 people. We arrived at the hostel at 10 PM and we decided to sleep. The second day in Singapore

Around Little India Area

We start with breakfast at the hostel which has been providing a variety of menu items such as milk, coffee, cereals, instant noodles and coffee. After finishing breakfast, we walk in the Little India area.
Little India

Little India

Little India is one of the tourist attractions in Singapore which is an attractive place to visit. An area that combines the culture and traditions of everyday life and spiritual life of the ethnic Indian community. According to the information we get from local residents, Little India once an area of ??ethnic Indian convict settlement. Little India has a unique and attractive impression. Aroma blend of spices and fragrant incense, perfume wafted typical Indian communities concentrated in our nose when roam every aisle in the area of ??Little India. No matter where our footsteps running, which is widely seen stores or shops that sell CDs or DVDs there are also still sells cassette bollywood songs that the volume that can be heard from a distance of many meters. After being around in the area of ??Little India, we continued our journey.

The next destination is the location which is a Singapore icon Merlion statue.

Merlion Statue

Merlion Statue

Merlion statue location is adjacent to One Fullerton, a garden of 2,500 square meters. One Fullerton contained in a variety of restaurants, lounges and dance clubs on the river bank. When we got Merlion statue, which was first performed certainly was took pictures with the lion statues. A breeze makes the sun shine becomes too pronounced heat. Unfortunately at that time I did not bring sunglasses. It seems like it would be cool if I took pictures by using sunglasses. Once satisfied with photos, we were seated not far from Merlion statue, see the scenery around, enjoy the air of Singapore. The journey was resumed, we headed esplanade. In this place there are a lot of good objects to be photographed. But we did not get into the building, just take a picture on the front, only then proceed to Orchard Road. esplanade esplanade

Arriving in Orchard Road.

One word that comes to mind is: cool! The roads are modern, neat, clean, nice to looking around and of course cool as a background for photographs. In Orchard Road we have time to visit one of the shopping centers that are there, namely Far East Plaza. In Far East Plaza we just walk around see the stores that are there. Because of our limited budget, so we decided to just look at it without shopping. Quite fun though window shopping only. Following from Far East Plaza, proceed to the sultan mosques in the Bugis Street. In the journey to get there, we got a bit confused, fortunately we met with Singapore students were kind enough to show us the right direction toward the Sultan Mosque. As we arrived at the Sultan Mosque, we feel very grateful to be able to find a place to worship in the country. We were walking around looking at the parts of the building. At the time being we took pictures inside the mosque, there was a man who approached us and asked if we were from Indonesia? We said yes and he introduced himself as the caretaker of the mosque and he comes from Indonesia. He told us enthusiastically about the history of the Sultan Mosque, how he could take charge of the mosque, and his happiness to meet with us as the Indonesian people. The way he spoke really catchy so we did not feel bored to hear. When finished listening to the story him we doing wudhu and prayers. After  visited the Sultan Mosque, we are looking for a fast food restaurant for lunch.

After that the journey continues to Sentosa Island.

We walk through Sentosa Broadwalk. It connects vivocity Sentosa Broadwalk Shopping Mall's waterfront promenade to the island of Sentosa. We really enjoyed this walking activity. Do not feel tired because we are talking and joking. In the evening we watch the show Song Of The Sea. Glad we got a pretty good seating position. Shows Song Of The Sea is for me personally very charming and romantic. While watching the show Song Of The Sea I imagine how romantic if there is someone special who accompanies me to enjoy the beauty of the fountain's dancing. Song Of The Sea tells the story of a young man named Li Li and his friends are trying to wake the princess Ami curse. This story is packed with dance, musical songs, performances and water games, the effect of light from the laser light and fireworks. This show can be watched by the apparent age because at the time I was watching with my friends, I saw a little boy with his parents there is also a group of teenagers and grandmothers and grandfathers. Shows Song Of The Sea lasts for an hour and did not really boring because it was very enjoyable. Few tips from me, to enjoy the show Song Of The Sea you should come earlier in order to choose the seat of the most strategic position which is in the middle. After the performances Song Of The Sea is finished, we decided to return to the hostel because it was quite a night. Previously we bought the dinner menu is curry rice sold not far from the restaurant in Little India, where our hostel is located. The Third Day We headed to the Singapore Indoor Stadium because on that day there was a concert of Super Junior. Previously I and my friends  already booked tickets to watch the Super Show 4 in Singapore's Indoor Stadium. Arriving in SIS, it turns out there are quite a lot also spectators who came from Indonesia. Me and my friends went in the queue for a given number queue. What I like about Singapore is the culture of the queue, really orderly and neat. Nothing precede each other. Me and my friends were at the Singapore Indoor Stadium from morning until finish the concert event. Totally satisfied watching the Super Junior concert in Singapore. I could see at close range the members of Super Junior because I get a comfortable position that is not far from the stage. After the concert, we went straight back to the hostel. Last day in Singapore

We took time to visit China Town, buy souvenirs typical of Singapore.

I bought a couple of key chains, snack, and T-shirts. Once satisfied shopping, we went home to Indonesia. Good bye Singapore. Thank you for amazing 3 days.

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