Traveling to interior of Brazil – Maringá City

Brazil is very vast in cultures and biodiversity. This is reflected in its forests and beaches, as well as in the diversities in its great capitals. But in addition to the big cities and beaches, there are lots of cool things to see in the inland cities. If in addition to adventures, you want to travel to find peace and tranquility, Maringá city is a great option for this and thus to start exploring more the inner cities. This city is located in the state of Paraná in the south of the country. I moved recently to this city, I’ve been here for six months and I’m really enjoying it. The weather as you would expect is tropical, yet it is a pleasant climate because the city is full of trees. This small town has many nice places to stroll, theaters, parks, and bars are the main attractions that I found here. And I’m sure you will too. I’ve visited many places since I have been here. And now, I’ll show you all that I liked visiting.

Japan Park

  It’s a beautiful place! This park truly enchanted me. It is all green landscape with beautiful flowers is a great view. There is a restaurant in the center of the park near the lake where you can see beautiful colorful carp. Japan’s park reflects the history and presence of immigrant families from Japan who for more than a hundred years have made this region their home.

Parque do Ingá

For those who want to take a walk or run or simply be in contact with nature, this is the ideal place. Ingá Park is a forest reserve of 47.3 hectares located in the city center and is one of the most frequented places in the city. Inside you will find a Japanese garden, a lake with paddle boats and kayaks and a cave of Nossa Senhora Aparecida. There is an Around the park, there are a 1,8 miles track and an area with exercise equipment. There is a small museum of biology with some rare species of animals and insects

Alfredo Werner Nyffeler Park

This park has a hiking trail inside, around a large lake for fishing on Sundays and two football fields. It is very common to find families picnicking under the surrounding trees. It is a great place to take kids to enjoy space with recreation.

Catedral de Nossa Senhora da Glória (Our Lady of Glory Cathedral)

  The Cathedral of Maringá is undoubtedly the main postcard of the city and is very famous for being the highest Cathedral in Latin America. Its structure is in the shape of a cone with 114 meters of height that holds a cross of 10 meters. Its diameter is 50 meters its interior has the capacity of 3500 people. It is lovely both inside and out. The night’s turns lure with its colorful lights and mirrors of water that make it magical. It is a great place to connect spiritually and also enjoy the place. I particularly enjoy staying with my friends on the lawn and enjoying the sunset until the lights are turned on while sipping some iced tea.

Buddhist Temple Jodoshu Nippakuji

Another place to connect spiritually is the Buddhist Temple. Its construction faithfully represents Japanese architecture; I really enjoyed knowing this temple. What struck me most was the Buddha within him is a Budha Amida known as the “Buddha of Light and Infinite Lives,” another thing was an urn like the ashes of important ancestors. Other sights here are the museums and theaters whenever I rather go to places that are generally free are promoted by students of performing arts. The Calil Haddad Theater is one such place. In addition to the theater, there is in the same space the Museum of History and Art Helenton Borba Cortes which presents a collection of pieces about the history of Maringá. The Calil Haddad Theater is considered an important cultural center of the State of Paraná. Another area of the performing arts is the shed theater Barracão where there are always free theater performances for the community.


Maringá has a variety of restaurants, bars, and fairs. I really like the rural producer’s fair. Many families of small farmers sell their products in this fair all organic and of good quality. You can try out the famous pastries, they are the best. The municipal market is another good option to buy organic products, drinks and enjoy the night in its bars. There are many choices of good and cheap food in the city as the restaurant KÁ BETWEEN us among other options of pizzerias and snack bars. If you want a nice place to read and have a good coffee you need to know the Literary Cafe is super cozy. I enjoyed meeting Brioche Crocante has very delicious pies and cakes. In the summer I love to eat ice cream of açaí berry or cupuaçu. Here we have many ice cream parlors the most frequented is the Gela Boca, another very famous here is Sorvete Zero is near the Ingá Park and has the best artisanal ice creams.

Night fun

To enjoy the nightlife of Maringá I recommend the Atari Bar, this is one of my favorite bars, both for the fair price and the variety of the menu. The space is very pleasant with the external and internal environment. And for those who like presentation and ballads the place I liked the most was the MPB bar. It is a broad environment and values the local bands a lot.


There are many hotels in the city at varying prices. There are also many boarding houses which are the cheapest options for those who want to save money. One place that makes us feel at home is the Hostel and Pensionato Nota 10 which is near the cathedral, it is a comfortable and quiet environment and has an affordable price. Another one I’ve frequented was the Hotel Bristol which has a higher cost but is wonderful. This city is known as the “City Song” and it is very charming. Those who know will not forget. Come from wherever you come you will be welcome!


Hi! my name is Doralice and I`m from Brazil, Welcome to my world! I have lived in some cities and I traveled to a lot of nice places, especially in the south of my country. Actually i`m studying in Maringa city, master’s degree in philosophy in the State University of Maringa. I want write about places that I knew. Thus, that is a oportunity of show my country and become a writer. I belive that I can contribute with you!