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January 1, 1970

by Andreea-onofriesei

Why Danube Delta

We can say without doubt that Romania is a happy country. It has all the land forms from the world: mountains, seaside, plains and hills. Romania is a happy country because of a new born land form too: the Danube river creates an amazing Delta in the south-East of Romania – Danube Delta, the second largest European Delta and one of the most preserved areas in the Europe. Also, Danube Delta was included in the UNESCO patrimony in 1991.

Arriving at a certain part of its journey, the Danube rivers splits into many arms: Chilia, Tulcea, Sulina and Sfantu Gheorghe. Each arm has its miracles, with flora and fauna and many other beauty things.

Our experience – traveling with my twin sister&

In the summer of 2015 we’ve choose to go to vacation in Danube Delta, Uzlina more exactly. We’ve went from Bucharest to Tulcea by bus and it took 5 hours to arrive in the city. From Tulcea we could take a boat to visit the villages. We’ve taken a speedboat to Uzlina and in hour we were there.

The guest house where we stayed during our vacation was looking very very good. it has a huge inner courtyard, a swimming pool and a stunning view to the Danube river. The rooms were very big, clean and lit. Even if we didn’t have the perfect view from the balcony, we had the best view from the yard.

At the seafood restaurant from the hotel we’ve eaten the best fish dishes we’ve ever ate: fish soup, fish with mamaliga (a traditional dish in Romania), carp brine.

Our vacation to Danube Delta continued with a trip on the boat on the Chiril, Isac and Uzlina lakes. This was the best way to admire different kind of birds and water lilies. We haven’t seen water lilies until that day, but this trip gave us the occasion to see these beautiful flowers very close to us.

In Danube Delta you go to relax. There are no other restaurants in the area except the one from the hotel, there are not clubs, bars, souvenir shops or other ways to have fun. It is a solitary place, kind of an island. but for those who love fishing, Danube Delta is the place to be. We have to admit that we tried this “sport”, but you need a lot of patience to catch even a small fish.

Where to stay

Danube Delta remains one of the most beautiful places to visit in Romania, this is why the tourism has increased a lot in the last years. If you want to get to Danube Delta and stay here for a few days, you can book:

  • Pensions: there are a lot and for every taste – traditional or modern design, offering you comfort, a beautiful experience in the heart of the Danube Delta and the possibility to explore the unknown
  • You can also ask for a place to stay to locals. They are very welcoming and hospitable and will introduce you in their world. This way you’ll have the chance to try an authentic experience while visiting Danube Delta
  • An alternative is to stay in a tent, but we don’t recommend this because of the mosquitoes
  • It is also good to know that there are floating hotels to stay – alternative for those who have a bigger budget for this trip. It is very loved alternative by the tourists because these hotels have greater restaurants and better conditions than the pensions or other places. Also, if you decide to stay at a hotel like this, you’ll have every day a trip and you’ll explore the most beautiful places of Danube Delta.

What to do

If you arrive in Danube Delta, don’t miss the trips with boats or speedboats. The landscape is amazing and you’ll enjoy it to the maximum! you can go by boat with a group or you can rent a one and enjoy by yourself the beauty of the nature.

Even if I went only to Uzlina, I strongly recommend Sulina. It is the most beautiful place in Danube Delta and it has a variety of places to stay, to eat, to party, to spend you time, combining relaxation with fun. The most beautiful parts of Sulina is only 2 km far away from the city and there you’ll find a wild paradise, untouched by the civilization. It will simply amaze you: sand, vegetation, clean and small water. You’ll be surprise!

So, if you arrive in Danube Delta, don’t miss:

  • Sulina – it is the place where Danube river and the Black Sea It is the most beautiful place in Danube, as we were saying.
  • Trip by boat in the Erenciuc area
  • Letea forest – the wild paradise – it is included in the UNESCO patrimony
  • Mila 23 from Tulcea
  • The lakes between Crisan and Mila 23

What to eat here:

  • Fish soup
  • Brine fish
  • Fried fish with mamaliga and garlic
  • Caviar
  • Beaded fish
  • Bakes fish with vegetables
  • Anchovies

Where can you eat in Danube Delta? The best option is to eat t the hotel where you’re staying because the majority of these hotels have their own restaurant. Also, except Sulina, where you can find some restaurants, the other areas from Danube Delta have no places to eat.

We totally loved the fried fish and the fish soup. Our mom used to prepare for us these dishes from time to time, but if you’ll try them in Danube Delta, you’ll realize that this is the place to eat this kind of food.

What to take with you

Also, you have to include in your luggage some essential things if you come for a few days here:

  • Personal care products
  • Anti mosquito spray
  • Sun cream and beach oil
  • Sun hat
  • Vaporous dresses
  • Shorts and tops
  • A blouse for the night
  • A scarf
  • A swimsuit
  • Slippers
  • Sandals


We simply loved our vacation in Danube Delta. It is such a beautiful and relaxing place! We were full of energy when we came back in Bucharest and we’ve promised we’ll go back soon. This year not, but for the next year we plan another trip like this. People around here are so simple and so beautiful and you realize that life is much more beautiful without so many material things. To be honest, people here are very poor, living from tourism and selling fish, but this didn’t made them become unhappy. The live happily here, no matter what.


By Andreea-onofriesei

Traveler. Life, art & nature lover. Passionate about photography. Idealistic. Thinker of happy thoughts. Born in Bucovina. Living in Bucharest.


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