Travel to Mauritius for green pastures and the blue sea

July 10, 2019


“God created Mauritius first, and then made a copy which he called Heaven.” Mark Twain

My summer of 2019 was spent in exploring the beaches and sugarcane farms of the beautiful country called Mauritius. From the moment I landed to the time I took off, I felt myself being completely overwhelmed with how diverse the country was in terms of the crops grown, to the people, the cultural heritage and the clear blue beaches. I am going to share a few places that stand fresh in my memory.

Aapravasi Ghat

This historical building also known as the immigration depot situated in Port Louis on the Indian Ocean Island is said to be the first British colony to receive contracted labor from states of India in early 1849. Some parts of the land have been restored and the museum provides a detailed story of the selection of people to be brought to Mauritius to work in the sugar mills and at the same time presents records of the people which are stored in files at the conservation site.

Mont Choisy Beach

One of the least populated beaches is located in Mont Choisy which is located towards the north of Port Louis. The beach is situated 1-2 km away from the residential area giving the visitors a feeling of being in nature away from the hustle of the main city. The blue waters allow people to spend their day sunbathing or spending family time. The sunset is an intriguing part of this beach as it gives a panoramic view which is worth a capture.

Belle Mare, Flacq

One of the famous places to visit in terms of culture and food is Flacq. It has ancient shops and one of the biggest wholesale markets in the north for shopping where one can spend a lot of time understanding the kind of lives the locals live.

La Vinelle Nature Park

Out of many nature parks and botanical gardens, this park provides a variety of fun activities for both adults and children to engage in. Starting from feeding the tortoise and crocodiles to touching the Iguana and a guided walk on extinct species of Madagascar, the place has a restaurant that offers crocodile meat as well. The diversity rests in the fact that the park has a rainforest located inside which can be toured by the visitors giving a sense of walking inside a real forest.

The food guide

The must try is the famous dal puri served with a pickle and red chili chutney which is delicious. Another famous thing to cry is coconut milk which is also served with lemon extracts giving a sweet and tangy taste.

The most impressive aspect of visiting Mauritius is that it comprises of all three: the green lands, the mountains, and the blue sea. This makes it a wholesome package for visitors to experience the beauty of all three forms in one place. The weather remains pleasant during most months. The summer season is from November to February followed by a winter till July and then the arrival of the monsoon.



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Ashutosh Deshmukh

July 19, 2019

Great travelogue. Keep writing and sharing .